Chapter 1033 - Killing Spree

MGA: Chapter 1033 - Killing Spree

“Heavens, this, this, this…” Not only that black haired elder, even all the people in the crowd were stupefied by Chu Feng’s actions. That was because at this moment, Chu Feng’s actions were no longer as simple as teaching the Han family elder a lesson. His actions were simply chopping him to eight sections.

That’s right, Chu Feng was truly going to chop that black haired elder to eight pieces. The enraged Chu Feng was capable of doing anything. Especially that black haired elder, he had beaten and seriously injured Li Lei before Chu Feng. This was something that he could not endure.

Thus, as the golden light flashed through, the body of the black haired elder started to splatter blood all over. It was being separated apart repeatedly.

Finally, when Chu Feng landed on the ground, the black haired elder only had his torso and head remaining on him. His four limbs had all been cut off. In fact, even his body had been badly mangled with white bones showing through. It was a very frightening scene.

“What, what, what, what are you planning to do?”

Even though he had been sliced apart beyond recognition, what the black haired elder had on his face was not an expression of anger. Instead, it was an expression of fear. That was because Chu Feng had raised the large golden sword in his hand once again. As for that sharp sword, the place that it was aimed at was the black haired elder’s dantian.

“This disciple, please don’t! You must know that killing an elder is a crime that you could be beheaded for.” Seeing that Chu Feng was planning to kill that black haired elder, there were people with good intentions who advised against it.

However, who would’ve thought that Chu Feng refused to listen to them. He raised the large golden sword in his hand, restricted the black haired elder with his oppressive might and then coldly said to him.

“This elder here, not only does he not uphold justice for his disciples, he even bends the law in order to favor his relative and threatens and beats up his disciples. He even wished to kill his disciples.”

“For your conducts, you ought to be punished, ought to be killed…”


After he finished saying those words, the large golden sword in Chu Feng’s hand suddenly dropped down. “Puchi.” It pierced into the black haired elder’s dantian region. After that, the large golden sword slightly trembled which caused layers of berserk energy ripples to shoot out from within the black haired elder’s body. “Bang.” A muffled sound echoed. Blood splattered everywhere. That black haired elder had been met with a violent death.

“Ahhhh~~~, you damned bastard! You actually dared to kill someone of our Han family! I’ll kill you!”

Seeing the black haired elder being killed before their eyes, the other four elders of the Han family were furiously enraged. Not only did they display anger all over their faces, their eyes were also blood red. From within their bloodshot eyes, there emitted a very strong killing intent. If they were able to do it, they would wish to kill Chu Feng with their gazes.

“There are indeed people that ought to die today. However, it is not me, it’s you all.”

Facing the threats from the four Han family elders, Chu Feng coldly laughed. Then, a flash of coldness passed through his eyes. “Bang, bang, bang, bang.” Four muffled sounds echoed in succession. Those four elders who were speaking threatening words to Chu Feng earlier had been crushed to death by the four large hands formed by Chu Feng’s martial power. They had instantly died.

After killing the five elders of the Han family, Chu Feng stretch his palm toward the plaza. A berserk attraction energy rushed out from his palm. He sucked Li Lei whose head was covered with blood and had already fainted over to him and then placed him over his shoulder.

After that, Chu Feng’s legs moved, he started rapidly flying toward the direction of the exit in his memory. Chu Feng knew that he had created a major disaster for himself. Thus, from the beginning, he had never planned to continue staying in the Southern Cyanwood Forest and had prepared to leave in stealth.

“Don’t you dare escape. Our Han family will definitely not let you get away with this.” Who would’ve thought that after Chu Feng took two steps, shouts sounded from behind him.

Turning his head back to see, it was actually Han Shi. At this moment, Han Shi’s face was still covered with blood. However, his chin that had been shattered by Chu Feng was unexpectedly fully healed. Furthermore, a large group of young men and women were standing behind him.

They ought to all be people from the Han family. Otherwise, they would not all be pointing at Chu Feng and cursing at him. Evidently, they had been greatly angered because Chu Feng had killed five of their Han family’s elders.

“Courting death.” Seeing the faces of Han Shi and them who had relied on force to bully others all the time, Chu Feng sneered. He then raised his palm and a boundless martial power flowed out from it. “Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.” A burst of muffled sounds echoed. Han Shi and them who were threatening Chu Feng had all been turned into pools of blood. They were all killed by Chu Feng.

“Is there anyone else from the Han family present? Today, I shall kill all of you.” After killing Han Shi and them, Chu Feng asked with a loud voice. While speaking, Chu Feng cast his sharp gaze at the various silhouettes in the air and on the ground.


Once Chu Feng said these words, everyone was shocked. When faced with Chu Feng’s cold gaze overflowing with killing intent, all the people present, regardless of whether they were elders or disciples, all turned deathly pale. With trembling lips, they couldn’t help but involuntarily retreat back.

After seeing Chu Feng’s methods, who dared to proclaim that they’re from the Han family? Much less those who were only bystanders and not from the Han family, even those who are from the Han family did not dare to open their mouths and admit it.

That was because they were certain that as long as anyone dared to proclaim that they were from the Han family and possessed a cultivation weaker than Chu Feng, they would all be met with a devastating end.

After all, killing a single person was killing, and no different from killing ten people. Likewise, killing a hundred was also killing. With Chu Feng’s ruthless methods, they were able to be certain that even if there were a thousand people, Chu Feng wouldn’t even blink his eyes before obliterating every one of them. He was simply not like a human and more like a bloodthirsty devil.

“A bunch of trash.” Seeing the cowering crowd, Chu Feng sneered. He knew that there was certainly more people from the Han family within the crowd. However, when faced with death, they did not dare to admit to it.

After this, Chu Feng decided to not stay any longer. After all, this Southern Cyanwood Forest was filled with experts like clouds. If he was to alarm the elders of the core zone, then regardless of how heaven defying Chu Feng was, he would likely find it extremely difficult to escape. Thus, Chu Feng needed to leave this place as quickly as possible.

“Hum.” However, right after Chu Feng decided to leave, a boundless powerful pressure appeared out of nowhere. As if illuminating everything, a golden spirit barrier appeared. In a blink of an eye, it had covered this region of space with Chu Feng within it.

After the boundless powerful pressure and the sturdy spirit barrier appeared, a voice filled with imposing might sounded. “Coming as you please and leaving as you please. What sort of place did you take this Southern Cyanwood Forest as?”

Turning their heads toward the source of the voice, the expressions of everyone present took a huge change. This was especially for the people of the Han family. They displayed expressions of ecstasy. That was because the elder that had appeared was a grey haired old man. Moreover, he was wearing a dark blue colored gown. That was the symbol of a management elder.

Actually, this management elder’s cultivation was not very high. His cultivation was only a rank higher than the black haired Han family elder, being at rank four Martial King. However, the imposing aura as well as his temperament was completely different from the black haired elder. He truly displayed the air of an expert.

This was precisely the powerfulness of management elders. In the Southern Cyanwood Forest, the amount of management elders was indeed numerous. However, not a single person who was capable of becoming a management elder was a nobody.

Thus, when this management elder appeared, practically everyone present felt that a great catastrophe would befall Chu Feng.

“White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.”

However, when all the elders and disciples, including that grey haired management elder, assumed that Chu Feng would not be able to escape, Chu Feng did not even bother glancing at the management elder and directly displayed his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

The White Tiger Slaughter Technique was a supreme secret skill. Its strength was extremely ferocious. This was especially when Chu Feng’s cultivation reached Martial King level. This supreme secret technique’s power was even more unsurpassable.

Furthermore, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was known to be a martial skill that could conquer all obstacles and break apart everything in its path. The so-called spirit barriers, before the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, was simply unworthy of mention.

Thus, when the devastating ray of light that formed a White Tiger with supreme might appeared in the sky brushed through that golden spirit formation, a loud explosion was heard and this region of space started to violently tremble. At the same time, that golden spirit formation barrier was completely shattered.