Chapter 1335 - The Arrival Of A Weirdo

MGA: Chapter 1335 - The Arrival Of A Weirdo

“You…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, that sloppy-looking man was immediately and deeply enraged. He raised his fist and appeared to want to attack Chu Feng.

However, he started to hesitate. In the end, he lowered his raised fist and said, “I’ll allow you to continue to act arrogantly for now. However, when my big brother comes, that’ll be the time when you regret your actions.”

After that, he began to walk toward the fatty and began to heal his injuries.

All the people who were able to come here were at least gold-cloak world spiritists. Thus, things like restoring another person’s body and helping them heal their injuries were extremely simple and trivial matters for them.

As for Chu Feng, he did not bother to care about that sloppy-looking man. Instead, he closed his eyes and began to rest, preparing himself for the trial tomorrow.

Just like this, the matter concluded. After Chu Feng, a hundred and fifty more people arrived in the plaza. They had all selected the perfect timing to arrive. They were all planning to spend the night and then take on the second trial tomorrow.

The thing that was worthy of being mentioned was that these hundred and fifty people who arrived later were no ordinary characters either. Among them, many were experts. Furthermore, nine among them were even Half Martial Emperors.

However, these nine Half Martial Emperors were all old people who were more than a hundred years of age. The youngest among them was at least a hundred years of age and the oldest was several hundred, close to even a thousand, years old. Among them, five were old men and four were old women.

When they arrived, it was already approaching nighttime. However, they did not try to fight over the houses and instead sat on the soil-filled ground. It was likely that the reason for that was because they possessed very high moral character, and that the majority of the people who had occupied houses were of the younger generation.

After nightfall, the number of people who began to come did not decrease. Instead, more and more people began to show up.

By the time it reached deep into the night, over a thousand people had arrived at the plaza. This turned the previously empty and spacious plaza into an area bustling with noise and excitement.

At this time, even the Half Martial Emperor-level experts already numbered fifty-six. Like the Half Martial Emperors who had arrived before, all of them were of the older generation and had been alive for several hundred years.

Chu Feng was able to sense that the majority of them were only rank one Half Martial Emperors. Furthermore, judging from their auras, none of them possessed exceptional talent or heaven-defying battle power. All of them were people who had managed to reach Half Martial Emperor level through diligent, assiduous and steady accumulation over time.

As the saying goes, the more crowded a place was, the more quarrels there would be. When more and more people arrived at this relatively small plaza, the plaza was no longer as peaceful as it had been before.

The experts from the older generation would generally keep their calm and not bother with fighting those of the younger generation. However, the members of the younger generation were all proud and arrogant individuals who were unwilling to spend the night sleeping on the soil. Thus, they began to fight for the right to stay in the buildings.

After various battles, the ten thatched huts had all shifted ownership. The people who had arrived early and occupied the thatched huts were unable to contend against the people who had arrived later, and were driven out from the thatched huts in succession and forced to spend the night on the soil-filled ground.

As for the two wooden houses occupied by the sloppy-looking man and the fatty, they too received many challenges. While the two of them managed to obtain some victories, the people that ended up coming later became stronger and stronger. In the end, the pressure that they felt became more and more enormous.

In the end, when a married couple with the cultivations of rank nine Martial Kings challenged them, the sloppy-looking man and the fatty both ended up suffering a crushing defeat.

Without any choice, the two of them were forced to settle for the next best thing. Thus, they started to challenge the people who had occupied thatched huts. Even though they managed to snatch two thatched huts in the end, the two of them were still angered by what had happened. Thus, they turned to the couple that had snatched away their wooden houses and said, “Damned adulterous couple, you actually dared to steal our territories. When my big brother comes, the two of you will definitely suffer…”

Unfortunately for them, those two were not as good-natured as Chu Feng. After they were threatened by the sloppy-looking man and the fatty, the two of them actually struck back and ruthlessly beat up the sloppy-looking man and the fatty.

After they violently beat up the sloppy-looking man and the fatty, this couple said in unison, “Trash.”

After discovering that their opponents were hard to deal with, the sloppy-looking man and the fatty no longer opened their stinky mouths and stopped trying to threaten them.

After all, the two of them still needed to face challenges from other people. In order to protect their thatched huts, the two of them need to keep themselves in optimal battle condition.

As more and more people arrived, the plaza turned into a battlefield.

At this time, the sky had already brightened. However, not only did the battle for the houses not decline, it actually became even fiercer. In fact, it turned from battles between individuals to battles between groups.

Energy ripples were radiating all around, and sounds of explosions were surging nonstop. Practically no one was able to sleep in peace.

As matters stood, Chu Feng could tell that the majority of the younger generation were not fighting over houses in order to rest. Instead, they were doing so in order to prove their strength. Thus, in order to display their strength, they fought and snatched away one another’s houses.

However, there was one thing that surprised Chu Feng. No matter how intense the battles for the other houses became, no one had come to challenge his stone house.

It was so much so that people were even looking at him with gazes of reverence. Even for some Half Martial Emperor-level experts, they would amiably nod their heads at Chu Feng when they saw him.

Originally, Chu Feng was completely baffled by this sort of reaction from the crowd.

However, after thinking about it, Chu Feng had a guess. It might be because those people saw that Chu Feng’s cultivation was not high, yet he occupied the best stone house; thus they thought that he must possess an extraordinary origin and did not dare to provoke him.

When the people who had arrived earlier did not dare to provoke Chu Feng, the people who arrived later would naturally not dare to provoke Chu Feng either. In the end, no one dared to provoke Chu Feng.

Although this was merely Chu Feng’s guess, it was still a good thing that nobody was bothering him.

Unfortunately, a good thing would not last forever. When the night turned to day, and the sun began to shine from the eastern horizon, a man appeared and shattered Chu Feng’s tranquility.

Judging by his age, that man’s age should be around Chu Feng’s age, in his early twenties.

However, his appearance and clothing were extremely exotic. He did not have a lot of hair. However, each and every single strand of hair that he did have was standing straight up. His hairstyle was like that of a hedgehog.

His eyes were not very large. However, both of his eyes were whirling around and around. He was shifty-eyed.

Compared to his hairstyle and his eyes, his nose could be said to be relatively normal. His nose was neither long, nor was it pointed; it appeared exactly like a clove of garlic.

However, his mouth was very underwhelming; it was actually crooked. It was one thing for his mouth to be crooked, but it was actually crooked to such a degree that it appeared like he had a sneering smile of ridicule the entire time. Just looking at him, one would want to beat him up.

Especially when his facial appearance was joined by his attire, he appeared even more like someone who wished to be beaten up.

His upper body was completely naked. However, he was as thin as a matchstick; it was like his body was a layer of skin over bones. There was not the slightest trace of muscle on him. Even if a monkey were to be shaved, it would look more muscular than him. It was truly a wonder how he had the nerve the show off such a figure.

While he was wearing clothes on his lower body, it was only a pair of large underpants.

That pair of underpants was green in color. If it was only that simple, then that pair of underpants would be fine. However, his underpants, other than the bottom being only green in color, the rest of it was actually covered with flowers.

That’s right, his underpants were filled with flowers.

There were tree peonies, chinese roses, red roses, plum blossoms, osmanthus flowers, peach blossoms and all sorts of other kinds of flowers.

It was simply too flowery. Most importantly, those flowers were all embroidered onto his underpants. The needlework was truly exquisite and extraordinary.

On his body, other than that pair of large underpants, the only other thing he wore was a pair of shoes. They were a pair of straw sandals made out of a special sort of plant. While ordinary straw sandals that people wore were all simple and low-key in appearance, the pair that he was wearing was not.

They were actually multi-colored. Furthermore, they were mismatched with different colors. One pair was green in color, whereas the other was red. His appearance was truly astonishing.

When this man arrived, everyone’s eyes shone with shock. There were even people who were unable to contain themselves and burst into loud laughter.

However, as the saying goes, the world was huge and filled with extraordinary things. Chu Feng had encountered all sorts of people before. For someone like him, Chu Feng would merely smile but not pay too much attention.

“Big brother, you’ve finally come.”

However, to everyone’s surprise, right at this time, that sloppy-looking man and the fatty actually threw themselves before that weirdo and knelt onto the ground. They grabbed onto that man’s thighs and began to cry.

“The heck, could it be that this person is that sloppy-looking man’s so-called big brother? That little overlord that no one in the Holy Land of Martialism would not know about?” Everyone present began to mutter.

That was because the sloppy-looking man and the fatty would always mention their big brother whenever someone challenged them for their houses. They would boast about their big brother as if he were a god. Thus, even though everyone knew that they were only boasting, they nevertheless became curious about this big brother of theirs.

“Fu,fu,fu,fucking hell!”

“Whi,whi,which fucker be,be,beat the two of you to th,th,this damned appearance?” That weirdo spoke in a very angry manner.

Even though his words were filled with anger, when the crowd heard his speech, they were unable to contain themselves and burst into loud laughter.

It turned out that this guy was also a stutterer.