Chapter 1341 - Family Treasure

MGA: Chapter 1341 - Family Treasure

Suddenly, Eggy asked with a slightly worried tone, “Chu Feng, are you going to use the eighth slash?”

That was because using the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash was no small matter. The requirement that it had on the body was extremely tough. With Chu Feng’s current cultivation and body, he would already receive some slight repercussion from using the seventh slash. If he were to use the eighth slash, he would definitely receive a major repercussion.

“If I want to defeat it completely, I must use the eighth slash,” Chu Feng nodded.

Even when facing the danger of the repercussions from the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash, Chu Feng still had to continue to unleash the eighth slash. In order to defeat Wang Qiang, he had to unleash the eighth slash.

Thus, Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed, then lightning began to rush through his eyes. The speck of chilliness in his gaze grew denser and denser. Finally, the martial power in his body began to change, and he explosively shouted, “Eighth…”


“I, I admit my de, defeat,” However, before Chu feng could unleash the eighth slash, a loud shout was suddenly heard. Turning his gaze toward the source of the voice, it was actually Wang Qiang.

At this time, Wang Qiang had a pale complexion. Not only did he wave his sleeve and disintegrate his Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast, he was even holding a white flag in his hand and waving it around nonstop.

“I, I admit defeat. I, I, I adm, admit defeat. Sto, stop fighting. You’ve won, is tha, that enough?” Wang Qiang continued.

At this time, everyone was stunned. Even Chu Feng was stunned. No one had ever thought that when the battle had reached this intensity and become this fierce, Wang Qiang would suddenly admit defeat.

To cultivators, admitting defeat was something that they would try their best to avoid. That was because it was a disgraceful behavior. For many people, they would rather bear the risk of dying in battle than admit defeat.

However, this Wang Qiang was clearly nowhere near the degree of dying in battle. Yet, he already admitted defeat. Furthermore, he said it in such a casual manner. The crowd had no choice but to just stare incredulously at his shameless actions.

“This little overlord, isn’t he a bit too shameless? Earlier he spoke of killing Chu Feng. Yet now, he actually admitted defeat,” At this time, there were people who were unable to continue to watch and began to mock Wang Qiang.

As for Chu Feng, he did not say anything, and continued to emit a very easygoing and casual appearance.

After all, because he did not have to unleash the eighth slash, he managed to escape suffering. Furthermore, since Wang Qiang had admitted defeat, that meant that he was the victor.

To be able to force his opponent to admit defeat after a very intense battle, this seemed to be even more honorable than to reveal all of one’s strength to overpower and defeat one’s opponent.

Furthermore, Chu Feng did not have any sort of enormous hatred or grievance against this Wang Qiang. Even though Wang Qiang possessed a very shameless mouth, Chu Feng actually did not feel a lot of antipathy against him. Thus, he did not go out of his way to humiliate Wang Qiang for admitting defeat.

“Tsk, wh, what do you all po, poss, possibly know? This is what is me, meant by a wise ma, man knowing better than to, to, to fight wh, whe, when the odds are ag, against him.”

“Furthermore, more what de, decade are we all living in? Yet, all yo, you have on your mi, minds is fighting and kill, kill, killing. You all are truly too lack, lacking in inn, inner quality.”

This Wang Qiang was truly shameless. It was clearly him who had called for this fight at the beginning and spoken of killing Chu Feng. Yet, at this time, he actually shifted all of the blame onto the surrounding crowd.

He was displaying an appearance of absolute innocence and acting as if it was all other people’s fault.

“What are you talking about? Who only thought about fighting and killing? It’s you, okay?!” Sure enough, someone began to expose Wang Qiang.

However, Wang Qiang was evidently a sly old fox. He skipped past the trap laid before him and completely ignored those people who exposed him.

Acting as if he was minding his own business, Wang Qiang said, “What sort of place is, is this?”

“This is, is the Se, Sealing Ancient Village! What is the Se, Se, Sealing An, Ancient Village proficient in?”

“It, it, it’s world spirit technique,techniques. Since you wa, want to compete, then we, we, we, we shall com, compete in world spirit te, techniques.”

“That’s right, we, we, we’ll compete in wo, world spirit techniques. Chu, Chu Feng, do you da, dare to com, compete in world spi, spirit techniques with me?” Wang Qiang turned to Chu Feng and asked.

“Sure, how do you wish to compete?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

“Eiyah, yo, yo, you do not fe, fear anything at all! You acc, accepted my challenge ri, right away?” Seeing Chu Feng accepting his challenge without the slightest hesitation, Wang Qiang hesitated. It was clear that he did not expect Chu Feng, who possessed overbearingly powerful battle power, to be this confident with world spirit techniques as well.

“I do not believe that I will lose, so why must I be afraid?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Well spoken! Guts!” Hearing those words, the surrounding people began to cheer for Chu Feng.

Although both Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were very powerful, Chu Feng was the one who had gained popularity with the crowd. As for Wang Qiang, he had become extremely unpopular with them.

Practically everyone felt, to a greater or lesser degree, antipathy for Wang Qiang. However, as for Chu Feng, all they felt was appreciation and admiration.

To speak it in an unpleasant manner, even if Chu Feng were to fart right now, people would still think that his fart was aromatic.[1.Rebel01: wtf is wrong with these people?????. Xima: I don't want to ever know!!!]However, as for Wang Qiang, regardless of what he did, people would still dislike him.

This was the difference of status between Chu Feng and Wang Qiang in the hearts of the surrounding crowd.

“Ve, ve, very well. Since you’re so, so confi, confi, confident, let us com, compete in something di, di, difficult.”

“Lo, lo, look. The sky is al, already br, bright now. The Sealing Ancient Village’s second tr, trial is ab, about to start.”

“Le, let’s compete in who wi, will be the one to, to pa, pa, pass through the second tr, tr, trial and en, enter the Sealing An, Ancient Village first. Wh, what do you think?” Wang Qiang suggested.

“Very well, let’s do that,” Chu Feng replied unhurriedly.

“No, no, not yet.” However, right after Chu Feng agreed to it, Wang Qiang suddenly started waving his hands.

“What’s wrong now?” Chu Feng asked.

“Th, this so,sort of competition would n, n, not be difficult. Since we, we, we are go, going to compete, let’s ra, ra, ra, raise the difficul, difficulty a li, li, little,” Wang Qiang said.

“How do you plan to raise the difficulty?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

Even though Chu Feng knew that Wang Qiang was deliberately making things difficult for him, Chu Feng was very interested in knowing what sort of trick this Wang Qiang planned to use.

Chu Feng was someone who could adopt measures appropriate for any situation. Thus, regardless of what sort of trick Wang Qiang might have, Chu Feng would still accept the challenge without wavering. Everything was within Chu Feng’s control.

“Since we ar, are going to com, com, compete, we nat, naturally need to add some st, stakes to it,” Wang Qiang said.

“Stakes? Could it be that you want to gamble your life with me?” Chu Feng asked.

“Gam, gam, gamble with life? Di, did you think that it wa, was easy for my par, parents to gi,give bi, bi, birth to me? For no reason or cause, you st, start to gamble with your life, do you kn, know how disrespe, disrespectful that is to your parents?” Wang Qiang flatly refused.

Suddenly, someone said mockingly, “The way I see it, you don’t dare to bet your life.”

“Bull, bullshit! What is there that I, Wang, Wang, Wang Qiang do not dare to do?” Wang Qiang denied.

“Since you’re daring, why don’t you gamble your life with Chu Feng?”

“That’s right, didn’t you come to settle your debt with him? So why is it that you’ve become terrified in the end?” Many people began to ask.

“Ig, ig, ignorant!”

“You, you, you all, wha, what could you possibly kn, know?”

“One’s li, life is precious. It is be, bestowed to you by the he,heavens. It is some, something formed from the la, labor of your par, parents. We can, cannot use it as a gam, gambling stake. El, else, it wou,would be an enormous disgrace equi, equivalent to go, going against the will of the heavens. You woul, would be let,letting down the wor, world and you, your parents,” Wang Qiang argued.

“In that case, how do you plan to gamble? There’s no harm in voicing your suggestion,” Chu Feng said.

“Sin, since we will be gam, gambling, then we, we should ma, make it big.” As Wang Qiang spoke, he took out a palm-sized jade box from his Cosmos Sack.

“That is a treasure.”

When they saw the jade box, everyone’s gaze, including even Chu Feng’s, began to shine.

That was because this jade box was extremely exquisite, emitting brilliant lights and vibrant colors, and was covered completely with runes and symbols.

From a single glance, one could tell that it was composed of a special sort of material, and had later had a powerful world spiritist place a powerful spirit formation on it.

Not mentioning what might be in the jade box, just the jade box itself was a very valuable item.

“Wi, within this jade, jade box of mine is my fam, family treasure.”

“I, I, I am going to use, use this to gam, gamble with you,” As Wang Qiang spoke, he opened the jade box.

When the crowd saw this, all of their gazes were focused completely on the jade box. They were all trying to guess what exactly the treasure in the jade box was, for it to be contained within such a jade box.

“Heavens, it’s actually just trash!” When Wang Qiang opened the jade box, everyone present hurriedly covered their mouths and noses and began to curse repeatedly.

Regardless of what sort of thing was contained within the jade box, the moment when the jade box was opened, a stink over several hundred times stronger than feces emitted from it. In a flash, the smell completely covered this region of space.