Chapter 1346 - Astonishing Speed

MGA: Chapter 1346 - Astonishing Speed

“It seems that you’re very fond of that Chu Feng,” The old lady said.

“Mn, he conducts himself humbly, he’s neither arrogant nor proud. To be able to achieve this sort of behavior with his talent is truly rare,” The old man praised.

“In that case, how are his world spirit techniques? After all, tomorrow will be the yearly Ancestral Worship Ceremony.”

“The rewards for the first three ranks this year are very ample. If Chu Feng is able to take one of the first three ranks, wouldn’t he be able to obtain even more Sealing Glacial Water?” The old lady pushed her face toward the old man and spoke to him softly.

Hearing those words, the old man immediately started to frown. He took a glance at their surroundings before speaking in a low voice, “As someone from the Sealing Ancient Village, you want an outsider to obtain one of the top three ranks in the Ancestral Worship Ceremony? I do not think it would be good if someone were to hear about it.”

“The younger generations within the village are all not people we are fond of. It is rare that you’ve come to take a liking to this Chu Feng. Even if he were to obtain one of the top three ranks, what harm would it cause?” The old lady replied.

“Oh you…” The old man smiled. Then he said, “His talent in martial cultivation is extremely rare. However, I have yet to see his world spirit techniques.”

“That said, we can determine the strength of his world spirit techniques based on the time it takes him to pass through the Village Entering Pass. Thus, I look forward to seeing his arrival,” As the old man spoke, he turned his gaze toward the Village Entering Pass’s exit.

“The Village Entering Pass… This time around, it is Lord Village Chief himself who has set it up. Even I, who had participated in helping him set up the formation and thus know about the particulars of the formation, would need two hours to pass through the Village Entering Pass.”

“And now, the Village Entering Pass has only just opened. Even if that Chu Feng really does possess exceptional world spirit techniques, it would still take him at least four hours to be able to pass through the Village Entering Pass.”

“You shouldn’t wait for him here. It wouldn’t be too late for you to return in four hours’ time,” The old lady said.

“Mn,” The old man nodded. As an elder of the Sealing Ancient Village, he was naturally aware of how powerful this Village Entering Pass was.

When thinking about that, the old man turned around and prepared to leave with the old lady to a stone house to rest for a while.

However, right at this time, a villager pointed to the Village Entering Pass’s exit and loudly shouted, “Elder Song, quickly, look!”

When they heard the shout, the old man and the old lady both turned around. When their gazes landed on the Village Entering Pass’s exit, their expressions changed greatly, and surprise filled their faces. Furthermore, a trace of unease appeared within their eyes.

That was because, at this time, not only was the world spirit exit at the Village Entering Pass shining brightly, it was also rapidly changing. That was the sign that someone was coming out from the Village Entering Pass.

“How could this be? This Village Entering Pass has only just opened. How could there be anyone exiting it already?” The old lady exclaimed in disbelief. However, her gaze was still fixed on the Village Entering Pass’s exit.

“Could it be someone from our Sealing Ancient Village?” The old man asked.

“Impossible. All of our Sealing Ancient Village’s royal-cloak world spiritists are inside the village. Other than them, there is no one who possesses the ability to pass the Village Entering Pass with such speed,” The old lady said.

“In that case, it is very possible that it is an invader,” Thinking till this point, the old man’s gaze instantly turned sharp. Immediately afterward, he shouted, “Prepare for battle!”

When they heard what the old man said, the crowd from the Sealing Ancient Village immediately drew their respective Royal Armaments and pointed them toward the world spirit exit. Then, they arranged themselves in a special formation and prepared themselves for the upcoming battle.

“Buzz.” At the time when everyone was anxiously looking at the Village Entering Pass’s exit, someone finally walked out of it.

“This…” When they saw the person who had come out, everyone’s expressions changed to one of shock.

That was because, at this moment, the person who had walked out from the exit was no invader. Instead, it was Chu Feng.

“Senior, this formation, it doesn’t seem like one meant to welcome a guest?” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face.

Chu Feng possessed a very sharp perception. With a single glance, he noticed that everyone from the Sealing Ancient Village was in a state of preparing for battle. Then, he looked to his surroundings and saw that there was no one other than him there. Thus, he concluded that they must’ve thought that he was an enemy.

However, Chu Feng knew very well that this was most definitely a misunderstanding. Furthermore, Chu Feng already knew what had caused it -- he had passed through the trial too quickly.

Before the Heaven’s Eyes, the formation of the Village Entering Pass was equivalent to nothing.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. In order to obtain victory and Wang Qiang’s treasure, Chu Feng could not afford to spare any effort, and had thus decided to go all out; he did not dare to be careless at all.

For the chance to reach a breakthrough, even if he were to shock everyone, Chu Feng would simply accept it as unavoidable.

“Chu, Chu Feng, it’s actually you?” The old man was stupefied. It was only when Chu Feng opened his mouth and spoke did he manage to react. At this time, not only did the shocked expression in his eyes not decrease, it actually increased.

Hearing those words, the old lady’s eyes shone. Hurriedly, she turned to the old man and asked, “He is the Chu Feng you’ve mentioned to me?”

“That’s right, he is Chu Feng,” The old man replied with certainty.

“This… is too unimaginable,” Hearing those words, the old lady’s expression became even more marvelous. The gaze that she looked to Chu Feng with also became even more complicated.

“Elder, he…” At this time, all of the other villagers from the Sealing Ancient Village turned their gazes to the old man. They were all waiting for the old man’s response.

To be able to pass through the second trial with such speed, even if that person was a youngster, they would not dare to underestimate him.

“He’s someone I know,” As the old man spoke, he waved his hand to indicate to the villagers that they could relax.

Hearing those words, the villagers finally heaved a sigh of relief. They began to put their Royal Armaments away and return to their welcoming formation.

At this time, Chu Feng walked forward and asked, “Senior, am I the first person to pass through the trial?”

“You are the first, there was simply no one faster than you,” The old man had a smile across his face. He took the initiative and handed the Cosmos Sack that contained all those treasures to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng received the Cosmos Sack from the old man and detected that all of the treasures from the gambling participants were inside of it. Most importantly, Wang Qiang’s jade box, as well as the most important treasure, were also in the Cosmos Sack.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng courteously bowed to the old man in thanks. Even though Chu Feng had obtained all of these with his own ability, the old man had still helped him with keeping the items.

Suddenly, the old lady spoke. “Little friend Chu Feng, would you mind speaking with me in a more isolated place?”

“This is?” Chu Feng asked.

“Oh, this is my wife,” The old man replied.

“Chu Feng pays his respect to senior,” Hearing that, Chu Feng immediately cupped his fist with one hand over the other and greeted the old lady courteously.

“Chu Feng, there is no need for you to be this formal. Come, let’s speak somewhere else,” The old lady smiled an amiable smile. Her tone was very good-natured. As she spoke, she began to walk toward the stone house.

As for Chu Feng, he also began to walk toward the stone house with the old man. He was able to sense that the old man and the old lady did not bear any malice toward him. Thus, he was not afraid of them.

“Little friend Chu Feng, allow me to introduce myself. I am surnamed Lin. If you do not mind, you can call me Granny Lin.”

“As for my husband, he is surnamed Song [1.Chinese people do not change their surname upon marriage.] You can call him Grandpa Song,” After arriving at the stone house, the old lady spoke with a smile on her face.

Chu Feng was very bright. Hearing those words, he was able to tell that the old lady was fond of him and was trying to obtain a good relationship with him.

As they were seniors and both Half Martial Emperors and, regardless of how talented he might be, he was only a mere Martial King, they were thinking very highly of him when they told him to address them as Granny Lin and Grandpa Song. Thus, Chu Feng had to naturally return face to them.

Therefore, with sincerity, Chu Feng said, “Grandpa Song, Granny Lin.”

“Haha, good, very good,” Sure enough, after being addressed so intimately, bright smiles blossomed on Grandpa Song and Granny Lin’s aged faces.