Chapter 1034 - A Shocking Reversal

MGA: Chapter 1034 - A Shocking Reversal

“Heavens, that guy actually smashed apart the management elder’s spirit formation barrier.”

“The strength earlier was extremely powerful. That is not a taboo martial skill nor is it an ordinary martial skill. What was it? It actually contained such a powerful might.”

Chu Feng’s action had once again caused a commotion through the crowd. He had stupefied all the people present regardless of whether they were disciples or elders. Never had they imagined that the defensive spirit formation of a management elder would be broken apart by a single strike from Chu Feng.

At the very least, in the entire Southern Cyanwood Forest, there hadn’t been any other disciple until now who was capable of doing such a feat. Even the strongest disciples were incapable of doing that. However, this Chu Feng, a disciple that no one recognized, was able to do it. How could they not be shocked?

“This sort of sensation, could it be a secret skill?” In reality, not only were the crowd shocked, even that grey haired management elder began frowning. An unexpected amazement shone through his eyes.

“Azure Dragon Dashing Technique.”

At the moment then the crowd was immersed by the might of Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughter Technique, an azure light flickered under Chu Feng’s feet. In the end, it condensed into a vivid and lifelike enormous azure colored dragon.

“Aouuu~~~~~” [1. This is a dragon roaring sound.(ED: or what the Chinese believe it to sound like)]

Once the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique appeared, a dragon roar immediately shook the world. As the dragon roared, its body started to move back and forth. The only thing that the crowd could see was a flash of azure colored light. Chu Feng had already flown to a faraway distance. The speed of the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique was truly frighteningly fast.

“This sort of sensation, it’s another secret skill. This child actually grasped two secret skills?” The grey haired elder was a knowledgeable person. He recognized that both the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique were secret skills.

At this moment, he was undoubtedly shocked. He appeared to have forgotten that Chu Feng had killed elders and disciples. While utilizing extremely powerful movement martial skill to chase after Chu Feng, he loudly shouted, “Little friend, may I know of your great name?”

Being questioned by that grey haired elder, Chu Feng did not stop his speed. However, he turned his head around and loudly said to that grey haired elder, “Remember, my name is Chu Feng.”

After finishing saying those words, Chu Feng turned around once more and continued to hasten the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique with all his strength. He rushed toward the direction of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s entrance. His goal was to escape this place with Li Lei as quickly as possible.

“It’s actually you?”

Who would’ve thought that when that grey haired elder saw Chu Feng’s facial appearance, his expression actually took a huge change. A hard to describe sense of joy rushed onto his face. The gaze that he had was like that of an extremely poverty-wretched person discovering a boundless amount of precious treasures. It was an extremely marvelous expression.

He, who was extremely emotional, appeared to have his mind thrown off track. While chasing after Chu Feng, he shouted loudly, “Little friend Chu Feng, please stop leaving. What had happened earlier is most definitely a misunderstanding. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest would definitely give you an explanation.”

“Little friend, don’t leave. Little friend, don’t leave~~~~” Seeing that Chu Feng did not bother to stop and was escaping with extremespeed, that grey haired elder became even more frantic. He no longer knew what to do. His tone had changed from one of menace to one of plea.

“Hahaha, this old man is truly interesting. He actually wanted to use such a low method to stop you. Did he take you as a fool?” Seeing the changes of the grey haired old man, Eggy was greatly amused and began to laugh out loud. She felt that the methods of this grey haired old man was truly too childish.

“Who knows what is going on with this elder. I felt somewhat strange the entire time. Especially when he saw my face, he seemed to have been pretty shocked by it. Could it be that he truly knows me?”

In contrast to Eggy, Chu Feng started to ponder. He felt that there was a great change to the grey haired elder after he saw his facial appearance. He did not appear to fear that Chu Feng was trying to escape, instead he appeared more like he feared that Chu Feng would leave. He did not appear to be trying to trick him into staying but instead appeared more like sincerely urging him to stay.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I know that you’ve come from the Southern Sea Region. You have managed to pass through the trial spirit formation that was set up by our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Lord Headmaster already knew of little friend Chu Feng’s exceptional talent. It is merely because of our negligence that we missed the opportunity to meet with little friend Chu Feng.”

“Because of this, Lord Headmaster flew into a terrible rage. He gave us a limit of ten days to find little friend Chu Feng. If we were unable to find little friend Chu Feng in ten days, we would be met with a great catastrophe.”

“We have fruitlessly and painfully searched for multiple days. However, never would we have imagined that by chance or accident, little friend Chu Feng has already entered our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Yet, we actually didn’t manage to discover that. This is truly a negligence on our part.”

“If little friend Chu Feng was to leave today and if the matters today were to be found out by Lord Headmaster, then we would definitely be greatly punished. I’m afraid that we might even be beheaded.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, I plead that you might be willing to pity us weary old bones and give us a chance. Please, stay.” Seeing Chu Feng’s indifferent appearance, that grey haired elder frankly told him the reason and sincerely pleaded for him to stay.

“Wow, this old man actually gave a very sounding reason that strikes me as being the truth. Chu Feng, do you think this is real?” asked Eggy with shock.

“This elder is a management elder. In the Southern Cyanwood Forest, his status is very respected. Moreover, he does not appear to be someone from the Han family. Even if I have created a great calamity for myself, there should be no reason for him to go so far and use such methods to try to detain me. I believe his words are trustworthy.” analyzed Chu Feng.

“In that case, doesn’t it mean that if we are to stay, then you’d be able to reach your goal instantly, directly gain the favor of the Headmaster and be sent to the Cyanwood Mountain?” Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, Eggy was overjoyed. After all, this conclusion was truly a surprise. It appeared to be a good conclusion and a pleasant surprise.

“Even if what he had said was the truth, I have, after all, created a calamity for myself. I must first probe things out.” Thinking about this, Chu Feng did not slow down. Instead, he asked in a loud voice.

“The reason I entered the Southern Cyanwood Forest is because I’ve heard that the reputation of the Southern Cyanwood Forest is pretty good. It is said to be a good power that would remove the evils for people. However, upon coming to this place, I discovered that that is completely not the case.”

“A man from the Han family publicly assaulted a woman from my Southern Sea Region. It could be said that he had disregarded all laws and discipline. However, the matter that caused my great intolerance the most is the fact that even after the elders of the Southern Cyanwood Forest knew of this matter, they didn’t dare to bother with it. Instead, they allowed the Han family’s man to continue his rash actions at will.”

“I was unable to sit idly by and watch. Thus, I set off to teach him a lesson. However, who would’ve thought that I would end up attracting the retaliation of the Han family elders. When they started attacking me, they wanted to to kill me. If I didn’t have the means to defend myself, I’m afraid that I would’ve already met with a violent death.”

“And now, even you, a management elder, had come to chase after me. This sort of place, how could I possibly have trust in it? How could I possibly stay behind?” Chu Feng’s words were filled with blame and displeasure. It was as if he had truly lost his trust and confidence in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

This caused the complexion of the grey haired elder to turn green. However, he was unable to provide justification. That was because he knew very well what sort of conduct the people of the Han family had in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. This was truly something that he could not explain.

Being helpless, he could only lowly say. “Little friend Chu Feng, the Lord Headmaster of our Southern Cyanwood Forest is renowned for upholding justice. I felt that the things that you have encountered today is all but a misunderstanding. We can report this matter to Lord Headmaster; I believe Lord Headmaster will definitely uphold justice for you.”

“Heh, those words of yours sound even sweeter than singing. Regardless of what has occurred, it doesn’t change the fact that I have killed elders and disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. I refused to believe that your Southern Cyanwood Forest would let me off.” Chu Feng sneered. He had an expression of disbelief. While he spoke those words, he suddenly accelerated his speed and began to increase the distance between him and the grey haired elder once again.

“Little friend Chu Feng, if it was truly as you have said where the Han family’s men were the first in the wrong, then even if little friend Chu Feng had killed them, it would be reasonable and something that ought to have happened. As this is helping the people get rid of the evil, how could Lord Headmaster blame you?” said the grey haired elder impatiently.

“Your words now are simple, however there is no substance behind them. Who knows whether you might end up going back on them. How can I possibly trust you?” Chu Feng sneered once again. The Azure Dragon under his foot also started snarling as if it was mocking the empty talk spoken by that grey haired elder.

“Little friend Chu Feng, if you do not believe in the words that this old man has spoken, there is nothing that I can do. However, I truly wish that you would stay because Lord Headmaster had personally said before that you’re the hope of our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was soon to reach the exit of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and that the elder watching after the exit was obviously unable to stop Chu Feng, the grey haired elder grew completely anxious. In this state of extreme panic, he actually stopped chasing after Chu Feng. Instead, with a ‘putt’ sound, he had kneeled onto the air and violently kowtowed toward Chu Feng.

Loudly, he said, “Little friend Chu Feng, this old man is begging you.”