Chapter 1343 - The Trial To Enter The Village

MGA: Chapter 1343 - The Trial To Enter The Village

“Ai, ai, ai. Ev, ev, everyone. As, as the saying goes, to be del, delighted alone is inferior to being delighted wi, with everyone.”

“Bo, both Chu Feng and I have tak, taken out our stakes. Is, is there anyone am, among you all who feels that you will be ab, able to pass the trial faster than us? If, if there is, yo, you should al, also take out some trea, treasure so as to jo, join the st, stake of our gamble.”

Right at this time, Wang Qiang spoke once again. This fellow was so shameless; he actually began to try to entice the crowd to participate in the gamble.

However, the thing that made people feel the most speechless was that after he said those words, there were actually many people who were tempted and joined the gamble.

They were tempted not because of Wang Qiang’s stinky piece of dung. Instead, they were tempted by Chu Feng’s hundred thousand martial beads.

The majority of the people who were tempted were Half Martial Emperors from the older generation. With their age and strength, even if they could not take out a treasure like what Wang Qiang took out [1.though I doubt anyone other than Chu Feng and Eggy knew that it was a treasure.], they were able to easily take out treasures of equivalent value to Chu Feng’s hundred thousand martial beads.

Just like this, being tempted by Wang Qiang, many more people joined in and participated in this competition of world spirit techniques. They each took out valuable treasures as their gambling stake.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that everything was impartial, the older generations invited an old man with a rank two Half Martial Emperor cultivation from the Sealing Ancient Village to be their referee.

“This stutterer is truly a talented individual. He actually used you as the bait and drew this many people to jump into the gamble.”

When things came to an end, from a gambling stake of a hundred thousand martial beads and a piece of dung-like treasure, it turned into a gambling stake of over a million martial beads and many valuable treasures. Even Eggy began to have a whole new level of respect for this Wang Qiang. She felt a great deal of admiration for Wang Qiang’s trickeries.

“To be honest, even though this Wang Qiang is extremely shameless, I do not feel any antipathy toward him. Instead, I actually feel more and more admiration for him,” Chu Feng replied with a beaming smile.

That was because he felt that what Wang Qiang did was only helping him.

Wang Qiang painstakingly lured all these people in to join the gamble and provide such an enormous stake. However, to Chu Feng, he felt that all of these had been provided for him.

That was because Chu Feng was not a person to fight a battle without certainty of victory. He had already carefully inspected all of the people present and analyzed the level of their world spirit techniques.

After his analysis, Chu Feng came to the conclusion that although there were many Half Martial Emperors present, not a single one of them was a royal-cloak world spiritist.

As they were all gold-cloak world spiritists, Chu Feng would not fear any one of them. Thus, Chu Feng was confident that he would be able to be the first one to pass through the trial.

At the moment when Chu Feng was thinking that all of the stakes in the gamble would be his, the sloppy-looking man and the big fatty quietly arrived at Wang Qiang’s side and questioned him via voice transmission.

“Big brother, that boy by the name of Chu Feng actually agreed to your request so easily, it seems that he might not be someone to be underestimated. Big brother, are you certain that you’ll be able to win?”

“That’s right. Big brother, if he were to win all these treasures, we’d be losing out enormously.”

After what had happened earlier, the two of them already had a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng and realized how powerful he was. Thus, although they were very trusting of their big brother, as matters stood, their confidence in him was no longer sufficient.

“No, no, non, nonsense! If I, I, I were not confident, wh, why would I gam, gamble with them?”

“Let me tell, tell you two this in secret. Your big br, brother I is mo, most proficient in bre, breaking illusory formations. Fu, fu, furthermore, I’ve already obt, obtained a map. With this map, it wi, will be extremely ea, easy, a pie, piece of cake, to bre, break apart the Se, Sealing Ancient Village’s formation,” Wang Qiang replied with a complacent expression.

“Big brother, you’re amazing!’

“Big brother, you are simply the most amazing person ever!”

“That’s right, big brother, that thing in the jade box, it couldn’t possibly really be your family treasure, right?” The sloppy-looking man asked.

“A, a, are you st, st, st, stupid? Wou, wou, would I use my family treasure to gam, gam, gamble with them?”

“Whi, whi, while this jade box is indeed a treasure, the thin,thing inside it is no, no, no, no treasure at all,” Wang Qiang said.

“In that case, is the item inside the jade box truly a piece of dung?” The fatty curiously asked.

“Ho, how should I say it? It, it cannot be considered to be a piece of dun, dun, dung. It is defin, definitely a cultivation resource that contains a sig, sig, sig, significant amount of natural energy. How, how, however, the natural energy is sealed wi, wi, within it. In other words, it is simply impos, impossible to refine it.”

“Even if it is a tre, treasure, it is a use, useless treasure,” Wang Qiang said.

“Then, that Chu Feng, he was still willing to use a hundred thousand martial beads to gamble with big brother. Wouldn’t that mean that he’s a fool?” That sloppy-looking man asked in a confused manner.

“Hehehe… he, he, he isn’t a fool. He is simply clou, clouded by his own inte, intelligence,” Wang Qiang laughed mischievously.

“Big brother, what do you mean by that?” The sloppy-looking man asked.

“That Chu, Chu, Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques are defin, definitely not weak. He is like, likely even more powerful than tho, those old fellows.”

“Thus, he most, most, most definitely has discovered the profoundness of my pi, piece of dung, di, di, discovered that it is no or, or, ordinary dung and is inst, instead a treasure. However, he did not discover that it, it, it is a useless treasure,” Wang Qiang said.

“We understand now. It is truly big brother who is brilliant.”

“That’s right. Based on what you said, this Chu Feng was actually baited into the trap by you, big brother.”

“Haha, big brother, you are truly too amazing, too awesome. We truly admire you!”

Hearing everything up to this point, admiration was written across the faces of the big fatty and the sloppy-looking man. The gazes with which they looked to Wang Qiang were filled with reverence.

“Th, th, that’s true, of course. He’s sti, still too we, weak to fi, fight ag, against me,” Wang Qiang looked to Chu Feng with a very complacent expression. However, he soon added, “But, but, but, this Chu, Chu, Chu Feng is also a ra, ra, rare genius.”

“Ac, actually, I also gr, greatly admi, admire him. Unf, unfortunately, be, before one’s own interests, there a, ar, ar, are no friends.”

“If, if, if he must bla, blame someone, then he can only bla, blame himself for go, go, going against me.”

Not long after this matter had been determined, the second trial to enter the Sealing Ancient Village began.

This trial was actually extremely simple. Everyone was to enter into a spirit formation. As long as one could pass through the formation and walk out from the exit, they would be qualified to enter the Sealing Ancient Village.

Due to the fact that this was the road that one had to take in order to enter the Sealing Ancient Village, this formation ended up being called the Village Entering Pass.

Furthermore, in order to prevent those who had already passed through the Village Entering Pass before from easily entering the Sealing Ancient Village again, there would always be elders from the Sealing Ancient Village who would alter the Village Entering Pass before it was opened to the public.

In other words, the Village Entering Pass would be different every single time it was opened, and the method to pass through the Village Entering Pass would also be different every time.

However, as the saying goes, the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing. To true expert world spiritists, regardless of how much the Village Entering Pass had changed, it would still not be difficult for them to pass through it.

Thus, at this time, while everyone was standing at the entrance of the Village Entering Pass, there were people who appeared restless and people who were extremely confident.

As for those people who were extremely confident, other than those who were blindly confident, from the younger generation, only Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were truly confident.

As for the experts from the older generation, the number of confident individuals was much greater. Especially those experts with cultivations of Half Martial Emperors; the majority of them did not place the Village Entering Pass in their eyes.

To them, passing through the Village Entering Pass was only a question of time. However, they would definitely not be troubled by it.

However, in order to obtain the status of being the first person to pass through the Village Entering Pass and obtain the many martial beads and treasures staked in the gamble, many people had already adjusted themselves to their best condition, and were staring at the bronze gate, awaiting its opening so that they could unleash all of their strength to dash into the Village Entering Pass.

As for Chu Feng, he was one of those individuals.

“Chu, Chu Feng, I, I will definitely not be lenient to, toward you later,” Right at this time, Chu Feng suddenly received a voice transmission from Wang Qiang.

Turning toward the direction of the voice, Chu Feng discovered that Wang Qiang was also at the forefront of the crowd. He had a wretched smile on his face as he looked to Chu Feng. There seemed to be traces of provocation contained in his smile.

Facing this sort of Wang Qiang, Chu Feng responded with a smile of his own. He said, “Rest assured, I’ll also not go easy on you.”