Chapter 1036 - Perhaps the Situation Is Not Good

MGA: Chapter 1036 - Perhaps the Situation Is Not Good

After making their decision, Chu Feng and the elders proceeded to fly toward the Lord Headmaster’s Hall. They planned to quietly wait for Lord Headmaster’s return.

On their way there, they had also attracted the attention of many people. Especially when they passed through the plaza, the crowd who had borne witness to all that had happened all displayed astonished expressions. Their gazes were filled with amazement and confusion.

Seeing the respectful appearance and their extremely cherished treatment those management elders had toward Chu Feng, how could that possibly resemble the treatment of a criminal. It was simply offering extremely respectful service toward a distinguished guest.

“What is happening? How come those management elders not seem to have caught Chu Feng and bring him to trial and appears more like trying to protect Chu Feng as he returns to the city?”

“Extraordinary. As I said, that Chu Feng is extraordinary. He dares to openly and fearlessly confront the Han family. He most definitely has something to rely on. Look, even those management elders don’t dare to do anything to him. This has illustrated everything. It appears that the Han family has truly met their match this time around.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve heard that this Chu Feng has come from the Southern Sea Region. What sort of background could someone from the Southern Sea Region possibly have in our Holy Land of Martialism?”

“You’re truly stupid. Who said that it’s necessary for him to have a background in order to be valued? Did you not see Chu Feng’s actions earlier? Even a management elder was incapable of catching up to him. That sort of strength at such a young age, he is simply a rare genius. I’m afraid that such a talented individual like him can only be found among the core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“That’s right, that’s right. The Eastern Cyanwood Forest, the Western Cyanwood Forest, the Northern Cyanwood Forest and our Southern Cyanwood Forest are four subsidiary powers underneath the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“However, the Eastern, Western and Northern Cyanwood Forests are all very prosperous. In the entire Cyanwood region, they are all famous for their strength. For the other subsidiary powers, how could any of them dare to be disrespectful toward them? Even those ancient and mighty powers don’t dare to do anything to them. They are nearly as respected as the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“However, although we are the same as them, being genuine subsidiary powers of the Cyanwood Mountain, our status is not only a tier beneath the other three Cyanwood Forests. It was so much so that those non-genuine subsidiary powers look down upon us and does not put us in their eyes.”

“In this Cyanwood Region where the Cyanwood Mountain reside in, we, a grand subsidiary power, was actually degenerated to the status of a third-rate power.”

“The reason why this is the case is because our Southern Cyanwood Forest is not located in a good place. Although there are numerous people here, the number of powerful clans are truly too few. As for excellent talents, they are even fewer. This caused us to become incapable of sending outstanding talents to the Cyanwood Mountain the entire time, which in turn caused our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s status to fall by the day.”

“As for that Chu Feng, he is definitely a rare genius. Even if he is to be sent to the Cyanwood Mountain, he can also qualify as a genius there. With the courage and insight he displayed earlier, he might even create a grand accomplishment for himself in the Cyanwood Mountain. This sort of genius, this sort of character, how can our Southern Cyanwood Forest possibly let him slip by? We most definitely need to foster him.”

“Hearing what you said, it truly sounds reasonable. In that case, doesn’t it mean that this youngster from the Southern Sea Region who does not have any backing will truly become a king, a hegemon in our Southern Cyanwood Forest?” The crowd began to discuss about Chu Feng spiritedly. There were all kinds of different speculations and guesses. However, the more they guessed, the more energetic they became. They even began to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

After hearing the discussion of the crowd, the expressions of those who had come from the Southern Sea Region turned ugly. In order to save their own lives, they had claimed that Chu Feng was lying. Even Shen Hong whom Chu Feng had saved behaved immorally. Not only did she twist the truth, she then threw stones at Chu Feng, lying and pushing the blame onto him.

If Chu Feng was truly as those people had said, being soon to become the new hope of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and become the person who the Southern Cyanwood Forest would focus on fostering, it would be no small matter. Upon thinking about the methods Chu Feng displayed earlier, they became extremely worried.

They were worried that Chu Feng might, because of their lying and assisting the Han family, to bring about retaliation against them.

Thus, an indescribable fear began to surge in their hearts, causing them to feel extremely uneasy. There were even people that had already startled to tremble. Fear had truly instilled in them.

“Woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh.”

However, right at the moment when everyone was discussing Chu Feng spiritedly, a violent hurricane suddenly sounded from the core region of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. That hurricane was so powerful that even the enormous trees that reached the heaven started to shake. From within the hurricane came several figures. In the end, they intercepted Elder Gongsun and them.

These people were also mangement elders. However, they all had unfriendly expressions on their faces. It was so much that they displayed traces of enmity as they looked at Elder Gongsun and them.

It was especially true for that leader. His white brows were like swords. His two eyes were like that of an eagle’s. His sharp figure and his appearance, he gave off an extremely fiend-like sensation.

Moreover, this person’s cultivation wasn’t weak either. He was actually the same as Elder Gongsun, a rank eight Martial King. The most important matter was that his hostile aura was crystal clear. This man was precisely the backbone of the Han family, the Punishment Elder of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, Han Qingyu.

“The Punishment Elder has arrived. This is truly great. There’s finally someone who can uphold justice for us now.”

“Long live the Punishment Elder, oh~~~~~”

When they saw Han Qingyu, the people of the Han family appeared as if they had seen hope before their eyes. Their low spirits instantly disappeared. There were even some people who began to cheer. They had completely ignored the other disciples and elders before their eyes. Their monstrous hegemon air started to brim once again.

“Gongsun Kuo, hand him over.” Han Qingyu spoke indifferently. There was not the slightest trace of courtesy in his words. Instead, it sounded more like a command. It was as if he was truly the ruler of this place.

“Han Qingyu, please take note of the tone you’re speaking with. You’d best not think that just because you’re the Punishment Elder you’ll truly be underneath a single person and above everyone else other than Lord Headmaster, that no one else could contend against you.”

“You’d best remember that if we are to truly compare status and position, I, Gongsun Kuo, am not underneath you.”

Elder Gongsun was evidently not someone easy to deal with. The tone he replied with contained no trace of politeness. Instead, it contained a very strong oppressive might. That formless oppressive might swept past the crowd to the west and especially those from the Han family. Those who were previously cheering and lost themselves in joy upon seeing the arrival of Han Qingyu immediately grew quiet.

“Enough of your rubbish. As the Punishment Elder, I am in charge of all the punishments in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. For there to be someone who dares to commit a crime against the laws of our Southern Cyanwood Forest, I, Han Qingyu, have the full authority to handle the punishment for this matter. Hand him over immediately. Otherwise, you’d best be careful as I wouldn’t be polite anymore.” Berated Han Qingyu with overwhelming anger.

“Hahaha, what you said is indeed the truth. As the Punishment Elder, you indeed have the authority and power to handle the punishments in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, it is truly a pity. I’m afraid that I cannot hand over this man to you today. That is because even if he is handed to you, you will still be unable to handle the punishment for him.” sneered Elder Gongsun.

“Gongsun Kuo, I see that you’ve been living extremely comfortable recently. You actually dare to mess around with me, Han Qingyu. I, unable to handle the punishment? As the Punishment Elder, how can I be unable to handle the punishment of a trifling disciple?”

“Let me tell you, much less a rubbish from the Southern Sea Region, even if it is you who has broken the rules, I will be able to punish you with no delay. Move aside. Otherwise, I will imprison you right now with the crime of obstructing enforcement.”

Killing intent was already seeping out from Han Qingyu’s sharp eyes. It was clear that he had truly become angry. If Elder Gongsun still did not move aside, then he would likely really attack him.

“Hahaha, you truly have a boastful way of speaking. Very well, I too wanted to see if you dare to punish this person here.” Seeing the furious Han Qingyu, Elder Gongsun suddenly burst into a loud laughter. After his laughter, he turned to the various elders and said, “Move aside.”

Actually, these elders had already sensed Han Qingyu when he was approaching them. Thus, they created a protection formation and placed Chu Feng within it. This prevented Han Qingyu and them from being able to see Chu Feng at all.

However, now that Elder Gongsun had spoken, they had no choice but to obey. They unfolded the defensive formation and revealed Chu Feng to Han Qingyu and them.

“He is.”

Exactly as Elder Gongsun and them had expected, when Han Qingyu and them saw Chu Feng’s appearance, their expressions instantly took a huge change. An expression of both shock and fear, an indescribable state of mind rushed forth in their elderly faces.

“What’s happening? Exactly what sort of identity does that Chu Feng possess for him to actually make even the Punishment Elder Han Qingyu to have restraining fear like this.”

At this moment, the number of people gathered grew more and more numerous. At the same time, the number of people who realized what had happened here earlier increased more and more too. When Han Qingyu appeared, everyone had thought that a good show was about to begin. However, never would they have imagined that even Han Qingyu, the person with the reputation of being the most vicious in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, someone who was so frightening that he would strike terror others just with the mention of his name, would give off such an expression after seeing Chu Feng.

Compared to the surprise of the crowd, the people who were most nervous at this moment were those from the Han family. The reason why their Han family members dared to do as they wish with no care for the laws in the Southern Cyanwood Forest was all because they were relying on the arrogant and despotic rule of Han Qingyu.

Originally, after Han Qingyu appeared, they all thought that Chu Feng would definitely be killed and no one would be able to save his life. The honor of their Han family would once again return. They would also display to everyone what sort of consequence they would receive should they dare to go against the Han family. Moreover, it would show everyone that it was their Han family that were the masters of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

However, when their support pillar, Han Qingyu, saw Chu Feng, he too displayed that sort of expression. This caused the hearts of the people from the Han family to grow cold. At this moment, several thoughts revolved in their minds: perhaps the situation was not good.