Chapter 1338 - Confrontation Of Martial Skills

MGA: Chapter 1338 - Confrontation Of Martial Skills

After strengthening his body, Chu Feng’s attacks became even more ferocious. In this sort of situation, Wang Qiang, who had self-proclaimed bones of steel, was unable to contend against Chu Feng.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

The two men collided with fists and feet once again. Every single time they collided, Chu Feng would beat back Wang Qiang with his steel fists and iron legs. Furthermore, each and every attack from him would cause Wang Qiang’s body to tremble; they would numb his fists and feet and cause him to grimace in pain.

At the beginning, for the sake of his face, Wang Qiang had not cowered from the physical pain. Without saying anything, he would gnash his teeth and endure it.

However, as they fought more and more, the pain that he felt grew more and more intense. In the end, his numb fists and feet were filled with cuts and drenched with blood.

Finally, Wang Qiang was unable to tolerate the pain anymore. He dodged Chu Feng’s incoming attack and fled backwards. Then, he loudly shouted at Chu Feng. “St, st, st, stop!”


At this time, everyone was stunned. That was because they were able to see that Wang Qiang’s shivering limbs were filled with cuts and drenched with blood.

However, when they looked to Chu Feng, his limbs remained the same as before, completely undamaged. In fact, his condition appeared to be even better than before.

Seeing this, it was already obvious that, in the battle of physical bodies, Chu Feng had obtained absolute victory.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you have bones of steel, known to be the unrivalled little overlord?” Chu Feng looked to Wang Qiang with a beaming smile. He was not ridiculing Wang Qiang, he was merely teasing him.

“Yo, yo, yo, you… are too fake! Wh, wh, while I have bo, bones of steel, yo, yo, you’re a war god of steel. Ho, ho, how can I po, possibly win against yo, you?”

“But, don’t yo, yo, you act ar, ar, ar, ar, arrogant. What I am m, m, m, m, most profic, profic, cient in are not physical attacks. Instead, it’s ma, ma, ma, martial skills.”

This Wang Qiang was truly shameless. Not only did he not feel any disgrace for his boasting earlier, he instead shifted his words and began to boast once again.

“Very well. In that case, allow me to experience exactly how powerful your control of martial skills might be,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Yo, yo, you’re certain? I, I, I, If I were to, to, to use mar, martial skills, it would be, be, be very frighten, frightening,” Wang Qiang said with a face filled with confidence.

“I’m interested in seeing exactly how frightening they might be,” Chu Feng replied.

“Young man, you tru, truly do not know how ta, tall the sk, sky is and how de, deep the ear, earth is. If I were to use mar, martial skills, it would be tru, truly frightening.”

“I mi, mi, mi, might end up kil, kil, killing you. I urge you to re, re, re, re, reconsider,” Wang Qiang advised Chu Feng out of goodwill.

“If that’s the case, I would like to experience it even more,” Chu Feng replied fearlessly.

“Ve, ve, very well. Since you in, insist on throwing your li, li, life away, I’ll he, he, help you accomplish yo, your goal,” After he said those words, Wang Qiang started to attack. Bursts of wind began to surge forth from his palm.

With the arrival of the violent winds, even the sky turned dark. Not even the sunlight could be seen.

This was a martial skill. However, it was not a very powerful martial skill. Instead, it was only a low-grade rank three martial skill.

That’s right, it was a rank three martial skill, one of the lowest quality martial skills.

However, although it was only a rank three martial skill, when it was being used by Wang Qiang, it gave forth a power capable of exterminating everything before its path.

This was the reason why Martial Kings were frightening. Of course, this martial skill only managed to achieve this degree of power because of Wang Qiang. His control in martial skills was truly very strong.


However, how could Chu Feng possibly be someone to be trifled with? So far, Chu Feng had never once lost to anyone in terms of control of martial skills.

Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his palms and shot them forward explosively. “Papapa,” sounds of explosions like a string of small firecrackers sounded from before him.

Countless palms that shone with light appeared before Chu Feng like a meteor storm. More and more palms appeared. In the end, they covered the entire space before Chu Feng all the way till the violent wind shot forth by Wang Qiang. The palms collided with the violent wind, producing numerous energy ripples that wreaked havoc on their surroundings.

This was a martial skill that Chu Feng had learned in the Azure Dragon School, the Illusory Palm.

Like the martial skill Wang Qiang used, this Illusory Palm was also only a rank three martial skill. However, when it was used by Chu Feng, it too brought forth a might inconsistent with its rank.

However, that Wang Qiang was truly a very powerful individual. When he saw that Chu Feng’s Illusory Palm was very powerful, his shifty eyes started to grow serious.

After Wang Qiang became serious, his rank three violent wind martial skill’s power became even stronger. The surrounding hundred miles were all affected by the violent wind.

Like an impenetrable wall, his violent wind martial skill completely stopped Chu Feng’s Illusory Palms that filled the sky.

Being used by Wang Qiang, that rank three Martial Skills’ ability was released to the pinnacle.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Chu Feng. Chu Feng’s control over martial skills was so strong that not only was he able to reveal all of the power of a martial skill, he was also even able to strengthen the martial skill’s power and characteristics to a whole new level.

The characteristic of the Illusory Palm was that it was extremely difficult to distinguish the real palm strikes from the illusory ones, and was used in order to unleash a surprise attack on one’s enemy.

The Illusory Palm possessed extraordinary effect in a close-range battle. However, when used at a distance, especially when encountering a large scale martial skill like the one Wang Qiang used, it was extremely difficult for the Illusory Palm to exhibit its characteristics.

However, when used by Chu Feng, it was still capable of exhibiting its characteristics as well as a might that surpassed its nature.

When Chu Feng used the Illusory Palm, he deliberately created an enormous amount of them so that he could attract Wang Qiang’s attention with the radiance they emitted.

While doing that, Chu Feng had concealed a portion of the Illusory Palms with world spirit techniques, and had them wrap around the wind wall created by Wang Qiang’s martial skill in order to attack him from behind.

“Yo, yo, you have some skills. It seems tha, that you’re also no, not, not someone to be trifled with.”

“However, un, un, un, unfortunately for you, yo, yo, you’ve encountered me.”

“The characteristic of yo, yo, your li, li, little palms of li, li, light is that it is di, di, difficult to distinguish the real ones fr, from the fake ones. They ar, ar, are only us, useful in clo, close ranged battles as surprise at, attacks.”

“However, my pa, palm strikes giv, give rise to wi, wind. They jus, just so hap, happen to be ab,able to restrain your little pa, pa, pa, palms.”

“Hehe, th, this is why I’m am, amazing. Ar, ar, are you af, afr, afraid yet?”

Wang Qiang was indeed a very remarkable person. Not only did he manage to defend against Chu Feng’s Illusory Palm, he was also able to determine the characteristics of Chu Feng’s Illusory Palm. Unfortunately, he had not noticed what Chu Feng had been doing in the shadows.

Suddenly, killing intent filled Wang Qiang’s back. Not only did the Illusory Palms Chu Feng hid with his spirit techniques manage to successfully make a detour to Wang Qiang’s back, they were even unleashing their attacks at Wang Qiang.

“Fuck!” At this time, Wang Qiang’s expression changed greatly. He was greatly surprised.

However, Wang Qiang was no simple character. Right at the moment when Chu Feng’s Illusory Palms were about to strike him, he actually managed to detect them.

Thus, his footsteps shifted, and he instantly used an ingenious movement martial skill to rapidly dodge to the side.

At the beginning, many people did not understand why Wang Qiang did that. It was only when Chu Feng’s concealed Illusory Palms revealed themselves and exploded at where Wang Qiang had previously been did people realize that Chu Feng had hidden his martial skill and launched a surprise attack at Wang Qiang from behind.

“Truly too amazing. His control of martial skills is truly too frightening.”

When they saw that, not to mention the members of the younger generation, even the experts from the older generation were unable to help themselves from praising Chu Feng. They were all subdued by Chu Feng’s ability.

That was because even they did not imagine that Chu Feng would unleash this sort of method in such a short period of time.

“Tru, tru, truly despicable!”

“You ac, ac, actually tried to sn, sn, sneak attack me from be, be, behind?”

“Fu, fu, fucking hell, y, you scared me to, to death.”

“For, fortunately I am qui, quick-witted. Else, I wo, would have been sw, sw, swat-swatted to death by you.”

Wang Qiang patted his chest and said with an expression of post-traumatic fear. It did not seem like he was pretending. Instead, it seemed like he really had been scared by Chu Feng’s sneak attack.