Chapter 1344 - Threatening

MGA: Chapter 1344 - Threatening

“Those who pass through the trial must follow the guide to the Sealing Ancient Village. You are not allowed to wander around and must comply with the rules of the Sealing Ancient Village. Else, do not blame our Sealing Ancient Village for driving you out.”

“As for those who fail to pass through the trial, you do not have to be discouraged. Continue to train, and as long as you put forth great effort, you will one day be able to pass through the trial and enter the Sealing Ancient Village, becoming one of our guests.”

“As for those who become trapped in the formation and unable to get out, you do not have to panic. When the trial ends, the people from our village will come and save you all.”

“Do you all understand?” The rank two Half Martial Emperor old man from the Sealing Ancient Village spoke with a loud voice.

“We understand.” The crowd replied resoundly in unison. The expressions of anticipation on their faces grew even more intense. That was because they knew that the opportunity to enter the Sealing Ancient Village was about to present itself to them.

“As today is special, I shall add some more words to leave to you all.”

“Although our Sealing Ancient Village is extremely strict with our rules, we have never interfered with the private matters between our visitors.”

“Today, many visitors have decided to gamble with who will be the first to pass through our Sealing Ancient Village’s Village Entering Pass and fiercely compete with one another.”

“I think that this is a good thing. After all, in the world of cultivators, if there were no struggles, then there would be no progress.” [1. No fight, no improvement.]

“Thus, I accepted their request to be their competition’s referee.”

“Right now, all of you who are going to participate in the competition, place your gambling stakes in this Cosmos Sack,” That old man said.

“What? Hand it to him?”

Hearing those words, many of the people who had decided to participate in the competition hesitated. After all, their gambling stakes were items of considerable value. If they were to hand them to someone else to look after just like this, they would, nevertheless, feel uneasy.

Practically everyone was afraid that this old man from the Sealing Ancient Village would swindle their treasures.

However, right at this time, Chu Feng took the lead and walked forward. Without the slightest hesitation, he placed his hundred thousand martial beads into that old man’s Cosmos Sack.

Due to the fact that they were in such a public setting, Chu Feng did not feel that the old man from the Sealing Ancient Village would be shameless enough to embezzle the treasures.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had observed this old man before, and felt that he possessed quite a good and moral character and was a trustworthy person. That was the reason why Chu Feng handed his hundred thousand martial beads to him without the slightest hesitation.

Furthermore, after handing the martial beads to the old man, Chu Feng even courteously cupped his hand and said, “Senior, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“Mn, this is merely what this old man should do,” Faced with Chu Feng’s courteous behavior, the old man from the Sealing Ancient Village smiled lightly and nodded in a very pleased manner.

The fact that Chu Feng was able to hand over a hundred thousand martial beads to him without the slightest hesitation meant that Chu Feng had confidence in him. For someone as young as Chu Feng to be so broad-minded and open was something that this old man appreciated greatly.

“Hehe, sen, senior, you must, must not try to embezzle.”

“Wi, with all these people loo, looking, if you are to embe, embezzle, I’ll make su, sure that your infamy will be wi, widespread.”

Right at this time, Wang Qiang also walked over with a beaming smile on his face and threw his piece of dung-like item into that old man’s Cosmos Sack. However, when compared to how respectful and praiseworthy Chu Feng acted, his behavior caused the old man to frown. In fact, even the surrounding crowd started to curse at him in their hearts.

It was one thing for him to not express his thanks to this old man. However, he actually, in front of this many people, publicly threatened the old man instead. This was truly a bit too excessive.

Furthermore, the matter that caused the crowd to feel the most speechless was that Wang Qiang actually put away his invaluable jade box and only threw that piece of dung-like stinky item into the old man’s Cosmos Sack.

At this time, that Sealing Ancient Village’s old man’s eyes were wide open. With a cold expression on his face, he asked loudly, “You plan to only use that item as the gambling stake?”

The attitude that he displayed toward Wang Qiang, when compared to the attitude he had toward Chu Feng, was simply like two different people.

However, this could not be blamed upon this old man. If one must be blamed, then it could only be blamed on Wang Qiang for having an extremely horrid character.

“Is, is there something wrong wi, with it?” Wang Qiang asked with an expression of confusion. He appeared as if he did not know what he had done wrong.

“If you are to add that jade box, then it would be fine. However, if you are to stake this item itself, then I’m afraid that it would not be fair to the other participants,” The old man replied honestly.

“That’s right, put your jade box in too. Otherwise, we’ll reject your qualifications to compete,” At this time, the other participants of the gamble also began to speak out angrily.

They were thinking the same thing as the old man. They all felt that Wang Qiang’s piece of dung was just worthless trash.

The only valuable thing was that jade box. Yet, this Wang Qiang was actually so despicable to actually remove the jade box and only place that piece of dung as the gambling stake. Naturally, the other participants of the gamble would not allow it.

“Wh, what are you all do, doing? Si, since the ve, very beginning, I ha, have said that my gam, gambling stake wou, would be my family’s treasure.”

“Ne, never did I ev, ever say that the ja, jade box wou, woul, would also be a part of the ga, gambling stake. Are, are you all tr, trying to take ad, advantage of me?” Wang Qiang said.

“No, you must treat that jade box as a part of the gambling stake too. Otherwise, we shall reject your qualifications to gamble,” The crowd was unwilling to accept Wang Qiang’s excuse.

Faced with this difficulty from the crowd, regardless of how thick-skinned Wang Qiang was, he still ended up sweating cold bullets. Suddenly, a bright idea came to his mind.

Wang Qiang turned his gaze to Chu Feng and said, “Bro, bro, brother Chu Fe, Feng. Ple, please help me speak a word of justice. He, help me urge them. Ot, otherwise, I will have no choi, choice but to withdraw from the comp, competition. If I were to withdraw, you would have one less ri, rival. Wouldn’t that become boring for you?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng frowned lightly, and his gaze turned gloomy. As Chu Feng was smart, he was naturally able to notice the hidden intentions in Wang Qiang’s words.

While this Wang Qiang was acting as if he was trying to ask for Chu Feng’s help, he was actually threatening Chu Feng. It was clear that he knew that Chu Feng wanted his piece of dung. That was the reason why he used his withdrawal from the competition to threaten Chu Feng.

“Everyone…, allow me to speak a word in fairness,” Seeing that the situation was not good, Chu Feng was forced to speak.

“Th, that’s right, all, allow brother Chu, Chu Feng to speak a word in fair, fairness,” Wang Qiang hurriedly echoed what Chu Feng said with a happy laugh. Furthermore, his laugh was extremely vile. It was as if he felt that he had managed to control Chu Feng and was immensely pleased with himself.

“Little friend Chu Feng, this matter was started by you. Thus, it is natural for you to be the person making the decision. Go ahead, speak your words of fairness.”

Sure enough, with Chu Feng’s favorable impression, he had gained the acknowledgment of the crowd. Thus, everyone patiently waited for Chu Feng to say what he wanted to say.

“Everyone, rest assured. I, Chu Feng, will naturally only speak words of fairness,” Chu Feng lightly smiled. He then turned to Wang Qiang and said, “Wang Qiang, I actually have a question that I wish to ask you about. Could it be that your jade box is even more precious than your family treasure?”

“Of, of, of, of course not. It, it’s most definitely my fami, family treasure that’s more pre, pre, precious. My family treasure is a pr, pr, priceless tr, treasure,” Wang Qiang said.

“In that case, since you’re willing to stake even your family treasure, why would you not be willing to stake that jade box?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face. It was a very mischievous smile.