Chapter 1334 - Threaten

MGA: Chapter 1334 - Threaten

Although that fatty was very heavy, his speed was not slow. In an instant, he had arrived before Chu Feng.

When he grew closer to Chu Feng, Chu Feng managed to see his attack even more clearly. When this enormous fist of his came striking toward Chu Feng, the space around it started to tremble nonstop and numerous whirlpool-like air ripples were formed.

The might of this fist was definitely no small matter. If Chu Feng were to be struck by this fist without guarding against it, even if he didn’t get killed by it, he would still become crippled.

Unfortunately, the current Chu Feng was not without any guard against it. In fact, it was the opposite, Chu Feng was completely on guard.


Suddenly, a flash of light shone past. Chu Feng had attacked.

His right hand was clenched into a fist. Although his fist was less than a fifth of the size of that fatty’s fist, the power behind his fist was over a hundred times greater than that fatty’s fist.

“Is that guy planning to throw away his life?”

Seeing that Chu Feng did not dodge the incoming fist, and had instead decided to meet the fatty’s fist with his own fist, the people present, including the people from the Sealing Ancient Village, were all shocked. They all felt that Chu Feng was planning to throw his life away.

Before everyone’s eyes filled with surprise, Chu Feng’s fist and the fatty’s fist finally collided.

Merely, the conclusion of the collision was completely different from what everyone anticipated.

“Puu,” a muffled explosion was heard, and blood blossomed in the air. The powerful impact caused crimson blood to splatter all over that fatty’s face.

At this time, the two men stopped their attacks. The fatty was standing there. It seemed that he had yet to manage to react to what had happened.

However, the bystanders who had seen everything were filled with shock and had stunned expressions all over their faces.

That was because that fatty’s fist was shattered. It was badly mutilated. It had been completely smashed apart by Chu Feng.


No matter how slowly the fatty managed to react to the pain, when he saw his fist that was drenched with blood, he suddenly started to emit a scream like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves.

One’s fingers were connected to one’s heart. With his fist being smashed, it was impossible for him to not be in pain right now.

“I’ll kill you!” In anger, that fatty actually attacked Chu Feng again. He raised his other arm and began to swing his enormous hand toward Chu Feng’s cheek.

His palm strike brought forth a very strong gale and even flickered with light. It was as if a mountain was about to smash onto Chu Feng’s face. This wasn’t an ordinary physical attack. No, it was a powerful martial skill.

However… even when faced with this sort of attack, Chu Feng did not try to dodge. Instead, he casually swung his other hand. Then, like pincers, his hand ruthlessly landed on the fatty’s wrist and easily stopped the incoming attack.

“Do you not want this hand either?” After grabbing the fatty’s other hand, Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

“Fuck you!” The fatty opened his large mouth and spit out phlegm toward Chu Feng’s face.

Seeing the phlegm, Chu Feng lightly moved aside and easily dodged it. Then, he started to frown, and the coldness he emitted grew much denser. He said, “It truly seems that you don’t plan to keep this hand.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng clenched his hand and martial power burst forth from it.

“Snap, snap,” numerous sounds of bones breaking were emitted from the fatty’s arm. At the same time, that fatty’s expression became abnormally distorted as he began to scream as if his heart and lungs were being split apart.

That was because Chu Feng was not only destroying that fatty’s veins and tendons with martial power, he was also ripping apart his muscles and breaking his bones. While that arm appeared to be relatively undamaged on the surface, its internal composition had been completely disintegrated by Chu Feng.

As matters stood, the fatty now realized the enormous gap in strength between himself and Chu Feng. With both of his arms crippled by Chu Feng, he was screaming nonstop and did not dare to continue to step forward. Instead, he began to move backwards repeatedly; he did not dare to attack Chu Feng again.

“Exactly who are you?” Right at this moment, that sloppy-looking wasted middle-aged rank seven Martial King asked.

However, he also did not attack Chu Feng. It seemed that he was very smart and realized that Chu Feng was a very powerful and extraordinary person. Thus, he wanted to find out exactly what sort of origin Chu Feng possessed.

In fact, at this time, everyone, including even the people from the Sealing Ancient Village, had their gazes fixed upon Chu Feng. All of them wanted to know exactly who Chu Feng was and what sort of origin he possessed.

After all, as matters stood, everyone was able to tell that Chu Feng possessed heaven-defying battle power and that his true strength could not be judged by only his cultivation.

A person with that sort of ability at such a young age would most likely not be a simple character. To a greater or lesser degree, they would be people with status and powerful backers.

“Who am I? Is that any of your concern?” Chu Feng sneered.

“In that case, do you know who we are?” That sloppy-looking man asked.

“Not interested,” Chu Feng turned around and began to proceed toward that stone house. He knew that the sloppy-looking wasted man would not fight with him. Thus, he was disinclined to bother wasting time with him.

“Even if you are not interested, I will still tell you. My elder brother is the little overlord who no one in the Holy Land of Martialism does not know about.”

“This stone house, we had occupied it on his behalf. If you are sensible, then you should get away from that stone house right now and then come and apologize to us brothers. If you were to do that, then perhaps my big brother will forgive you.”

“Else, once my brother arrives, even if I am to plead for you, with his temperament, he will definitely not let you off.”

“I believe you also know that the Sealing Ancient Village allows for people to fight in their territory. Even if you are to be beaten to death, they will not concern themselves with the matter,” That sloppy-looking wasted man actually began to threaten Chu Feng.

“Little overlord? Who’s that? How come I’ve never heard about him?”

When that man said those words, before Chu Feng could respond, many people from the crowd began to ask one another. It was evident that they, like Chu Feng, did not know about this little overlord.

“My big brother has only started his career a short while ago. However, his name will soon spread through the entire Holy Land of Martialism,” Seeing that the crowd were all skeptical of him, that sloppy-looking wasted man explained.

“Earlier, didn’t you say that your big brother was someone that no one in the Holy Land of Martialism didn’t know about? How come now it turns out that your big brother is a person who just started his career?” An old man with the cultivation of rank five Martial King who occupied a thatched hut spoke in a mocking manner. [1. In the raws, it actually said that the old man was a rank seven martial king and occupied a wooden house. I think this is a mistake on Bee’s part since he wrote that there were only 2 wooden houses and this drunk guy is a rank seven martial king. If the old man were a rank seven martial king, he wouldn’t let a rank six martial king take the other wooden house, no? So I changed his cultivation to rank 5 and his house to a thatched hut.]

“Old trash, what the hell do you know? What I’m talking about is the future. I am saying that my big brother will become someone that no one in the Holy Land of Martialism does not know about. Why is your comprehension ability this weak?” That sloppy-looking wasted man sneered. His attitude was extremely vile.

“Tsk,” Seeing that he refused to listen to reason, the old man curled his lips and did not bother to waste time on superfluous words with him.

As for the other people, they were actually very fearful of of the sloppy-looking wasted man. While they felt disdain and even ridicule from his words earlier, upon thinking about how his strength was not weak, they thought that his big brother’s strength would definitely be above his. Thus, none of them dared to say anything and only ridiculed him in their hearts.

Seeing that no one else tried to refute him, that sloppy-looking wasted man stroked his nose complacently. Then, he tidied his clothes and looked toward Chu Feng once again.

However, when he saw the current Chu Feng, his complacent appearance immediately turned ashen.

That was because not only had Chu Feng not been scared off by his words, he had even entered the stone house and was lying on the bed with his hands behind his head like a pillow and one leg crossed over the other. His appearance was extremely leisurely and carefree.

“Fuck, did you not understand what I just said? I said to get away from the stone house. So why the fuck did you still enter it? Are you truly not afraid of death, or do you not believe that my big brother will kill you?”

“Let me tell you, with my big brother’s violent temperament, if he wanted to kill you, no one would be able to save you,” That sloppy-looking man threatened Chu Feng angrily.

“Oh, in that case, have your big brother with the violent temperament come try to kill me,” Chu Feng said in a distrustful manner.