Chapter 1345 - Crashing Through The Trial

MGA: Chapter 1345 - Crashing Through The Trial

“This…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Qiang began to frown. He had realized that the development of the situation was different from what he anticipated.

Thus, he hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng and asked, “Brother Chu, Chu Feng, I ask, asked you to speak out for, for me. But, but wh, why did you say those words? Could it be that you do, do not want me to par, participate in the com, competition? If you do not want me to pa, pa, participate, I, I, I’ll with,withdraw right now.”

“Heh…” Chu Feng merely smiled at Wang Qiang’s threats and ignored him.

Then, he turned to the crowd and said, “This Wang Qiang insists that that piece of dung is his family treasure.”

“Yet, he is unwilling to even put forth a jade box as part of the gambling stake. With how miserly he is, how could he possibly be willing to part with his family treasure?”

“Someone like him is truly too shameful, too hateful. It is clear that he is trying to swindle us because he thinks we are ignorant.”

“If he is willing to take out the jade box, then so be it. However, if he is unwilling, then not only should he be banned from participating in the competition, I believe that he should also be driven away from the Sealing Ancient Village’s territory. I believe that the Sealing Ancient Village would also not be willing to receive a person like him as their guest. Senior, isn’t that right?” Chu Feng looked to the old man from the Sealing Ancient Village and asked.

“What little friend Chu Feng says is correct,” The old man who disliked Wang Qiang greatly immediately started to nod his head repeatedly when he heard what Chu Feng said.

“That’s right, someone like him is simply too hateful. Not only must we ban him from participating in the gamble, he should also be driven out and not allowed to enter the Sealing Ancient Village,” The other participants of the gamble all voiced their agreement once after another.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, dont.”

Hearing those words, Wang Qiang’s expression changed. He started to panic and hurriedly took out the jade box and handed it to the Sealing Ancient Village’s old man.

After handing the jade box to the old man, Wang Qiang kept on saying repeatedly, “Ban, bandits! You all ar, ar, are a bunch of ban, ban, bandits! You’re clearly bull, bullying an hon, honest person!”

“Esp, especially you, I, I, I’ve misjudged you,” Wang Qiang said as he pointed to Chu Feng.

“Wang Qiang, do you know what sort of people I hate the most?” Chu Feng replied to Wang Qiang with a smile on his face.

“Wh, what?” Wang Qiang replied with a confused expression.

“I hate people who threaten me the most,” Chu Feng calmly replied.

Hearing those words, Wang Qiang was struck dumb. At this time, he realized that it was not that Chu Feng had not understood his threat when he had spoke to him through voice transmission. On the contrary, Chu Feng had understood it very well.

Merely, Chu Feng did not allow himself to be threatened by him. In fact, he acted in the complete opposite manner.

Even though Wang Qiang was very unwilling to accept this and was deeply angered, it remained that he was the one who had lost this secret battle between them.

Even if Wang Qiang continued to be unwilling to accept the truth, he had no choice but to admit defeat. After all, he did not wish to leave this place just like this. Thus, he could only return to the crowd in a dejected manner.

As for the crowd, after Wang Qiang handed the jade box over as a part of the gambling stake, they no longer tried to make things difficult for Wang Qiang. One after the other, the remaining participants of the bet also began to step forward and hand their respective gambling stakes to the Sealing Ancient Village’s old man.

When Wang Qiang returned to the crowd, the fatty stepped forward and said with a low voice, “Big brother, that Chu Feng is taking advantage of you!”

“Bullshit. I did that de, de, deliberately. Eve, everything is mine any, anyways. Even if I have to ha, hand over the ja, jade box, so what? They will on, only be happy for now. Soon, I wi, wi, will take it back along with ev, everything else,” Wang Qiang denied it stubbornly. However, there were traces of hidden bitterness and secret grudges in the gaze that he looked to Chu Feng with.

“I will help everyone safekeep these items. I will be waiting for you all at the entrance of the Sealing Ancient Village. Whoever is the first to reach there, everything in this Cosmos Sack will belong to them,” After saying those words, the old man loudly shouted, “Open the gate!”

As those words echoed out, non-stop rumbling noises began to be heard as the gate to the Village Entering Pass began to slowly open. At this time, what entered into everyone’s line of sight was a slowly whirling and incomparably pitch-black world spirit entrance.

That was the real Village Entering Pass. After entering it, it would all depend on one’s ability as to whether one would be able to successfully pass through it.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh…”

At this time, those people who wanted to enter the Sealing Ancient Village all unleashed their respective powerful movement martial skills in order to make every second count. With their fastest speed, they rushed into the entrance of the Village Entering Pass.

As for Chu Feng, he also activated his Mortal Taboo: Illusion Light Technique and rushed into the formation with his fastest speed.

When he entered the formation, Chu Feng felt as if he had entered a different space. The people who had entered this place with him had all disappeared. Other than the surrounding scenery, there was nothing else; there was just himself. It was so quiet that it felt eerie.

When he turned around, he discovered that the world spirit entrance behind him had disappeared. As such, he had no choice but to continue forward.

At this time, what appeared before him were the entrances to eighteen different passageways. Chu Feng knew that only one among these eighteen different entrances was the correct path. If he was to choose the wrong path, he would not be able to pass the trial.

“Seems pretty difficult. What do you think? How much certainty do you have?” Eggy asked.

“Indeed, it possesses some difficulty. However, that’s only to others. To me, I possess a hundred percent certainty in passing this place.”

When he said those words, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. When the special sharpness emerged in his eyes, his supreme skill, the Heaven’s Eyes, was activated.

Once the Heaven’s Eyes were activated, Chu Feng’s line of light became incomparable clear. At this time, what was real and what was fake were all presented before him. Chu Feng’s footsteps changed. He turned into a ray of light and rapidly flew into a passageway entrance.

After that, many more selections of passageway entrances continued to appear before Chu Feng. However, every single time he encountered them, without even stopping his footsteps, Chu Feng would decisively choose a passageway and continue onward.

Before the Heaven’s Eyes, diversionary tactics like these were simply unable to stop Chu Feng.

At the time when Chu Feng and the others were putting forth all of their strength to pass through the trial, the old man from the Sealing Ancient Village had gone through a shortcut and returned to the entrance of the Sealing Ancient Village.

At this time, there were many guides at the entrance of the Sealing Ancient Village waiting for the arrival of the people who managed to pass through the trial, the people who would become their guests. Their task was to guide these guests into the Sealing Ancient Village.

However, there was one thing worthy of being mentioned. That was, there was an old lady with the cultivation of a rank two Half Martial Emperor here.

“How was it? Are those two brats rare geniuses like they said they were?” When she saw the old man’s return, the old lady took the initiative to walk up to the old man and question him with an intimate tone. The two of them appeared to be a married couple.

“Mn, they possessed heaven-defying battle power capable of crossing through three levels of cultivation. They are both rare demon-level geniuses,” The old man replied.

“They’re actually really that powerful? With their cultivation and their battle power, they would have already surpassed everyone among our Sealing Ancient Village’s younger generation.”

“In that case, they would most definitely be members of the younger generations sent out by a large power. Could they be brats from the World Spiritist Alliance?” The old lady became a bit worried.

“If they were brats from the World Spiritist Alliance, how would they possibly run over to participate in our trials?”

“After all, back then, our Village Chief had lost to a World Spiritist Alliance’s management world spiritist in a competition of world spirit techniques. After that, the World Spiritist Alliance was given a special exemption.”

“As long as they’re from the World Spiritist Alliance, then, regardless of what their cultivation might be, they would be allowed to enter our Sealing Ancient Village,” When the World Spiritist Alliance was mentioned, the old man sighed. On his face was a slight trace of humiliation.

“Sigh, it’s stuff from long ago. Do not continue to think about it.”

“Come, tell me about those two brats. If it’s as you said and they’re both not from the World Spiritist Alliance, then which power managed to foster two brats as amazing as them?” The old lady began to thoughtfully ponder.

“One might as well. Although that brat by the name of Wang Qiang is a very vexing individual, I do not feel any falseness or evil influences on him. I think that he did not come to our Sealing Ancient Village with evil intentions. Likely, he has come for the sake of our Sealing Glacial Water.”

“As for that Chu Feng, he gave me a very good impression. When he leaves, I will ask our Village Chief to give him some extra drops of Sealing Glacial Water as a gift,” When Chu Feng was mentioned, the old man smiled very happily.