Chapter 1333 - Courting Death

MGA: Chapter 1333 - Courting Death

The Sealing Ancient Village was located in the central region of the Alliance Domain. The central region used to be the most flourishing region in the Alliance Domain. It had been the location with the most concentrated branch organizations from the various powers.

All of the powers that managed to establish themselves in that region were no ordinary characters. Thus, from this, it could be seen that while the Sealing Ancient Village was called a village, it was actually a very powerful place that could not be underestimated.

Even in the entire Alliance Domain, the Sealing Ancient Village was extremely famous. Furthermore, it was also a place that powerful world spiritists were most fond of visiting.

The world spiritists were fond of visiting the Sealing Ancient Village mainly because of two things.

First, the Sealing Ancient Village was fond of receiving world spiritists as guests. As long as one met the qualifications, they could enter the ancient village and receive hospitable treatment.

Second, the Sealing Ancient Village possessed a large amount of Sealing Glacial Water. As long as one was able to obtain a good impression from the Ancient Sealing Village, one might receive Sealing Glacial Water as a gift.

Sealing Glacial Water was capable of increasing the strength of world spirit formations. Especially for sealing formations, it possessed a miraculous effect.

To world spiritists, the Sealing Glacial Water was a type of treasure. Furthermore, the only way for them to obtain it was through the Sealing Ancient Village.

Thus, practically every year, every month and every day, there would be world spiritists coming to the Sealing Ancient Village in the hopes of becoming their guests.

However, not anyone could become a guest of the Sealing Ancient Village.

First, one had to be a world spiritist. This was the minimum requirement.

Next, one had to possess excellent world spirit techniques. Else, one could forget about entering the Sealing Ancient Village.

These were the requirements, the qualifications, for being accepted as guests of the Sealing Ancient Village.

As for how it was determined whether or not one possessed excellent world spirit techniques, whether one was qualified to be accepted as a guest of the Sealing Ancient Village, there would naturally be a test.

This test was no simple test either. There were a total of two trials that one had to pass.

The first trial was to determine whether or not one was a world spiritist. The minimum requirement for passing this test required one to be a gold-cloak world spiritist.

The second trial was to determine the strength of one’s spirit power. Only by passing this test would one be allowed to enter the Sealing Ancient Village and subsequently become their guest.

The first trial could be taken at any time. However, as for the second trial, one could only take it on the first, eleventh and twenty-first of every month.

Currently, Chu Feng had already arrived at the Sealing Ancient Village. Furthermore, he had successfully passed the first trial.

However, due to the fact that it was still not the time for the second trial to be open, Chu Feng was unable to enter the Sealing Ancient Village.

Thus, at this time, Chu Feng was arranged to stay at a place owned by the Sealing Ancient Village but located outside of it.

“Isn’t this a bit too shabby?” Seeing the things before him, although Chu Feng was prepared, he was still shocked.

The scene that appeared before Chu Feng was the place that he would have to live in for the next several days. He would have to stay in this place alongside many other people and wait for the next date that the second trial would open.

Actually, the scenery there was not that bad. After all, it was located deep within the mountains surrounded by red autumnal trees, wondrous flowers, unusual grasses, high mountains, flowing rivers, tall waterfalls and such. All sorts of scenery were present in this place.

However, unfortunately, the Sealing Ancient Village had set up a rule stating that no one was allowed to move around as they pleased, and so they could only move about in a single designated region.

As for that designated region, it was an open plaza. The plaza was not very large, and was also very simple and crude in appearance.

Not only was the surface of the plaza not covered with special materials, there were not even stone slabs on its surface. Instead, there was only soil. That’s right, it was soil. The same sort of filthy, dirty soil that covered the mountain.

Furthermore, there was only a single stone house, two wooden houses and ten thatched huts in the plaza. Those were the residences for the guests.

Most importantly, people were not allowed to set up spirit formations or use any special treasures on the plaza. They were only allowed to rest in the living quarters designated by the Sealing Ancient Village, and even something like placing a blanket on the ground was not allowed.

They could either live in the houses or sleep outside, it was that simple. If anyone was to refuse to obey the rules, they would lose the privilege to participate in the second trial.

That was because there were many people from the Sealing Ancient Village stationed around the plaza. Like sculptures, they stood there motionlessly as they watched Chu Feng and the others.

“Since you’ve already come, you cannot return empty handed. Might as well stay here for the night, since tomorrow will be the day when the second trial opens.”

“Oh, that’s right, that stone house appears to be pretty decent. Since there’s no one there, you should go and live there,” Eggy said.

After hearing what Eggy said, Chu Feng noticed that, in the plaza, there were a total of thirty-eight people, excluding the people from the Sealing Ancient Village.

These thirty-eight people were of all ages, both old and young. The youngest among them were about the same age as Chu Feng. As for the oldest, his age was several hundred, or even close to a thousand years old.

However, this was not important. The important matter was that… among these thirty-eight people, ten of them had occupied the ten thatched huts and two had occupied the two wooden houses. As for the remaining twenty six people, they were all sitting on that filthy soil-filled ground. That stone house, the best quality house among all the houses, was actually left empty.

Thus, at this moment, Chu Feng walked toward that stone house without the slightest hesitation.

At the beginning, no one took note of Chu Feng’s actions, as they were all minding their own businesses without concerning themselves with others.

However, after Chu Feng began to walk toward that stone house, everyone turned their gazes to Chu Feng. Furthermore, their gazes all turned wondrous.

It was so much that there were people among them who actually began to coldly laugh, as if they were enjoying another’s calamity. There were even some among them who were shameless enough to take out food from their bosoms and begin to eat as if they were looking forward to enjoying a show.

“Hey, boy over there, I suggest you not think about that stone house.”

At the time when Chu Feng walked past the two wooden houses, a voice suddenly sounded from the left wooden house.

Turning his gaze toward the source of the voice, Chu Feng discovered that there was a middle-aged man wearing a dark blue-colored gown standing in front of the wooden house.

That man had an ordinary appearance. His eyes were spiritless, and he had a sloppy stubble beard on his face. Holding a bottle gourd of wine, he was leaning on the door of the wooden house and looking at Chu Feng with a smile on his face and slight disdain in his eyes.

This man possessed a cultivation of rank seven Martial King. His cultivation was higher than Chu Feng’s.

Unfortunately, his battle power was not up to much. Chu Feng was able to tell that his battle power was ordinary, and could even be considered to be poor. Someone like him, even if he was a rank seven Martial King, would not be a match for Chu Feng. Not to mention a single him, even if there were a hundred of him, a thousand of him, Chu Feng would still not put them in his eyes.

“Why must I not think about that stone house? Are you implying that there’s someone in the stone house?” Chu Feng stopped his steps and asked with a smile.

“Mn,” That sloppy-looking man nodded.

“Why haven’t I seen anyone in that stone house then?” Chu Feng asked.

“That person still hasn’t arrived yet,” The sloppy-looking man replied.

“In that case, there’s no one there,” Chu Feng smiled lightly and then proceeded to continue walking toward the stone house.

“Boy, he has already told you that that place has been occupied by another, do you not understand human speech or what?” Right at this moment, a person suddenly came out from the wooden house to the right.

It was another middle-aged man. Like the one in front of the left wooden house, he was also wearing a blue gown. From their appearance, it was obvious that he should be from the same power as that wasted man from the left wooden house.

Merely, compared to that wasted man from the left wooden house, this man was very fat. He was a one hundred percent fatty. Based on his appearance, he was at least over five hundred kilograms.[1.1,100 lbs.] Describing him with the word pig was the most suitable. As for this fatty, his cultivation was a bit weaker than that wasted sloppy-looking man, he was a rank six Martial King.

“I naturally understand human speech. Merely, I do not understand pig speech,” Chu Feng said to that fatty.

“Bastard, you’re looking for a beating!” Hearing those words, the fatty was immediately enraged. He clenched his enormous sack-like fist and smashed it toward Chu Feng.

Not only was his fist very large, it was also very powerful. His fist attack gave rise to whistling winds as it was smashed toward Chu Feng. Even space started to twist and warp. How could that be considered to be a fist? It was simply a meteor hammer!

At this time, many of the people present began to shake their heads. There were even people who closed their eyes, unwilling to continue watching.

The way they saw it, it was impossible for Chu Feng, with his cultivation of a rank five Martial King, to be a match against that fatty. Although that fatty’s fist strike would not be fatal, it was enough to seriously injure Chu Feng.

However, right at the time when everyone was thinking that a great catastrophe was about to befall Chu Feng, Chu Feng smiled coldly and said, “Courting death.”