Chapter 1035 - The Unsolved Crisis

MGA: Chapter 1035 - The Unsolved Crisis

Chapter 1035 - The Unsolved Crisis

“This…” Seeing that the grey haired elder had actually kneeled down to him, Chu Feng was greatly shocked.

In reality, he did not wish to leave the Southern Cyanwood Forest. After all, he had come to the Southern Cyanwood Forest with a goal in mind. If it was truly as what that grey haired elder had said and the Southern Cyanwood Forest had been painfully searching for him, then it meant that they had considered Chu Feng of great importance. Chu Feng would naturally be willing to stay in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Merely, Chu Feng also knew that he had created no small disaster for himself. Since he was apprehensive about the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he ended up saying those words in order to test this grey haired elder to see how sincere he was in trying to keep him.

As the grey haired elder had already shown his sincerity to such a state, Chu Feng would naturally not be someone who would refuse to give back face. Thus, with a turn of his body, he steered the Azure Dragon underneath him and flew over to the grey haired elder.

“Elder, this junior has seen your sincerity. For the Southern Cyanwood Forest to have an elder like yourself, I believe there is also a virtuous face to this place. This junior is willing to stay.” Chu Feng dissipated his Azure Dragon and then helped the grey haired elder up.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I thank you for giving our Southern Cyanwood Forest this opportunity. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest will definitely not disappoint you.” Seeing that Chu Feng had returned, an ecstatic expression filled the grey haired elder’s face. It was as if a heavy stone that had suspended in his heart had finally been lifted.

“Woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh.”

Right at this moment, from the distant horizon, the sound of wind being pierced through suddenly sounded. Chu Feng was able to see that several tens of figures of elderly men wearing blue colored gowns were approaching them with great speed. All of them possessed a level of cultivation that wasn’t weak.

The weakest among them were rank four Martial Kings. The majority of them were rank five Martial Kings or above. As for the most powerful person, he was an old man with two grizzled temples and a hair crown. [1. It’s a small crown that’s used as a ornament on men’s long hair after it’s tied up.] His cultivation had already reached rank eight Martial King. Evidently, the matter regarding Chu Feng had already alarmed the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s core zone and caused all of these finest management elders to appear.

“Little friend Chu Feng, there is no need for you to fear. All of our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s management elders knows of your importance. There is definitely no one that will dare to harm you.” Fearing that Chu Feng might be worried, that grey haired elder spoke to soothe him.

Sure enough, it was exactly as that grey haired elder had said. Those management elders were originally aggressive. However, when they saw Chu Feng’s facial appearance from afar, their expressions all took a huge change. Their faces began to reveal unexpected surprise and joy. It could not be denied that they were all exceptionally excited and started to accelerate their speed.

When they arrived nearby, they all stood in the sky uniformly. They had kept a short distance from Chu Feng and the grey haired elder. Only that old man with two grizzled temples and a cultivation of rank eight Martial King walked toward Chu Feng and the grey haired elder.

“I pay my respects to Elder Gongsun.” Seeing this elder approaching, the grey haired elder immediately stepped forward to greet him.

“Could it be… that he’s the person from the Southern Sea Region that had killed the elders and disciples of the Han family?” asked Elder Gongsun.

“Reporting to Elder Gongsun, it is indeed this child who has done those things. However, there is a reason for how the matter escalated to that. It is the Han’s family people that were wrong first. Little friend Chu Feng was unable to bear being humiliated by them. That’s the reason why he decided to fight back with full strength.” The grey haired elder defended Chu Feng.

“So his name is Chu Feng?” After hearing the words of the grey haired elder, that Elder Gongsun also nodded. He then cast his gaze toward Chu Feng. With a very amiable tone, he said, “The conducts of the Han family have always been excessive. What little friend Chu Feng has done could be considered a lesson for them. You need not worry, when Lord Headmaster returns, I will definitely report this matter to him and have Lord Headmaster provide you with a justification.”

“Then, I shall trouble elder.” After seeing the attitude of this Elder Gongsun, Chu Feng heaved a long sigh of relief in his heart. That was because judging from their attitude, Chu Feng was able to tell that what the grey haired elder had said ought to be the truth.

Otherwise, it was impossible for these elders to lean toward him after he created such great desecration. From this, he could tell that the Headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest had indeed given a strict order that caused these management elders to not dare to be disrespectful toward him.

“Elder Gongsun, to be able to find little friend Chu Feng from this could be said to be obtaining profit from disaster. However, Lord Headmaster is, after all, not present and there is no one who can uphold justice for little friend Chu Feng.”

“In my opinion, I think we should bring little friend Chu Feng out of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and wait for Lord Headmaster to return first before bringing little friend Chu Feng back.” Suddenly, an elder with the cultivation of rank seven Martial King stepped forward and suggested.

“Why?” Elder Gongsun frowned. He asked in an extremely puzzled manner.

“As far as I know, Punishment Elder Han Qingyu has already returned to the Southern Cyanwood Forest. For such a major event to happen to the Han family, there will definitely be people that have gone to report to him.”

“You ought to know that the reason the Han family dares to act so unscrupulously and without regard is all because of their reliance in the protection of Han Qingyu. Moreover, this Han Qingyu shield is extremely renowned.”

“In normal times, who would dare to call out the wrongs of his Han family? If he heard any of those, he would fly into a terrible rage. Yet today, little friend Chu Feng here has publicly killed many people from the Han family. If Han Qingyu discovers that, he will definitely lose his mind.” Said that rank seven Martial King elder in an extremely worried manner.

“That’s right. Elder Gongsun, according to the character of that Han Qingyu, I’m afraid that he will dare to do anything. As Lord Headmaster has yet to return, it is not safe for us to have little friend Chu Feng stay in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Why don’t we just do as Elder Li suggested and have him leave the Southern Cyanwood Forest for the time being. When the Lord Headmaster returns, we can ask Lord Headmaster to personally invite little friend Chu Feng back. What do you think?” At this moment, the management elders present all nodded their heads in approval.

“When Lord Headmaster gave the order that day, Han Qingyu was also present. He is not someone who doesn’t recognize little friend Chu Feng. Nor is he someone who doesn’t know the importance of little friend Chu Feng. Are you suggesting that he will dare to go against the orders of Lord Headmaster and bring about harm to little friend Chu Feng?”

“I believe that Han Qingyu, as the Punishment Elder, ought to be able to distinguish between what is more important. Even if he dares to not put the orders Lord Headmaster has given in his eyes, I will also not allow him to bring about harm to little friend Chu Feng.”

“Are you suggesting that our Southern Cyanwood Forest, with all our elders and disciples, have no one, other than Lord Headmaster, that could control his Han family?” Elder Gongsun had a displeasure expressed in his eyes. It seemed as if he was unsatisfied with that Han Qingyu.

“But…” However, the other elders present were still worried.

“There’s no buts. We will bring little friend Chu Feng to Lord Headmaster’s Hall right now. I refuse to believe that Han Qingyu will truly be daring enough to cause troubles at Lord Headmaster’s Hall. If he truly dares, then even without the need for Lord Headmaster to punish him, I shall give him some warning myself.”

After he finished saying those words, that Elder Gongsun waved his large sleeve and began to fly toward the core zone of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Seeing this, the other elders did not dare to hesitate yet also did not dare to lower their guards. They stood all around Chu Feng, placing him between them to protect him. Only then did they start to follow Elder Gongsun.

Chu Feng who had been paying attention to the details noticed that although these elders appeared to be just casually standing beside him, they were actually standing at carefully selected locations. This was a kind of protection formation. As for the center of the formation, the target of protection, was Chu Feng.

From this, two things could be determined. Firstly, they held Chu Feng in great importance. Secondly, they were deeply afraid of that Han Qingyu.

“Punishment Elder Han Qingyu, is it? It seems that the status the Han family has in the Southern Cyanwood Forest is nothing to look down upon. Chu Feng, it seems that your crisis is still unresolved.” Eggy laughed. However, her tone was that of anticipation.

“If possible, I also wish to see exactly what sort of character this Han Qingyu is.” Chu Feng smiled indifferently. He appeared to be extremely calm.

Facing this sort of situation, Chu Feng was not nervous. The only thought Chu Feng had in his mind was that the Han family, was the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s tumor. Although he had just entered the Southern Cyanwood Forest, based on the importance that the Southern Cyanwood Forest held him in, it might be possible for him to eradicate this tumor.

If such a chance truly presented itself before him, then Chu Feng would definitely not let it go.