Chapter 1340 - About Time To End This

MGA: Chapter 1340 - About Time To End This

Right at this time, Wang Qiang suddenly asked, “Br, br, br, brat, do, do, do you know what this is?”

At this time, his gaze no longer contained the chilliness it had when he had first unleashed his Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. Instead, it was filled with complacence now that he had successfully unleashed that Earthen Taboo Martial Skill.

“A martial skill,” Chu Feng replied.

“Wrong, this is n, n, n, not an or, or, ordina, nary martial sk, skill. It’s a, a, an….”

“Earthen Taboo Martial Skill,” Chu Feng finished Wang Qiang’s sentence.

“Wr, wr, wr, wrong. This is n, n, not an or, or, ordinary Earthen Taboo Ma, Martial Skill. It is my, my ultimate techni, technique. Its name is Earthen Tab, Taboo: Amethyst Beast.”

“Br, br, brat, you’ve man, managed to force me to use the Ear, Ear, Ear, Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast. This means that you re, re, re, really have some a, a, a, abi, ability.”

“I, Wang Qiang, admire you. However, onc, once my Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Be, Beast is unleashed, it will de, definitely take its opp, opponent’s life. No one is, is able to escape fr, from it. Th, thus, even th, though I admire you, you will still be, be undoubtedly killed today,” Wang Qiang said.

“Is that so?” Chu Feng started to laugh. He started to laugh from the bottom of his heart. That was because he felt this Wang Qiang to be extremely interesting.

“Of, of, of course. H, h, however, my Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast wi, will not kill a name, nameless person.”

“Before your death, te, te, tell me, your na, na, name.” Wang Qiang asked.

“Chu Feng,” Chu Feng replied.

“Ve, ve, very well. Chu Feng.”

“Chu… Chu Feng, li, listen carefully. Today wi, will be the da, date of your death.”

“Don, don’t blame your gran, granddaddy for being ru, ruthless. If you want to bl, blame someone, blame yourself for pr, provoking someone that you sh, shouldn’t have.”

“Chu, Chu Feng, fare, fare, farewell,” After saying those words, Wang Qiang pushed his palms forward and unleashed his fatal attack at Chu Feng.


When Wang Qiang activated his martial skill, that Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast uttered a snarl that resonated through the entire region. At the same time, a powerful oppressive might turned into a purple hurricane and swept all over.

As the purple hurricane devastated its surroundings, the enormous Amethyst Beast began to move toward Chu Feng with steps that pulverized space. Even though it possessed an enormous size, its speed was still extremely fast, unimaginably fast.

Most importantly, due to its enormous size, it was like a large mountain as it came charging toward Chu Feng, shielding Wang Qiang behind it completely. This Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast’s charge actually functioned as both an attack and a defense.

“Facing this sort of martial skill, how is that Chu Feng going to withstand it?”

At this time, many people had their gazes completely locked on the scene before them. They were all frowning and sweating cold bullets for Chu Feng because they were all able to sense how frighteningly powerful this Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast was.

As matters stood, not to mention those from the younger generation like Chu Feng, even the older generation’s rank one Half Martial Emperors felt a fatal oppressiveness from the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast.

That’s right, this was how powerful the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast was.

In terms of power, even rank one Half Martial Emperors would not be able to withstand it. This was how powerful Wang Qiang’s ultimate killing technique was.

“Earthen… Taboo… Firmament… Slash!!!”

Right at the moment when everyone was guessing whether or not Chu Feng would be able to withstand such a frightening attack from Wang Qiang, Chu Feng suddenly unleashed his own attack.

Furthermore, he unleashed his attack without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Chu Feng stood where he was without moving. His black hair drifted in the wind, and his gaze became serious. Suddenly, lightning appeared in the sky, and the entire sky turned pitch black and chaotic. It was as if a demon was arriving, as if doomsday had arrived.

Right at this time, Chu Feng suddenly and explosively shouted, “First slash!” After he said those words, sounds like ghosts wailing and wolves howling appeared in this region of space. It was as if evil spirits were emitting sounds.,

At the same time, a crimson blade ray appeared out of nowhere and landed on the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast.


When the slash landed, it gave off an enormous amount of radiance. However, the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast was not damaged in the slightest. Not even its footsteps slowed.

“Could it be that even Chu Feng will not be able to withstand this martial skill?” The people from the older generation were able to tell that what Chu Feng had used was also an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. Furthermore, it was a high quality Earthen Taboo Martial Skill.

However, even that sort of Earthen Taboo Martial Skill was unable to contend against Wang Qiang’s Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast. This led to the crowd to think that Chu Feng would not be able to withstand Wang Qiang’s attack.

“Second Slash!” However, right at this time, Chu Feng shouted once again. Once his voice landed, another crimson slash appeared out of nowhere. Furthermore, its power was even stronger than the slash from before.

When the second slash landed, the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast actually still remained completely undamaged. However, it was pushed back by the power of the slash, and was forced to stomp its leg in mid-air before being able to continue charging toward Chu Feng.

“Third Slash!”

“Fourth Slash!”

“Fifth Slash!”

After that, Chu Feng unleashed three slashes in succession. Each and every slash was stronger and fiercer than the one before.

After the three slashes, not only was the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast forced back several steps and unable to continue onward anymore, enormous cracks appeared on its gigantic. indestructible. purple crystal body. From those cracks, countless tiny little purple crystal chips scattered out.

“Heavens, what sort of martial skill is that?! It can actually be used multiple times in succession, and each and every successive slash is stronger than the previous one!”

When they saw this scene, the people who had thought that Chu Feng would not be able to escape death were shocked. Only now did they realize what the most frightening aspect of Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash was.

The Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash, its first slash already possessed an enormous amount of destructive power. Power enough to destroy a region of the world and exterminate all living things there. It was definitely not something that could be underestimated. With merely the first slash, one would be able to massacre everything in a region, turning it into a doomsday and subsequently create rivers of blood.

It was so much so that just the first slash itself was superior to ordinary Earthen Taboo Martial Skills.

However, this first slash was merely the beginning. After the first slash, each following slash would be several times stronger than the slash before. As for the most frightening thing about the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash, it was that it possessed a total of nine slashes.

According to legend, when the ninth slash was used, all Earthen Taboo Martial Skills, regardless of their quality, would be completely overshadowed. Only the legendary Heaven Taboo Martial Skills would be able to surpass the ninth slash.

Although this Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast was difficult to deal with, it was evidently not strong enough to require Chu Feng to unleash the ninth slash. According to Chu Feng’s estimations, he will likely be able to extinguish it with the seventh slash.

However, to be able to force Chu Feng to unleash the seventh slash meant that this Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast that Wang Qiang had used was very powerful.

“Aooouu~~~” Right at this time, the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast unleashed a snarl. When its enormous mouth was opened, countless purple crystal spear-like spikes that contained very frightening power were shot toward Chu Feng.

Unable to reach Chu Feng to attack him at close range, this Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast decided to unleash a long-range attack. Furthermore, this long-range attack was also extremely powerful.

“Sixth slash!”

However, Chu Feng completely disregarded all of that and unleashed the sixth slash. “Bang!” An explosive bang was heard. Following that, a violent energy ripple began to wreak havoc in the sky. Chu Feng had completely disintegrated the attack that the Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast had shot toward him.

After that, Chu Feng followed through and shouted, “Seventh slash!”

“Wuuuaaooo~~~” When the seventh slash landed, that Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast uttered a snarl. Merely, its snarl sounded more like a miserable shriek.

When the seventh slash landed, people were able to clearly see that the extremely threatening Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast was on the verge of collapse.

Although it was filled with cracks, its body was still not yet destroyed.

“It would appear that I have underestimated it. However, it will be the end this time around.”

Chu Feng was also very surprised to find out that even his seventh slash was unable to shatter that Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast. One must know that his seventh slash had nearly taken away Bai Yunxiao’s life.

However, at this time, he failed to destroy Wang Qiang’s Earthen Taboo: Amethyst Beast with the same seventh slash.

However, even with this being the case, Chu Feng was not afraid. That was because the seventh slash was not a representation of the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash’s true strength.