Chapter 1347 - Closing The Relationship

MGA: Chapter 1347 - Closing The Relationship

After turning their relationship from strangers to being relatively close, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin began to exchange small talk with Chu Feng.

There was no actual substance to the small talk, it was all about insignificant matters. Its use was only to further their relationship with Chu Feng.

After the exchange of small talk, Granny Lin suddenly asked, “Chu Feng, with how talented you are, where might you have learned all your abilities from?” She had finally asked what she had wanted to ask the entire time.

“Truth be told, junior is not someone from the Alliance Domain,” Chu Feng replied.

“In that case, where are you from?” Granny Lin asked in a surprised manner.

“Junior is a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain,” Chu Feng honestly replied.

“Cyanwood Mountain?” Hearing those words, both Grandpa Song and Granny Lin were stunned. They looked to each other and then looked back to Chu Feng.

Merely, at this time, the gazes that they looked to Chu Feng with became even more complicated. Although there was joy in their eyes, there was also a trace of disappointment. With sadness and delight mixed together, it was a truly tangled expression.

“Grandpa Song, Granny Lin, what’s wrong?” Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Merely, Chu Feng, you should understand this too. Due to the Boundary Energy, the Holy Land of Martialism is separated into many different domains. After all these years have passed, the people from the different domains all possess affections for their own domains as if it were their hometown.”

“Thus, regardless of what conflict there might be in their own domain, everyone wishes for their domain to become even more powerful.”

“And we, we are no exception.”

“We do not wish there to be more powers in the Alliance Domain, other than the World Spiritist Alliance, who are able to surpass our Sealing Ancient Village. Thus, we are very worried. Since you are not someone from the World Spiritist Alliance, we were worried about which power you might be from.”

“Thus, after we came to find out that you are not someone from the Alliance Domain, we naturally felt relieved and delighted in knowing that you would not become our competitor in the future.”

“However, at the same time, we thought about how someone with your talent is not from our Alliance Domain. Naturally, we inevitably felt a sense of regret,” Grandpa Song explained.

“So that’s the case.” Chu Feng now understood the complicated expressions of Grandpa Song and Granny Lin. It was actually very simple. To the Sealing Ancient Village, although they wished that the Alliance Domain would become even more powerful, they did not wish for the other powers in the Alliance Domain to become even more powerful.

In other words, while they wished that Chu Feng was someone from the Alliance Domain, they also wished that he was not someone from the Alliance Domain.

Thus, regardless of whether Chu Feng might be someone from the Alliance Domain or not, the two of them would still have expressions of both joy and grief like they did now.

Although they were two very conflicting views, it was behavior that was only natural. After all, humans were fond of these sorts of self-made contradictions that placed their hearts in discomfort.

“Grandpa Song, Granny Lin, I actually do not think it is important as to where I am from. What is important are the relationships between people.”

“Although I have not known Grandpa Song and Granny Lin for a very long time, the two of you have treated me very generously, and allowed me to sense some familial love.”

“At this time, Chu Feng is in foreign land. To be able to receive these sorts of feelings, Chu Feng feels very heart-warmed. As the two of you treated me as if I were a relative, Chu Feng will definitely treat you two as his own relatives as well.”

“Although I am someone from the Cyanwood Domain and a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, if there are people who would want to harm Grandpa Song and Granny Lin in the future, I, Chu Feng, would definitely not sit and watch while remaining indifferent.”

“Even if the person inflicting harm upon you two is someone from my Cyanwood Mountain, or my friends on top of that, as long as Grandpa Song and Granny Lin are not in the wrong, I, Chu Feng, will definitely provide an assisting hand,” Chu Feng spoke frankly. He was very sincere in his words and would definitely keep his promises.

“Haha, Chu Feng, you are really a good child. Those words you’ve said are more than sufficient.”

Hearing Chu Feng’s heartfelt words, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin were extremely happy.

The reason why the two of them had brought Chu Feng to the stone house to speak in isolation, the reason why they were so friendly toward Chu Feng, other than having a good impression of Chu Feng, was because they fancied Chu Feng’s talent and his future potential.

In other words, they were trying to obtain a good relationship with Chu Feng before he grew up.

The words that Chu Feng said were like a tranquilizer to their hearts. He had shown them that he was someone who would repay kindness given to him, someone who was worthy of befriending. As such, how could the two of them not be happy?

If their mood had been a mixture of both happiness and sorrow earlier, then their current mood would only be one of happiness without sorrow.

After their happiness passed, Grandpa Song asked. “Chu Feng, do you still remember how many people were gathered outside of the Village Entering Pass before it was opened today?”

“If Chu Feng is not mistaken, there should have been close to a thousand people. Furthermore, they are all gold-cloak world spiritists.” When he recalled the people gathered outside the Village Entering Pass today, Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

Chu Feng had only arrived the day before the second trial was opened. However, when he arrived, there were only several tens of people in the plaza.

Yet, in the short period of a single day, the number had increased by over ten times. It was truly shocking.

After all, even if gold-cloak world spiritists were greatly inferior to royal-cloak world spiritists, they were not realms that just anyone could achieve.

Close to a thousand gold-cloak world spiritists had come to be the guests of the Sealing Ancient Village. In that case, how many people would come over the course of a month? A year? Just thinking about it gave Chu Feng a great amount of astonishment.

“I’ve seen their strength. If I am not mistaken, about half of them should be able to pass through the Village Entering Pass. In other words, about four hundred and eighty three people will be able to become our Sealing Ancient Village’s guests,” Grandpa Song said.

“To be able to attract this many guests, the Sealing Ancient Village truly possesses a well-deserved reputation,” Chu Feng said.

“No, if it was in the past, there would not be this many guests. The reason why they’ve come here today is actually for the sake of tomorrow,” Granny Lin interrupted.

“Tomorrow?” Chu Feng was a bit confused. At the same time, he was also curious.

“It seems that you really do not know,” Granny Lin narrowed her eyes and chuckled. Then, she said, “Tomorrow is our Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestral worship ceremony.”

“This ancestral worship ceremony is done by honoring our Sealing Ancient Village’s ancestors through spirit power.”

“Not only is everyone from our Sealing Ancient Village required to participate, our Sealing Ancient Village’s guests are also allowed to participate.”

“All the guests that participate in our ancestral worship ceremony will be given Sealing Glacial Water as gifts. Furthermore, the amount given will be much more than the normal amount given to guests as gifts,” Granny Lin said.

“So that’s why there are so many people here,” Chu Feng finally realized.

“However, this is still not the most important aspect. The most important aspect is that, among the young people, we will also be holding a competition of spirit power,” Granny Lin said.

“Competition of spirit power?” Chu Feng became even more curious.

“It’s actually very simple. They will enter a formation and see who will be the fastest one to exit the formation.”

“It’s actually not that much different from the competition you just had with them on who will be the first to pass through the Village Entering Pass.”

“Merely, the main difference is that the competition for the ancestral worship ceremony requires you to close your eyes. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use any world spirit techniques. All you are allowed to use is the most primitive method for world spiritists, your spirit power, to sense your surroundings. Using your spirit power, you are to cut through the numerous obstructions in the formation and find the correct exit,” Granny Lin said.