Chapter 1038 - Are You Tired of Living?

MGA: Chapter 1038 - Are You Tired of Living?

“Chu Feng, you…”

Hearing what Chu Feng had said, Elder Gongsun was startled. He did not imagine that in this critical moment of life and death, Chu Feng would not hide behind him and instead courageously stand out. This sort of quality in character was indeed beyond his expectation.

“Elder Gongsun, this matter is unrelated to all of you. Since it is I who has caused this calamity, it should be left for me to assume the responsibility. However, I must still trouble you with this; please help me take care of this friend of mine. This matter is completely unrelated to him.”

Chu Feng handed Li Lei who was over his shoulder to Elder Gongsun. Then, without waiting for Elder Gongsun’s reaction, Chu Feng walked forward and, with a calm smile, said to Han Qingyu. “It is I who have killed the people of your Han family. If you wish to do anything, do it all to me.”

“Brat, you have guts. However, I believe that you ought to know that Lord Headmaster had determined you to be the hope of our Southern Cyanwood Forest. You must’ve assumed that I would not dare to do anything to you, that’s why you’re this courageous, right?”

Han Qingyu started to inspect Chu Feng as he said those words. However, the killing intent in his eyes was even more clear. Suddenly, he angrily shouted and, with an enraged tone, said.

“Let me tell you, if this is what you’re thinking, then you are gravely mistaken. Today, no one is capable of saving you. Even if you’re the person that Lord Headmaster wanted, as long as you dared to kill those of my Han family, I will still kill you without delay.”

“Heh, you can think whatever you want to think.” Chu Feng smiled once again. He did not have the slightest fear in his face. Chu Feng was very good at determining what someone was thinking from their body gestures and facial expressions. He had already determined that, although this Han Qingyu was an arrogant hegemon, based on the reaction that he had when he first saw Chu Feng, he was able to determine that there was restraining fear of Lord Headmaster in the depths of Han Qingyu’s heart.

He had defeated management elders Elder Gongsun and them with his absolute power and appeared to be completely determined to kill Chu Feng.

However, in reality, he only wished to punish them as to set an example for others so that he could preserve his Han family’s dignity. Furthermore, if he was to truly capture Chu Feng, he might not necessarily be daring enough to kill him. At the very most, he would torment and scare Chu Feng.

Thus, from the way Chu Feng saw things, if he was to continue to allow Elder Gongsun and them to protect him, Elder Gongsun and them would continue to suffer torments. As they were management elders, if they were to be beaten up by another before this many disciples, their dignity and honor would be severely damaged.

Instead of that, it was better for Chu Feng to step forward at an earlier time. Even if he was to receive torment and humiliation, he would at least be able to not implicate Elder Gongsun and them.

After all, Chu Feng had grown up being despised, bullied and humiliated by others. Thus, he did not fear being humiliated. That was because as long as he could live, he would one day return all the suffering and humiliation ten-fold to those who had done that to him and trample them underneath his foot.

“Chu Feng, today is the day of your death.” Han Qingyu coldly shouted. As he said those words, he had spread out his rank nine Martial King’s oppressive might causing the empty sky to tremble unceasingly.

However, even though the sky had started to rock, Chu Feng continued to firmly stand there. Toward the words that Han Qingyu had spoken, Chu Feng merely ignored them and continued to have an indifferent smile on his face.

“Bastard, you dare to continue smiling? Kneel down and admit your mistake!” Chu Feng’s action had enraged Han Qingyu. Han Qingyu waved his sleeve. The oppressive might that had covered this region of space turned into a sharp blade and flew toward Chu Feng’s legs.



As the blade flew past, two bursts of blood sprayed out from Chu Feng’s legs. The areas that blade sliced past exposed Chu Feng’s eerie white bones.

“Stomp, stomp.”

Even though this was the case, Chu Feng’s body merely slightly swayed. He actually did not kneel down. Instead, he continued to stand there firmly. There was not even the slightest trace of pain on his face. It was as if he could not sense the pain from his legs.

The thing that was most shocking was that even after Chu Feng received Han Qingyu’s attack, he actually continued to smile. He looked to Han Qingyu and said, “You want me to kneel? You are not qualified.”

“Little bastard from the Southern Sea Region. You said that I am not qualified, is it? Very well. Today, I shall make you kneel to me on your own accord.”

Han Qingyu was so enraged by Chu Feng’s actions that he started to gnash his teeth. However, even though this was the case, he did not try to kill Chu Feng. Instead, with an intention from him, several blades formed from his oppressive might flew past the sky and left numerous bloody wounds on Chu Feng’s body.

Han Qingyu’s actions had instead increased Chu Feng’s confidence. He was now almost completely certain that Han Qingyu did not dare to kill him. Otherwise, with Han Qingyu’s disposition, he would most definitely not go through this much effort in trying to make him kneel and would instead directly kill him.

After grasping his opponent’s weakness, the stubborn Chu Feng would naturally not give in. Instead, he loudly said, “You wish for me to voluntarily kneel to you? In your dreams.”

“I shall see how long you can continue to show off.” Han Qingyu was no ordinary character either. The reason why he wanted Chu Feng to kneel before all these people was so that he could retrieve his Han family’s lost honor. Yet now, this Chu Feng actually refused his command before all these people. This was equivalent to giving him a slap in the face before all of them.

Thus, he would naturally not let Chu Feng off lightly. He had made a firm resolution to make Chu Feng kneel to him today. Thus, with an intention, the powerful energy that he controlled began to torment Chu Feng.

Regardless of how tough Chu Feng was, he was unable to beat the repeated torment from a rank nine Martial King. In merely a blink of an eye, Chu Feng’s body became badly mutilated. He was now covered with blood all over. Other than his face, there was no other place on him that wasn’t injured.

However, even though this was the case, Chu Feng continued to stand there motionlessly. He did not have the slightest intention to kneel down to Han Qingyu.

“Kneel, if you still refuse to kneel, I shall kill you.” Chu Feng’s ability to endure caused Han Qingyu to be unable to bear it anymore. He shouted explosively and stopped tormenting Chu Feng. Instead, he emitted his king level martial power and turned it into tens of thousands of weapons. These weapons all charged toward Chu Feng.

“Crap. Could this old man truly be planning to kill you?”

Seeing the tens of thousands of weapons that contained boundless destructive power that were flying toward Chu Feng, Eggy who was always calm started to panic. That was because this was completely different from the blades created from oppressive might from earlier. Although those blades were powerful, they were not fatal. However, the tens of thousands of weapons are able to easily behead Chu Feng.

“I am unable to ascertain whether he is planning to kill me. However, I am certain that he will not be able to kill me today.”

However, when faced with the fatal attack, Chu Feng had an expression of certainty on his face. He did not dodge the incoming attack; instead, he stood there and quietly waited for the attack of tens of thousands of weapons charging toward him. On the corners of his mouth was an incomparably confident smile.

“Stop immediately.”

As expected, right at this moment of imminent peril, an aged yet unflustered voice suddenly sounded in the sky.

After that voice sounded, a layer of formless energy appeared before Chu Feng. This energy charged toward the tens of thousands of weapons.

“Rumble.” Before that formless energy, the tens of thousands of weapons formed from Han Qingyu’s oppressive might was actually unable to withstand a single blow. Instantly, they were all shattered. Even Han Qingyu was affected by the energy and ended up retreating several meters backward.

“Heavens, this is?” Seeing the scene in the sky, practically everyone present were stupefied. Even Han Qingyu was of no exception.

“Little friend, I’ve let you suffer.” Right at the moment when everyone was stupefied by the sudden occurrence, an old man suddenly appeared before Chu Feng.

This old man had snow-like white hair and a very amiable appearance. However, he had appeared with no sound, it was as if he had suddenly appeared in the middle of the air. Standing before Chu Feng, his strength was incomprehensibly strong.

However, the thing that shocked Chu Feng the most was the aura emitted by this elder. This aura was extremely powerful. It was an aura above that of Martial Kings. Yet, to Chu Feng’s great surprise, although it was so powerful that it was completely different from that of Martial Kings, it was not the aura of a Martial Emperor. This was an aura above that of Martial Kings yet below that of Martial Emperors.

At the same time when Chu Feng was attentively looking at the old man, the old man was also attentively looking as Chu Feng. At the moment when the old man appeared, he had a smile on his face. However, after he saw the bloodied state that Chu Feng was in, he was immediately enraged.

“Han Qingyu, are you tired of living?” Suddenly, the old man turned around, raised his hand and directly flipped and smashed the rank nine Martial King Han Qingyu to the ground.