Chapter 1032 - Beating up a Rank Three Martial King

MGA: Chapter 1032 - Beating up a Rank Three Martial King

Rank three Martial King, that was a rank that greatly surpassed that of a rank two Martial King. Moreover, not only was this black haired elder relatively young, his battle power was not ordinary either. At the very least, he was several times more powerful than the other four Han family elders.

Thus, when he decided to attack, it was no small matter. Boundless amount of oppressive power, like an army of formless beasts that were not only imposing but also roaring at ear-piercing tones, had actually managed to beat down Chu Feng’s oppressiveness.

After he used his oppressive power, that black haired elder used the same sort of method that Chu Feng used.

Layers upon layer of martial power was sent forth by him. The powerful martial power, being controlled by him, turned from formless to form-possessing. They turned into four large swords that were over a dozen meters and flickered with light. Those large swords hacked down towards Chu Feng’s large hands that were formed with his martial power. He planned to chop away Chu Feng’s large hands and save his four elders.

A rank three Martial King could not be looked down upon. Although Chu Feng possessed a heaven defying level of battle power, he was still only a Martial Lord. He knew that if this was to continue on, it would be very difficult for him to fight against this black haired elder.

However, Chu Feng did not fear. With an intention, three rays of thunder were sent forth from his body with roaring noises. They twisted with the surroundings of his body and, in a blink of an eye, turned into an armor that radiated lightning from all over. This armor completely covered Chu Feng’s body.

Once the Thunder Armor appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation instantly grew. Before the eyes of numerous observers, he went from rank nine Martial Lord to a rank one Martial King.


With the increase in his cultivation, the aura emitted by Chu Feng turned completely different. The difference between Martial Lord and Martial Kings was the level of martial power. When Chu Feng stepped into the Martial King realm, the martial power that he controlled had also turned into king level martial power.

Thus, the four enormous swords formed with martial power that were extremely threatening earlier were now so weak that they would collapse at the first blow. Chu Feng loudly shouted and spread open his hand. A palm was shot out.


When the palm strike was sent forth, waves of energy soared through the sky. Layers upon layers of energy appeared as if they could destroy everything. Everywhere they passed, cracks would appear in the air. As for the four enormous swords created with martial power, they were directly shattered.

“He actually grasps such a method to directly reach Martial King from Martial Lord? Is this child truly someone from the Southern Sea Region? When did such a powerful character appear in the Southern Sea Region? He is simply a rare genius even in our Holy Land of Martialism.”

Seeing Chu Feng’s change after using his Thunder Armor, the black haired elder was greatly shocked once again. It could be said that the strength displayed by Chu Feng had provoked his nerves time and time again.

However, regardless, the Han family’s honor could not be allowed to be trampled upon. Despite how rare a genius Chu Feng was, he would not allow him to humiliate those from his Han family before all these people. Thus, he executed a skill with one hand. When he attacked with his right hand, his boundless martial energy transformed into countless amounts of strange birds.

Each and every one of those strange birds were several meters in size. Their bodies were black in color and their feathers were sharp like blades. Especially their sharp beaks, they looked as though they could pierce through everything. Even the space of the Holy Land of Martialism would be pierced through by these strange birds’ sharp beaks with one strike.

Thus, when the strange birds that covered the sky appeared, the surrounding space started to crack and shatter. The sunny and cloudless daytime turned into a boundless night as it was covered by that frightening might.

This was a rank seven martial skill. It was a special martial skill of the Han family. In the hands of this black haired elder, the unique might and power of this martial skill was thoroughly displayed.


After these sky-covering strange birds appeared, they completely surrounded Chu Feng. Then, they started to emit a strange cry and charged toward Chu Feng.

“Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.” Facing those strange birds that had covered the sky, Chu Feng was not frightened in the slightest. Controlling his body’s martial power, he lifted up one hand and clenched it. A large golden sword appeared in his hand.

After that large golden sword appeared, the roar of a dragon followed suit. Succeeding that ear-piercing dragon roar sounded, a formless oppressive might suddenly appeared.

That oppressive might was so powerful that it could destroy everything in its path. Before that formless oppressive might, everyone felt an enormous pressure. The crowd watching the battle were all forced back many steps. As for those with low cultivation, they were, like scarecrows, blown away.

The most important matter was that before this oppressive might, even those tyrannical strange birds became devastated. As they continued to emit their strange cries, their bodies were ripped apart. In the end, like mist, they disappeared.

“Old bastard, you actually dared to beat Li Lei to such a state. Today, I shall have you pay your debt of blood with blood.”

After destroying the strange bird martial skill, Chu Feng did not just stand there idly. His body moved. Holding the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry in his hand and carrying along with him the four Han family elders, he rushed toward that black haired elder.

“Woosh woosh woosh.” Chu Feng’s speed was strikingly fast. Although he was only a rank one Martial King, his speed was something that even rank three Marital Kings could not be careless of.

However, at this moment, the most frightening thing about Chu Feng was not his speed. Instead, it was his attack. In Chu Feng’s hands, that Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was utilized without restraint. It was no longer an ordinary martial skill nor was it an ordinary weapon anymore. Instead, it was more like a sharp blade that steals one’s soul.

“You brat!!!”

Before Chu Feng’s attack, that black haired elder’s expression also took great change. Fear filled his eyes. That was because the current him was not only forced into a passive state of defense, Chu Feng’s countless and changing attacks had also sealed off all possibilities for him to counterattack.

The current him did not even have the time to use a martial skill or take out a weapon. The only thing he could do was to constantly dodge Chu Feng’s attacks. Actually, he did not even have the ability to dodge anymore.

What did they mean by being careless once would bring about thousands of regrets? This black haired elder was most definitely the living example of that. With his strength, if he had decided to fight Chu Feng with his all right at the get-go, then even Chu Feng would be incapable of easily triumphing over him.

However, due to this carelessness, an opportunity was seized by Chu Feng. Even though he possessed countless more powerful methods, Chu Feng did not give him any opportunity to use them. Thus, he had become completely helpless.

The current black haired elder was equivalent to a fierce tiger that had been tightly tied up. Even though it possessed very sharp teeth and ferocious strength, it was incapable of using them. It was an extremely difficult state to bear.


Suddenly, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry in Chu Feng’s hand was thrust forward. A golden light flashed past. A blossom of blood sprinkled through the sky. By the time people managed to react, what they saw was that black haired elder’s arm flying down with blood. This sword strike from Chu Feng had actually chopped off the black haired elder’s arm.

“Ahhh~~~ You little damned bastard! I will slaughter you!”

The pain of losing his arm caused the black haired elder to grimace and lose his rationality. He who was endlessly enraged not only cursed at Chu Feng, he even spoke words of threat. From his body emitted an overflowing killing intent. If he had the chance, he might have really tried to kill Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng did not give him such a chance. The Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry in Chu Feng’s hand was waved once again. “Kacha.” Another splash of blood blossomed. The other arm of that black haired elder had been chopped off by Chu Feng. Moreover, when that arm had been chopped off, Chu Feng once again brandished his sword and sliced that severed arm into countless pieces.

“Ahhh~~~~ You bastard! I swear that I will skin you, pull out your tendons and dismember you to ten thousand pieces!”

Seeing his severed arm that was sliced into countless pieces, the black haired elder gnashed his teeth in anger. His heart and lungs were nearly about to explode. That was because Chu Feng’s action of severing his arms before all these disciples and elders was not only humiliating, it was also trampling upon the dignity of his Han family.