Chapter 1342 - A Single Piece Of Dung

MGA: Chapter 1342 - A Single Piece Of Dung

The stink was extremely difficult to resist and definitely surpassed everyone’s imaginations.

Those with high resistance were able to endure the stink. As for those with low resistance, they uttered ‘wuuuwaa’ and began to vomit on the spot.

It must be said that the destructive power of this stink was extraordinarily strong; even many of the gold-cloak world spiritists were unable to withstand it.

As for this nauseating stink that even the numerous world spiritists present were unable to resist, it was from the item within that jade box.

That item was only the size of a fingernail. It was oval in shape and pitch black in color. Contained within it were many unknown items that would make one feel an ineffable disgust upon glancing at them.

If one did not look at it carefully, one would still be able to contain one’s stomach. However, if one were to look at it more carefully, then, no matter how one looked at it, only a single conclusion could be reached; that item looked exactly like a pellet of rabbit’s dung.

That’s right, this was most definitely a pellet of rabbit’s dung. Even if it was not from a rabbit, it would still be dung from another small animal.

“What’s with this stinky crap? It’s even stinker than crap itself.”

“With this stinky crap, you actually declare it to be your family treasure? Who are you trying to fool?”

“How shameless could you be? You are truly devoid of conscience and morals! You should simply be put to death!”

“I’ve seen shameless before. However, in my entire life, it is my first time seeing someone as shameless as you.”

In an instant, all kinds of curses began to resonate through this region nonstop. Everyone felt that they had been deceived by Wang Qiang. That was because that was simply no family treasure at all. Instead, it was something that stunk even more than feces.

“Ig, ignorant fools. Thi, this is my, my family treasure, a pri, priceless treasure.”

“How, however, in or, order to ra, raise the st, stakes of the gamble, I am wi, willing to use it as my bet today,” Wang Qiang explained.

“Priceless treasure, my fart. That is simply a lump of dung!” Someone lashed out against Wang Qiang.

“Wr, wrong! This is n, not a lump of dung,” Wang Qiang denied.

“In that case, tell us, what is it?” Someone asked.

“Thi, this, this is a single pi, piece of dung,” Wang Qiang spoke with a serious expression and tone.

“You heard him, even he himself admitted to it!!!”

“You’re truly shameless beyond help. You actually took out a piece of dung to use as stake in a gamble. In this world, is there anyone more shameless than you?” When they heard that Wang Qiang actually admitted that it was dung, everyone began to lash out at him even more viciously.

“F, f, fools! Al, although this is a pi, piece of dung, it is no, no, no, no ordinary dun, dun, dung.”

“This is the du, dung from an ov, ov, overlord of the an, ancient era, an An, An, Ancient Organ, ganism’s dung.”

“Do, do, do you know what ancient organisms are? Th, th, th, they are divine or, organisms that kn, know how to cultivate as if it wa, were their nature.”

“They ar, are so powerful tha, that even their du, dung contain, contained natural energy.”

“As, as for the piece of dung I have he, here, it has been re, refined through con, condensing countless other pieces of dung. It is the k, ki, king of dung!”

“Although, it is ul, ul, ultimately a piece of dung, it cont, contains boundless na, natural energy and is mo, mo, mo, mo, more precious than even Na, Na, Natural Oddities.”

“Aft, after taking it, not only wou, would one’s cul, cultivation increase, helping you re, reach a breakthrough, it, it, it might even gi, give you the opportunity to br, br, br, breakthrough the Hal, Half Martial Emperor level and be, be, become a grand Ma, Martial Emperor,” Wang Qiang said.

“Enough of your rubbish, I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you.”

“That’s right, even if you are to boast, you must know how to boast. You actually even mention the unknown Ancient Organism, did you really think that we were such fools?”

“And Martial Emperor? Bullshit~~~” No one believed what Wang Qiang said. The curses toward him became more and more intense.

“Si, sigh. It is no, not wrong to be ignorant. How, however, to bot, both ignorant and ar, arrogant, it is a ve, very scary thing,” Holding the dung in his hand, Wang Qiang displayed an otherworldly expression as he shook his head and sighed.

Right at this time when everyone was cursing out at Wang Qiang, Eggy’s eyes suddenly started to brightly shine. Immediately, she cried out in alarm, “Woah! Chu Feng, that item is indeed a treasure!”

“I’ve noticed it too,” Chu Feng expressed his agreement with Eggy’s words. Furthermore, at this time, he was extremely excited.

Chu Feng, who possessed the Heaven’s Eyes, was able to determine with a single glance that this rabbit dung-like item was really a treasure.

Most importantly, it was no ordinary treasure. It was as Wang Qiang had said, this was a treasure that contained an enormous amount of natural energy.

That’s right. In other words, this was a cultivation resource, an extremely valuable cultivation resource. Chu Feng felt that, based on the amount of martial energy he needed to reach a breakthrough right now, if he were to take this treasure and refine it, then it was very likely that he would be able to reach a breakthrough. Even if he didn’t manage to reach a breakthrough, he would not be far from a breakthrough.

“Where exactly did he obtain this item? With merely a single tiny pellet, it contains such an enormous amount of energy,” Chu Feng was both surprised and delighted. At the same time he was feeling that way, he was also wondering where exactly this treasure had come from.

That was because he knew that even though this treasure was stinky and did not possess a beautiful appearance, it was definitely not really a piece of dung. Likely, it was a kind of Natural Oddity or a Queer Object.

Thus, while Wang Qiang was definitely speaking nonsense, the item he took out was definitely a treasure, a treasure that contained a very dense amount of energy. This led to Chu Feng becoming curious as to where Wang Qiang had obtained this treasure.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of where he obtained it, the pellet that he has in his hand is already an extremely rare treasure. Gamble with him. Regardless of what he wants you to bet, you must gamble with him, you must obtain that pellet,” Eggy said.

“Mn, I also do not want to miss this opportunity,” Seeing the item in Wang Qiang’s hand, Chu Feng made the decision in his heart. He determined that he would definitely obtain that dung-like pellet-shaped treasure from Wang Qiang.

“Chu, Chu Feng, they ar, ar, are tru, tru, tru, tru, truly too ignorant. I bel, believe that you won’t be as, as ignorant as them.”

“Wh, wh, what d-do you think? As, as long as you can take out a hun, hun, hundred th, thousand martial beads or a tr, treasure worth a hundred th, thousand martial be, beads, I’ll us, use this priceless fami, family treasure of mine to gamb, gamble with you,” Suddenly, Wang Qiang said to Chu Feng.

“What? He actually wants to use that stinky piece of dung as an equivalent stake for a hundred thousand martial beads in a gamble?!”

“This is truly too excessive! Truly too excessive! Chu Feng, it is obvious that this stutterer is making a fool out of you. You cannot tolerate someone like him. You should kill him!”

Hearing those words, before Chu Feng could respond, the surrounding crowd was unable to continue watching and actually began to urge Chu Feng to eliminate Wang Qiang.

“Very well, I’ll gamble with you,” However, right at this time, Chu Feng did an astonishing action. Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack shone with light, and a hundred thousand martial beads flew out of his Cosmos Sack and fell from the sky like raindrops before landing and floating around him.

“Heavens, that Chu Feng actually took out a hundred thousand martial beads!”

“Sure enough, that youngster possesses an extraordinary origin. With how young he is, he actually took out that many martial beads so casually!”

“To use this many martial beads to gamble against a piece of dung, is he extremely arrogant or filled with confidence? However, one thing is for certain, Chu Feng simply does not place that Wang Qiang in his eyes!!!”

Astonishment! At this time, everyone was stunned by Chu Feng’s actions.

However, even though Chu Feng did those things, no one felt that he was a fool. Instead, they all felt that he was extremely confident in himself that he would decide to gamble with Wang Qiang.

“Not bad, n, n, not bad. Su, sure enough, I was n, no, not mistake, mistaken. You ar, are not like them, you are no, not ignorant and ac, actually possess quite an eye,” Seeing that Chu Feng actually took out a hundred thousand martial beads, Wang Qiang smiled like a blossoming cactus. It was as if he had picked up an enormously cheap and small advantage.

“Look at that stutterer, look at his immeasurably self-satisfied appearance. It seems like he most likely does not know that the piece of dung in his hand is actually a treasure,” Eggy said.

“Who knows, that fellow has concealed his ability very deeply. Even I do not know whether he is a real fool or a fake fool. However, what I do know is that that treasure in his hand will be mine,” Chu Feng said with confidence.