Chapter 1336 - Who Else

MGA: Chapter 1336 - Who Else

“Wha,wha,wha,what are you laughing about? In,in,in awhile, yo,yo, your granddaddy will,will,will make it so,so,so tha,that you can’t laugh.” The weirdo pointed to the people laughing and threatened them.

When he finished saying those words, his big flowery underpants trembled lightly. After that, an oppressive might swept forth from the flowery underpants like a fart and engulfed the entire plaza.

Once this oppressive might appeared, the entire plaza started to shake. The surrounding trees were violently shaking back and forth, and many people with weaker cultivations turned pale and powerlessly fell to the ground upon sensing that oppressive might.

This guy was displaying his might. Furthermore, he had managed to accomplish his goal.

Rank seven Martial King, this was this weirdo’s cultivation. His cultivation was above Chu Feng’s.

While his cultivation of rank seven Martial King might not amount to much when compared to the people present in the plaza, being able to obtain his cultivation of rank seven Martial King at such a young age made the crowd have no choice but to view him with high regard.

On top of that, his aura was also extraordinary. As everyone present was a gold-cloak world spiritist, they all possessed very keen perceptions. Thus, everyone managed to sense that this exotic weirdo’s battle power was not as simple as being only a rank seven Martial king.

Thus, at this time, the majority of the people hurriedly closed their mouths. No matter how weird and unprepossessing this fellow might appear, his cultivation was real.

With such a cultivation at such a young age, no one knew whether or not he might have a powerful backer behind him. Thus, in order to guard against the unexpected, no one was willing to provoke him.

“Interesting, this guy actually possesses a battle power three levels above his cultivation,” The gaze with which Chu Feng looked to that strange fellow became serious.

Three levels above his cultivation, this was the same as Chu Feng’s battle power. Furthermore, if Chu Feng were to use his Divine Lightning, he would only be able to reach rank seven Martial King.

Considering that weirdo’s age and cultivation, he was equally matched when compared with Chu Feng. Therefore, he most definitely could not be underestimated.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was able to sense an aura even more dangerous than Bai Yunxiao from him. This fellow was most definitely not as simple as he appeared on the surface; he was not someone that could simply be ignored.

However, the most important thing was that, regardless of whether it might be Bai Yunxiao or Qin Lingyun, they were all much older than Chu Feng. Yet, this exotic fellow’s age was around the same age as Chu Feng.

Thus, this strange man was actually the first person of his generation that Chu Feng had met since his arrival in the Holy Land of Martialism with strength comparable to his own.

“We’ve been in this Holy Land of Martialism for so long; finally, it’s starting to become interesting. At last, there’s a person from the same generation as you that is capable of fighting you equally.” Eggy spoke with a beaming smile.

Judging from her appearance, it seemed that she was looking forward to a battle between Chu Feng and that strange fellow.

“It is impossible for him to defeat me,” Chu Feng spoke with confidence.

“Yoh, what makes you this confident?” Eggy stopped smiling and asked Chu Feng curiously.

“I have Milady Queen by my side, how could he possibly be able to defeat me?” Chu Feng said.


Hearing those words, Eggy curled her lips charmingly. Then, she raised her lips and displayed an enchanting smile, “That’s true, of course. This queen will always look after you.”

“Merely a rank seven Martial King. Yet you dare to act this arrogant, saying things like making your daddy here unable to laugh? Haha, with merely you, do you think you’re even capable?” Right at this moment, a fearless man snarled.

That man possessed a large back and a large waist. He was a standard burly man. Not only did he possess extraordinary grandeur, his cultivation wasn’t weak either. He was a rank nine Martial King.

“Humph, are you the big brother of those two trash? We, husband and wife, have been waiting for you here for a long time now,” Immediately after that burly man said those words, a middle-aged woman walked out. This woman also possessed the cultivation of rank nine Martial King.

As it turned out, this man and woman were precisely the couple who had snatched the wooden houses away from the sloppy-looking man and the fatty, and then given them a violent beating after they had been threatened.

“Big brother, they’re the ones who snatched away our wooden houses and then beat us into our current appearances,” Seeing those two people, the sloppy-looking man and the fatty hurriedly voiced their grievances to their big brother.

“Ma, ma, ma… motherfucker!”

“Yo, yo,you snatched my brothers’ woo,woo,wooden houses, right?”

“Be,be,be,beat them up, right?’

“Yo,you’ve beaten them up a, and stolen their pro, pro, property, yet da,da,dare to ac,act so arr, arrogant!”

“Are there e, e, e, even laws in th, this world? Do yo, you even have virtues?... Ar, ar you even humans?” The strange weirdo pointed to the couple and reprimanded them with righteousness and confidence.

“Get your ass back home and learn how to speak properly first before trying to reprimand us husband and wife,” That woman said.

“Fu, fu, fu, fuck! Do you even kn, kn, know who I, I am?” The strange fellow said.

“Hah, aren’t you that little overlord that they were talking about?” The woman sneered.

“Wr, wr, wr, wr,wrong.” The strange fellow denied it.

“In that case, who are you? The woman’s husband asked curiously.

“I, I, I am the, the el, el, elegant and gr, gr, gr, grace, graceful bea, beautiful young man, the person wh, wh, who st, strikes te, te, te, terror in men and la, la, lust in wo, women, li, li, little overlord, Wa, Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang,” The strange fellow explained.

“Oh, so your name is Wa, Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang?” The man was unable to help himself from ridiculing him.

“Fu, fu, fu, fuck you. Yo, yo, you’re the one cal, called Wa, Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang.”

“Yo, yo, yo, your gr, granddaddy I, I, I… am Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang!” The strange fellow corrected.

“Oh, so your name is not Wa, Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang and is instead Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang?” The man began to laugh out loud. He was deliberately angering that strange fellow.

“Ma, ma, ma, motherfu, fucker you, you are truly immoral. Yo, yo, you’re bull, bull, bullying me for stuttering, right?”

“Br, brother, tel, tell the, them my, my name,” Feeling helpless, the strange fellow turned to ask for help from the sloppy-looking man who was much older than him.

Hearing that, the sloppy-looking man immediately said, “My big brother’s name is Wang Qiang.”

“Yo, you, you heard that. I am, am ca, cal, called Wa, Wa, Wang Qiang.” Wang Qiang straightened his back and said with confidence.

“Enough of your bullshit. If you wish to avenge your brothers, then come at us. If you do not wish to avenge them, then I, your daddy, do not have time to waste on you,” The man said impatiently.


Right at this time, a flash of coldness shone through Wang Qiang’s eyes. His footsteps changed, and he turned into a flash of light as he shot out explosively toward that couple.

“Perfect timing.”

That couple had already anticipated Wang Qiang’s attack. On top of that, they were rank nine Martial Kings. Thus, the two of them did not even place Wang Qiang’s attack in their eyes.


Right at the moment when Wang Qiang was about to approach them, he disappeared with a flash of light. When he reappeared, he was already behind the woman.

“Pow.” With lightning speed, Wang Qiang hacked down on that woman’s neck with a knifehand strike.

“Bang.” Being struck by Wang Qiang’s knifehand strike, that woman immediately sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Then, like a dying dog, she fell to the ground. Although she was not seriously injured, she was no longer able to continue fighting.

Seeing his wife being attacked, the man’s eyes turned wide open and he angrily roared, “Courting death!”

At this time, martial energy was running through his entire body, and was even being emitting from the surface of his body. He was not planning to use an ordinary attack. Instead, he was planning to unleash a counterattack at Wang Qiang using a martial skill.

“Woosh,” However, right at this time, Wang Qiang’s footsteps changed once again. Like a flash of light, he arrived before that man and threw a forceful whip-kick with his leg. In the end, not only did he stop that man’s attack, his whip-kick also ruthlessly landed on that man’s head.


Being struck by the leg caused the man to utter a miserable shriek. Then, like his wife before him, he fell to the ground on his stomach and began to twitch and scream.

Wang Qiang had perfectly defeated those with higher cultivations than him. Although he stopped his attacks the moment they were defeated, he, nevertheless, managed to cow the crowd with his might.

At this time, many people present were unable to contain themselves and sucked in a mouthful of cold air. The gazes with which they looked to Wang Qiang had all changed.

This weirdo by the name of Wang Qiang was definitely stronger than they had imagined him to be.

Seeing the surprised gazes and astonished expressions on the crowd, Wang Qiang’s lips curled upward into a smile. He laughed vulgarly and then loudly shouted, “Wh, wh, wh, wh, who else?”