Chapter 1353 - The Three Zhou Siblings

MGA: Chapter 1353 - The Three Zhou Siblings

“That’s me, what’s the matter?” Chu Feng replied calmly. Even though he knew that they had not come with good intentions, the tone of his reply was neither servile nor overbearing. Mainly, there was not the slightest trace of fear to his tone.

“Ah, nothing much, we merely heard that you’re a very amazing person and passed through the Village Entering Pass with unbelievable speed,” the same man said with a weird tone. At the same time, he was using a disdainful gaze to continually size up Chu Feng.

“Is there anything wrong with that?” Chu Feng asked.

“Watch your tone when speaking to my big brother! We said you’re amazing, yet you actually really dare to act so arrogant. Where do you take this place to be? Who do you think you are?”

Right at this time, the man with the cultivation of rank five Martial King suddenly pointed at Chu Feng and angrily rebuked him; his tone and attitude were extremely vile.

Following him, the woman with the cultivation of rank five Martial King also added, “That’s right, do you even know who we are? You actually dare to talk to us in this sort of manner?”

This woman was the youngest among the three and also the one with the closest age to Chu Feng. Her appearance was not bad, as she could be considered to be a pretty girl. However, her attitude was extremely bad, and she was the one who gave Chu Feng the most displeasure.

Regardless of what sorts of eyes and attitudes those two men were displaying toward Chu Feng, the two of them were, at the very least, looking Chu Feng in the face.

However, this woman was actually using the corners of her eyes to sweep across Chu Feng. She simply did not place Chu Feng in her eyes at all. Furthermore, her gaze was extremely vile. It was filled with disdain and avoidance, as if she was looking at a beggar.

At this time, a well-intentioned guest warned Chu Feng with a voice transmission, “Little friend Chu Feng, these three siblings are not people who should be provoked. Their oldest is called Zhou Long. The second is called Zhou Hu, and the third is Zhou Feng. [16.Long, dragon. Hu, tiger. Feng, phoenix.] Not only are the three of them the grandchildren of the Sealing Ancient Village’s vice village chief, they are also three super geniuses from the Sealing Ancient Village.”

“Their attainments in world spirit techniques are so profound that the three of them are now considered to be the most valuable treasures of the Sealing Ancient Village.”

“Everyone in the Sealing Ancient Village considers the three of them to be treasures. Being extremely fond of them, no one would dare to find any fault in them at all. Thus, the three of them have become the number one group of tyrants in the Sealing Ancient Village. Not even people in the Sealing Ancient Village dare to offend them, much less us outsiders.”

“They have heard of the speed at which you passed through the Village Entering Pass, which has broken their previous record, and thus they feel jealous. That’s why they have come to provoke you.”

“However, it remains that you have come with the identity of a guest. Furthermore, you are a distinguished guest. As long as you meet them with a welcoming smile and not refute them regardless of what they might say, I believe that they will not be able to continue to deliberately make things difficult for you.”

“However, you must remember, at all costs, do not try to use force against them, otherwise, you will have fallen into their trap. They will definitely not let you get away easily if you were to use force.”

“As the saying goes, even a powerful dragon cannot suppress a local tyrant. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. It is better for you to endure. With enduring, everything will be quiet. With a step back, the whole wide world will still be before you.”

When he heard the voice from the kind-intentioned guest, he discovered where that person was. Turning his gaze toward the voice, he discovered that it was a rank one Half Martial Emperor-level old man.

This old man had also been one of the participants in the Village Entering Pass’s gamble. However, after he had lost, not only did he not have the slightest bit of grievance, he instead warned Chu Feng about these three Zhou siblings. Thus, Chu Feng had a very good impression of this old man.

Therefore, Chu Feng smiled and nodded at him. After that, he turned his gaze back to the three people before him and said, “Why would I be concerned about who you are? All I know is that I am a guest of the Sealing Ancient Village.”

Once Chu Feng said those words, the old man who had warned Chu Feng was immediately stunned. He was so shocked that his mouth started to twitch. No matter what, he had never imagined that Chu Feng would be so strong-willed, especially after his warnings.

As for those three siblings, their expressions grew gloomy and cold. The three of them never expected that someone in the Sealing Ancient Village would dare to speak to them in such a manner.

That rank six Martial King Zhou Long’s gaze turned decidedly hostile.

He raised his hand, pointed at Chu Feng and said, “Guest? That’s right, our Sealing Ancient Village will always treat guests with hospitality. However, that also depends on who the guest is. Someone like you who has scored a victory through cheating, how could you possibly be worthy of being our Sealing Ancient Village’s guest?”

Sure enough, it was as that old man had said. Zhou Long and the others had come to make trouble for Chu Feng.

Furthermore, the most shameless matter was that he had actually declared Chu Feng’s unbelievable speed of passing through the second trial to be cheating.

“I saw our little friend Chu Feng pass through the second trial with my own eyes. How could he possibly have cheated?” Right at this time, a loud and resounding voice suddenly exploded from not far away.

At the same time, two aged figures appeared before everyone’s gaze. They were rapidly walking toward them. The two aged figures were none other than Grandpa Song and Granny Lin.

Once they heard that the three Zhou siblings had gone to Chu Feng’s place, they knew right away that they had gone to make trouble for Chu Feng. Thus, they stopped what they were doing and hurriedly rushed to Chu Feng’s place to come to his rescue.

“Elder Song, Elder Lin, could the two of you be planning to shield him?” However, even though Grandpa Song and Granny Lin had appeared, that Zhou Long did not fear them in the slightest. Furthermore, knowing that Grandpa Song and Granny Lin had come to help Chu Feng, he even took this opportunity to attack them.

“Shield? Zhou Long, that word you said is pretty inappropriate, no? Yesterday, many people saw little friend Chu Feng passing through the second trial. Yet, you actually go as far as to say that I’m shielding him?”

“Is that the way you should be speaking to your seniors? Is this the way you should be speaking to your elders? You truly do not place your elders and superiors before your eyes, no?” Grandpa Song raised his sharp, sword-like eyebrows. His attitude was extremely unyielding as he loudly questioned Zhou Long.

At this time, Granny Lin added, “Zhou Long, Zhou Hu, Zhou Feng, the three of you are becoming more and more excessive in your behavior recently. While I do not care how you act within the village, our Sealing Ancient Village has always treated our guests with hospitality, and that Chu Feng is a distinguished guest. What you are doing is simply going against the rules and traditions of our Sealing Ancient Village.”

“Must I find Lord Village Chief to discipline the three of you and teach you how to receive guests properly? How to respect your seniors and your elders properly?”

Granny Lin was very smart; she immediately put forth the Lord Village Chief to suppress the three Zhou siblings.

“Elders, we are merely joking around with him. It is better to not disturb Lord Village Chief,” The moment they heard the words ‘Lord Village Chief’, the expression of that girl by the name of Zhou Feng instantly changed. She immediately began to laugh and smile to express her goodwill.

That was because the Lord Village Chief was their weak spot. No matter how much of a rampage they dared to create, no matter how fearless they were because their grandfather would always stand on their behalf, the Lord Village Chief’s strength and status were all above their grandfather’s. He was someone that even their grandfather feared. As such, how could they not be afraid of him?

“So what if Lord Village Chief is to be called? We have done everything for the sake of our Sealing Ancient Village. Even if you are seniors, don’t think you can use your status and power to stifle us,” However, compared to Zhou Feng, Zhou Long remained fearless and unyielding.

“Zhou Long, you must present proof when speaking. You say that little friend Chu Feng has only passed through the trial because he cheated, and that the two of us are shielding him. In that case, do you have any evidence of your claims?” Grandpa Song was somewhat enraged by Zhou Long. A trace of coldness was flickering in his eyes.

“Forget about it, it’s merely several senseless children. There’s no need to bother spouting nonsense at them. Let’s go and find Lord Village Chief and have him teach them how they should conduct themselves,” As for Granny Lin, she was even more direct. She actually wanted to go to the Lord Village Chief to argue there.

Even though Zhou Long possessed an unyielding attitude, it was clear that he was also afraid of the Lord Village Chief. Thus, he was fearful of what Granny Lin wanted to do.

As such, he pointed to Chu Feng and said, “Humph. Next time, it will be a competition of spirit power. At that time, we will all know whether you were cheating or not.”

“That’s right, don’t you dare to not participate.”

“Rest assured, I will definitely participate,” Chu Feng calmly replied.