Chapter 1031 - Violently Beating the Han Family’s Elders

MGA: Chapter 1031 - Violently Beating the Han Family’s Elders

“This aura, rank nine Marital Lord! This fellow by the name of Chu Feng is actually a rank nine Martial Lord?”

After sensing Chu Feng’s devastating aura and ferocious killing intent, the expressions of everyone present immediately and drastically changed. They all started to move back. Their bodies even started to tremble. They were all intimidated by Chu Feng’s might.

Especially Shen Lang and the others from the Southern Sea Region. The shocked and unbelieving expressions on their faces were even more evident.

They had all realized that Chu Feng was not someone simple. However, never had they imagined that Chu Feng was this powerful, so powerful that he had already reached rank nine Martial Lord.

Rank nine Martial Lord, one must know that in the Southern Sea Region, this was a rank that only the peak experts of the old generations have reached. In their generation, there was simply no one that had reached such a rank.

“He’s actually a rank nine Martial Lord?”

As a matter of fact, not only them, even that black haired elder who was against Chu Feng earlier was deeply frowning. A complicated expression appeared on his face. That was because he had never imagined that this junior from the Southern Sea Region would possess such a cultivation.

Rank nine Martial Lord, even in the entire Southern Cyanwood Forest, there were not many people that could reach such a rank. Furthermore, the few disciples that had reached rank nine Martial Lord were all older in age than Chu Feng.

It could be said that someone like Chu Feng who had entered rank nine Martial Lord at such a young age was a rarity even in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

This caused the black haired elder to realize that the situation had turned bad. Although his Han family’s position in the Southern Cyanwood Forest was extremely high, the main purpose of the existence of the Southern Cyanwood Forest was to select outstanding disciples to be sent toward the Cyanwood Mountain. It was a provider of talent for the Cyanwood Mountain.

As for this Chu Feng, although he had come from the Southern Sea Region, he was, without a doubt, a rare talent. Such a rare talent was someone that even he cannot willfully dispose of. Otherwise, if such a matter was to spread to the headmaster, then even he would likely suffer a calamity.

“Men, capture him.” Although he knew that the situation was bad and he had likely angered a troublesome character, he was, after all, an elder. Moreover, he was an elder of the Han family. Thus, the black haired elder did not yield. Instead, he commanded the other four elders to capture Chu Feng.

He had decided to consider at length as to what to do with Chu Feng. He planned to first capture Chu Feng and then privately discuss with him hoping to turn big problems into small ones and the small ones into nothing.

“Woosh woosh.”

However, those four elders seemed to not understand the intention of the black haired elder. They acted simultaneously and all, without holding back anything, released their respective martial powers of rank one and two Martial Kings. Like formless ferocious beasts, those martial powers rushed toward Chu Feng.

Not only did they plan to use their own aura to suppress the berserk might displayed by Chu Feng, the attacks that they used were also no small matter. This was not simply a suppressing of Chu Feng; this was also to avenge Han Shi. They wished to humiliate Chu Feng in public.

Two rank one Martial Kings and two rank two Martial Kings. To a rank nine Martial Lord, this was a lineup that could not be defeated. However, that was only to the ordinary rank nine Martial Lords. To Chu Feng, the four of them could, at the very most, be considered to be four fierce tigers. Although tyrannical, they were simply throwing their lives away. That was because Chu Feng’s strength was as strong as that of a dragon.

“All of you ought to die without exception.”

Chu Feng suddenly moved. His anger was overflowing. His killing intent was extremely oppressing. When he moved, it was like the awakening of a god of war. In an instant, the air started to shake nonstop. Strong gales were blasting through everywhere. Not only did Chu Feng evade the attacks of the four Martial Kings, he even, like a demon, rushed into the center of the four men.

As he entered into the center, he released his boundless martial power. From formless to with form, four large hands had appeared. The four large hands shot out explosively and directly grabbed those four Martial Kings.


The large hands were not a martial skill. It could be said that they’re merely a kind of trick that Chu Feng created through his martial power. However, their might was very powerful. Being held by those four large hands, the four Martial Kings immediately felt powerless from head to toe. It was as if their entire body’s strength had been taken away from them. Much less continuing to attack Chu Feng, the current them did not even have the power to resist.

However, this was not the worst. The worst thing was, when Chu Feng captured the four elders with his martial power large hands, he jumped from midair to a large tree and then, brandishing his large martial power hands, frantically smashed the four elders of the Han family toward a heaven reaching large tree.

“Slam slam slam slam.”

Although these trees were very thick and reached all the way to the heaven, they were, after all, trees. In order to protect them, the Southern Cyanwood Forest had placed powerful defensive spiritual barriers around them.

With the protection of the spiritual barriers, these trees were like steels and irons. When the bodies of the four elders were smashed toward them, the explosive sound of metal collision rumbled and numerous havoc-wreaking ripples appeared in succession.

The most important matter was that Chu Feng’s strength was too powerful. Even the heaven reaching tree that had a spiritual barrier placed around it ended up shaking uncontrollably after being smashed with the four elders. A large amount of leaves dropped from the sky like rain. Cracks had even started to appear in that spirit formation barrier.

In this sort of situation, those four elders were all smashed to disheveled states. Blood rushed out from both their noses and mouths. Even their old bones, the majority of them were shattered. All kinds of breaking and snapping sounds echoed through their bodies without stopping. In merely an instant, the four of them had been smashed into four bloodied individuals. It was so much that those two rank one Martial Kings had ended up fainting.

“Heavens, is this guy a monster? He actually beat four Martial King level elders to such a state relying only on his cultivation of rank nine Martial Lord?”

“Oh my god! They simply did not even have the ability to resist him. Is this truly a battle between Martial Kings and a Martial Lord?”

The number of people present was numerous to begin with. When Chu Feng started his attack, he had attracted quite a bit more crowd. Not only the disciples, even elders of the Southern Cyanwood Forest had arrived.

However, when they saw this scene, they were all stupefied. That was because, even in the Holy Land of Martialism, being able to surpass one’s cultivation to fight those stronger was far too few and in between. As for those who could beat up Martial Kings using only the cultivation of Martial Lords, they were geniuses. One must know that this sort of genius was no ordinary genius. Instead, they were geniuses that would be recognized by all in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Guys, look carefully, aren’t they the elders of the Han family? Who exactly is that guy? He actually publicly beat up the elders of the Han family even though he was only a disciple? Isn’t this too crazy?”

“Haha, pleasurable. This is truly too pleasurable. Those from the Han family, they relied on the fact that they have a lot of people in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they relied on the fact that Han Qingyu is the punishment elder of the Southern Cyanwood Forest who wields the authority to give out punishments, and decided to act wantonly without care for the others, offend the higher ups, and bully nearly everyone.”

“Today, it seems that they have provoked someone that they shouldn’t have and stepped on a nail. This child’s age is very young but he already possesses such a cultivation. Moreover, his battle power is extraordinary. He is, without a doubt, a genius. In my opinion, he is certainly someone of extraordinary background. Otherwise, how would he be willing to publicly beat up those from the Han family? Haha, truly satisfying. Never would I expect the people of the Han family would have such a day.”

The people that arrived later were unaware of what exactly had happened. However, they recognized that the elders were from the Han family. When they recalled how the Han family would tyrannize and humiliate them, they all felt extremely good. They all felt that Chu Feng’s beating was great and satisfying. Had it not been for the fact that the Han family was too powerful, they would definitely start clapping their hands and cheer for Chu Feng.

“Stop. Stop right away. Not only did you beat up a fellow disciple, you actually dared to offend your superior and beat up your elders? Do you not wish to live?”

Never would that black haired elder imagine that Chu Feng’s battle power was this strong. Beating up the two rank one Martial Kings and two rank two Martial Kings of his Han family was for Chu Feng, as effortless as beating up a bunch of puppies.

This caused him to have no choice but to redetermine Chu Feng and carefully treat him. However, he was, after all, someone from the Han family. The Han family’s honor could not be allowed to be trampled upon. Thus, after great hesitation, he ended up moving his body and displayed his might of a rank three Martial King. He finally started to attack Chu Feng.