Chapter 1037 - The Sudden Emergence of the Han Family

MGA: Chapter 1037 - The Sudden Emergence of the Han Family

“It’s actually him? Your Lordship, what should we do?” After seeing Chu Feng, the management elders of the Han family all became flustered. One by one, they began to send voice transfers to Han Qingyu asking him what to do.

“What should we do? Follow the rules, that’s what.”

“When the emperor breaks the law, he shall be charged the same as the ordinary people. And him, he is but a mere disciple.” Suddenly, a determined expression flashed past Han Qingyu’s eyes. He then loudly shouted. The panic expression that he displayed earlier completely vanished. He pointed to Chu Feng who was behind Elder Gongsun and said, “Men, capture Chu Feng.”

“Yes.” Hearing Han Qingyu’s words, the management elders of the Han family immediately grew courageous. They truly began to rush toward Chu Feng in an aggressive manner.

“Who dares?” Before the group of Han family elders arrived before Chu Feng, Elder Gongsun angrily shouted. After his shout of anger sounded, an energy ripple appeared. The energy ripple directly knocked back that group of approaching Han family management elders.

“Set up the formation.” Seeing this, the elders that had spread apart once again returned to set up their formation and protected Chu Feng within it.

“Gongsun Kuo, are you planning to obstruct my Punishment Department’s enforcement of the law?” said Han Qingyu angrily.

“The enforcement of the law is determined by the target. This Chu Feng is someone who Lord Headmaster wanted. Not to mention that you’re only the Punishment Elder, today, even if you’re a celestial emperor, you’d best not think that you’ll be able to touch a single hair of his.” said Elder Gongsun with a cold tone. He refused to yield in the slightest.

“Gongsun Kuo, do you truly think that you’ll be able to contend against me?” Han Qingyu’s eyes suddenly narrowed. A smile of disdain appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“To be honest, I have truly never placed you in my eyes.” Seeing this, Elder Gongsun also coldly smiled. After that, his robe began to sway up and down. A boundless aura began emit from his body.

In an instant, the sky had turned from day to night and gales began to flow in the air. Rank eight Martial King, that sort of cultivation could be said to be at the peak of Martial King. Although it was greatly inferior to Martial Emperors, it was still extremely frightening.


After spreading out his aura, Elder Gongsun flipped over his palm. An azure colored spiked club appeared in his hand.

This spiked club had an extremely domineering appearance. It was very inconsistent with the scholarly air that Elder Gongsun displayed. However, although its appearance was inconsistent, after this spiked club appeared, Elder Gongsun’s entire personal aura surged.

This was a true Royal Armament. Regardless of what its appearance was, the king level martial energy as well as the might that it displayed was thoroughly displayed in the hands of Elder Gongsun, a rank eight Martial King.

“Woosh.” Suddenly, the Royal Armament in Elder Gongsun’s hand was abruptly waved. Immediately, the heaven and earth started shaking. The oppressive might was spread all over. Elder Gongsun had taken the initiative to attack Han Qingyu.

This attack of his was no small matter. Practically no one was able to clearly see his attack. However, they were all intimidated by the powerful oppressive might displayed by the attack. Without mentioning those elders and disciples underneath, even the management elders in the air felt the enormous pressure from the attack.

However, even when faced with such an attack, that Han Qingyu had a sneer on his face. Suddenly, his sword brows creased. A cold light flashed past his eyes and an explosion sounded from within his body. With him as the center, a ferocious energy ripple burst forth.

“Rumble.” That energy ripple simply swept through everything in its path. It was unstoppable. Everywhere that it passed, even the firm and stable airspace was shattered. Like shattered lens, they fluttered in this pitch-black world.

Even the attack that Elder Gongsun launched using his Royal Armament was unable to withstand a single blow before this energy ripple; it actually disintegrated in an instant.

However, the most frightening thing was not this. After that energy ripple defeated Elder Gongsun’s attack, it actually directly swept through Elder Gongsun.


[1. Forgot to mention before, wuuwa and the like is the sound effect of being hit, damaged, etc.]

Before this energy ripple, Elder Gongsun, a grand rank eight Martial King, was actually unable to withstand it. Like an extremely frail scarecrow meeting an unstoppable hurricane, Elder Gongsun vomited out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.



After passing through Elder Gongsun, that energy ripple continued to sweep past the various other elders who were protecting Chu Feng. As even Elder Gongsun was incapable of withstanding this energy ripple, those management elders were naturally incapable of withstanding it either.

As bursts of blood were sprayed out in the air, the elders that were protecting Chu Feng started to fall from the sky like kites with their strings cut off. All of them were seriously injured. Some among them who had weak strength had even lost consciousness on the spot with life and death undetermined.

In merely a blink of an eye, all of these elders who were in the sky and protecting Chu Feng were burst away by the energy ripple. Only Chu Feng remained.

“Heavens. The Punishment Elder is actually this powerful! With only a single strike, he actually defeated Elder Gongsun who is also a rank eight Martial King.” Seeing this scene, the crowd were all shocked beyond belief and became stupefied.

“That’s wrong. That aura is different from usual. Elder Han Qingyu appeared to no longer be a rank eight Martial King.” However, there were also elders with good eyesight that discovered that something was amiss.

“Han Qingyu, you’ve actually stepped into the ranks of a rank nine Martial King?” At this moment, the voice of Elder Gongsun sounded. The current Elder Gongsun had a head of disheveled hair and body of severed clothings. His entire body was covered with blood and his aura very weak. The air that he currently displayed was very feeble. It could be said that he had been battered and exhausted. He was already someone who was greatly injured. However, he still rapidly flew over and once again stepped before Chu Feng, blocking him.

“Hahaha, you ought to know the gap between you and me now, right? You, a mere rank eight Martial King, is unworthy of contending against me.”

Han Qingyu burst into a loud laughter. However, he had also indirectly acknowledged Elder Gongsun’s question. The current him was indeed no longer a rank eight Martial King and instead a rank nine Martial King.

“Heavens, Punishment Elder has already reached rank nine Martial King? In that case, isn’t his strength the same as Lord Headmaster’s?”

“No wonder, no wonder. So that’s the reason why this Han Qingyu dares to act this arrogant. So it was actually because his cultivation is already on par with Lord Headmaster. Adding on the strength of his Han family, I fear that even Lord Headmaster would be unable to do anything to him in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

When Han Qingyu acknowledged his cultivation, the numerous elders and disciples present all displayed death-gray complexions. An indescribable anxiety surged forth their faces.

The Han family was very powerful. This caused them to be met with all kinds of sufferings. The only person who could contain Han Qingyu was Lord Headmaster. However, as Han Qingyu’s cultivation was now at the same level as Lord Headmaster, it meant that even Lord Headmaster would be unable to control him. How could the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest possibly bear this news?

They had already realized that the following days would be even darker and they would have to live under the oppression of the Han family for eternity.

“Haha, I truly never imagined that Lord Han Qingyu’s strength has already reached this sort of state. Now, in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, who dares to disrespect our Han family? Hahahaha…”

Compared to the other people, the people of the Han family who had uneasy expressions earlier burst into joy. Their excited emotions filled their faces without any concealment. It was as if they had already become the rulers of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Gongsun Kuo, move aside now and I’ll spare your life. Otherwise, do not blame me for not putting our old friendship in mind and being blunt toward you.” Han Qingyu sneered.

“Blunt? I wish to see exactly how you’re going to be blunt. If you wished to harm Chu Feng today, you must first pass through me, Gongsun Kuo.” Even though he knew that he was no match, Elder Gongsun did not cower before Han Qingyu. Instead, an aura of fearlessness before death rushed forth from his weak body.

“Elder Gongsun, this junior truly appreciates your kindness. However, this matter was caused by this junior. Please allow this junior to be the one to settle it.” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded from behind Elder Gongsun.