Chapter 1337 - Chu Feng vs. Wang Qiang

MGA: Chapter 1337 - Chu Feng vs. Wang Qiang

At this time, everyone closed their mouths. No one dared to laugh at, ridicule or insult Wang Qiang after what he had just done.

Regardless of whether it was the experts from the older generation or the prideful younger generation, they all realized that Wang Qiang was very powerful. Even if there were people among them that were capable of defeating him, they were still unwilling to offend him for no reason or cause.

Actually, what the people feared the most was not Wang Qiang’s own strength. Instead, people feared the power that actually managed to foster a genius like him.

“Big brother, there’s also him.”

Right at the time when everyone started to grow fearful of Wang Qiang, that fatty suddenly pointed his hand at Chu Feng.

“That’s right, big brother, that brat is extremely arrogant. I told him to not approach the stone house, as it was occupied by you. Yet, not only did he refuse to listen, he even arrogantly said to tell you to come find him yourself,” The sloppy-looking man also spoke to identify Chu Feng.

“Fu, fu, fu, fuck! Yo, yo, youngster, yo, yo, you’re ve, very arrogant, eh?” Hearing what his brothers said, Wang Qiang turned his shifty eyes to Chu Feng. The gaze with which he looked to Chu Feng was filled with provocation.

At this time, everyone’s gaze also followed Wang Qiang’s and turned toward Chu Feng. In fact, they even had expressions of anticipation on their faces.

Yes, they were filled with anticipation, anticipation for a fight between Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

Before Wang Qiang had arrived, many people guessed that Chu Feng was a genius with extraordinary origins. That cultivation of rank five Martial King was most definitely not Chu Feng’s true strength.

Of course, even though people felt that Chu Feng’s strength surpassed what he appeared to be, they did not believe that he could defeat a rank seven Martial King Wang Qiang with his cultivation of a rank five Martial King.

Thus, what the crowd was anticipating was not the collision of Chu Feng and Wang Qiang’s personal strengths. Instead, they were anticipating the collision of the powers that stood behind Chu Feng and Wang Qiang.

“I’m not interested in superfluous words. If you wish to attack, then just come at me.”

Chu Feng had already anticipated Wang Qiang’s provocation. Actually, Chu Feng was also an individual fond of battles. When he encountered Wang Qiang, a powerful individual of his same generation, Chu Feng was also very eager to fight him.

Thus, he directly walked out from the stone house, flew into midair and made preparations to fight against Wang Qiang.

“Fu, fu, fuck! Yo, yo, you, a me, mere rank five Ma, Martial King da, da, da, dare to ac, act so scornful to, toward me? S, s, s, seems like you’re re, re, really very arrogant!”

“Do you believe that I ca, ca, can’t make you lie on t, th, the ground wi, wi, without even moving?” Wang Qiang said.

“Heh.” Chu Feng did not answer. Instead, he looked to Wang Qiang with a slight smile.

“Yo, yo, you dare to smile? I, I, I’ll make it so th, th, that you can’t smile any, any, any more,” A flash of coldness shone through Wang Qiang’s eyes, and a boundless oppressive might swept toward Chu Feng like a invisible hurricane.

At this time, even Chu Feng was unable to help himself from frowning. His expression had turned serious.

As he felt the incoming oppressive might, Chu Feng was able to sense that this Wang Qiang was indeed extremely powerful. At the very least, his oppressive might was already something that Chu Feng could not withstand with his current cultivation.


After determining that his opponent was very powerful, Chu Feng no longer tried to conceal his strength. Lightning began to flicker in his eyes, and then the Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared on his body together.

Once he revealed the strength of his Divine Lightning, Chu Feng’s cultivation instantly increased by two levels. As Chu Feng had now become a rank seven Martial King himself, how could he possibly be afraid of Wang Qiang’s mere oppressive might?

With a thought from Chu Feng, the space around him began to violently tremble. A stream of air visible to the eye began to emit from his body and swept forth toward Wang Qiang’s oppressive might with whistling noise.

That was Chu Feng’s oppressive might. It was extremely powerful, so powerful that it was unstoppable and could sweep everything before it. It defeated Wang Qiang’s oppressive might easily.

After that, Chu Feng strengthened his oppressive might and actually unleashed it toward Wang Qiang to crush him.

“Fu, fuck!” Wang Qiang never expected this from Chu Feng and was completely caught off guard. He was unable to react in time. Even though he managed to stop the majority of Chu Feng’s oppressive might with his own oppressive might, he was still hit by the aftermath and forced to take several steps back in order to steady his body.

“You… you… you…” After being struck by Chu Feng’s oppressive might, Wang Qiang was extremely surprised. His pair of small eyes were wide open like two giant olives. It was obvious that he had not expected Chu Feng to be this powerful.

As for the surrounding crowd, their eyes were also wide open and shining with shock. Like Wang Qiang, none of them had expected that Chu Feng would be this powerful and possess a method to increase his cultivation by two levels.

Although there were many people who had grasped powerful methods and techniques in the Holy Land of Martialism, and many people who were able to strengthen their martial skills through the use of forbidden techniques or increase their cultivation through the use of their special bloodlines, to be able to increase one’s cultivation by two levels like what Chu Feng just did was extremely rare.

“It seems like it’s impossible for you to make me lie on the ground using only your oppressive might. Do you have any other ability left?” At this time, Chu Feng spoke with a beaming smile.

“Yo, yo, yo, you brat, yo, yo, you’re tr, tr, truly immoral.”

“Yo, yo, you actually con, con, concealed your strength. Ar, ar, are you trying to dis, dis, disguise yourself, self as a pig so th, th, th, that you can eat a tiger?”

“For, fortunately I am qui, quick-witted. El, el, else I would have su, su, suffered greatly.”

“Bu, bu, but, don, don, don’t you ac, act arrogant. Your gran, granddaddy I will let yo, you know his strength,” As Wang Qiang spoke, his body shifted, and he flew into the air. In the blink of an eye, he arrived before Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.”

When he arrived before Chu Feng, Wang Qiang immediately unleashed his attacks. His fists and feet were being used together. Each and every attack was extremely fierce. He was not only unleashing ordinary physical attacks, he was instead using a special sort of martial skill that strengthened both the speed and power of his attacks.

Sure enough, Wang Qiang’s strength could not be underestimated. This was the first time that Chu Feng felt pressure from a close distance battle against a person from his same generation.

However, regardless of how powerful Wang Qiang might be, it did not mean that Chu Feng would be weak. That was because what Chu Feng was most proficient in was also close-distance attacks with fists and feet.

Thus, when facing Wang Qiang’s storm-like attacks, Chu Feng did not cower, and instead met the incoming fists and feet with his own fists and feet.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.”

Collisions inevitably arose from the exchange of blows. When their fists and feet collided with one another, the sounds of steel hitting each other echoed out, and energy rippled capable of wreaking havoc appeared.

In the blink of an eye, the space where the two people were located became filled with energy ripples and shining light. Those with weak cultivations were unable to see the figures and movements of the two fighters anymore. The only things they could see were the energy ripples that blossomed like fireworks upon every collision.

“So powerful.”

This was what everyone present was thinking. Regardless of whether they might be men or women, young or old, from the older generation or the younger generation, whether they possessed high or low cultivations, they were all able to sense that Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were extremely powerful. All of them had been subdued by Chu Feng and Wang Qiang’s battle prowess.

“In, in, interesting. But, yo, your powerful gr, grand, daddy’s nickname is ste, ste, steel bones, the little overlord of cl, close combat. To fight a, a, against me with fists and feet, yo, yo, yo, yo, you’re de, definitely going to lose.”

While Wang Qiang was fighting with Chu Feng, his mouth was not idle. Although he was a stutterer, he was also extremely talkative. Thus, as he fought, he was bragging and belittling Chu Feng the entire time.

As for Chu Feng, he completely ignored Wang Qiang’s mockery. Instead, he was smiling. Although this Wang Qiang was his opponent, he, for some unknown reason, did not feel any hatred for Wang Qiang, nor did he feel that this Wang Qiang was very annoying. Instead, Chu Feng felt this battle to be extremely enjoyable.

However, it remained that the two of them were fighting. Thus, Chu Feng would not easily admit defeat. Since Wang Qiang was bragging about how powerful his body was, then Chu Feng, who had never been defeated in terms of his body since he had started cultivation, would definitely teach Wang Qiang a lesson with his body on this day.

He willed it, and the lightning in Chu Feng’s eyes began to flicker, and the lightning that covered his body grew more and more intense, and started to emit cracking and rattling noises as if it were furious. With the change in his lightning, Chu Feng’s fists and feet became even more powerful.

At this time, with the assistance of the lightning, Chu Feng’s body had become a lot more powerful. Among the same generation, there was practically no one capable of rivaling him.