Chapter 1030 - The Furious Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 1030 - The Furious Chu Feng

“S-stop.” Chu Feng had only beat Han Shi for a short period of time when a stern shout suddenly sounded.

Hearing this stern shout, Chu Feng momentarily stopped his hands and looked toward the source of the voice. Five elders had appeared before the plaza.

The cultivation of these five elders were not weak. They were all Martial Kings. Two of them were rank one Martial Kings and the other two were rank two Martial Kings. As for the one leading them, a black haired elder, he was a rank three Martial King.

Although their cultivation wasn’t weak, the expressions on their faces were unsightly. At this moment, it could be said that their faces were filled with anger. Their gazes revealed how they were simply itching to kill Chu Feng. Moreover, a couple of them would even occasionally take glances at Han Shi who was lying before Chu Feng with pained gazes.

This sort of subtle change in them caused Chu Feng to feel that these five elders were either from the Han family or possessed some sort of relationship with Han Shi. As for Chu Feng, he felt that it was likely that they were from the Han family.

Chu Feng also discovered that there were three men following behind these five elders. These three men were Han Shi’s accomplices. When Han Shi was being beaten up earlier, the three of them did not say anything nor did they do anything. Instead, they quietly left the place. So it turned out that they had gone to request for help from the elders.

“Oh~~~~~” Just as expected, when Han Shi saw these elders, he appeared as though he had just seen his savior. He staggeringly climbed up and fell before that black haired elder. With tears filling his eyes and his broken jaw stammering, he tried to cry out repeatedly.

Seeing the badly battered Han Shi who even had his chin shattered by Chu Feng, that black haired elder became extremely enraged. He pointed to Chu Feng and berated, “Why did you beat him? Where did you think this is?”

“Why did I beat him? You should ask him about that first.” Chu Feng knew that they had not come with good intent and would likely not let him off. Thus, the tone he used when he replied to them was not friendly at all.

“Impudent! I will naturally ask him later. However, I am currently asking you. You’d best honestly answer my question. Otherwise, you must know that wantonly beating up a fellow disciple is a serious crime.” Shouted the black haired elder with an extremely vile attitude.

“In broad daylight before all these people, this Han Shi decided to forcibly sexually assault a fellow female disciple. I am unable to sit by and watch as he does such a thing and thus acted to stop him.” Chu Feng replied.

“Forcibly sexually assault a fellow female disciple? Who saw this matter that you spoke of?” That elder’s sword brows creased. With his glaring eyes, he swept at the crowd.

Seeing that extremely threatening gaze, the crowd naturally began to pull back their own gazes. Not only was no one daring enough to speak, they even shook their head in silence to express that no such thing had happened.

“The victim is lying there, have you all become blind or what?” Seeing the reaction of the crowd, Chu Feng angrily pointed toward Shen Hong who was lying on the ground not far away with the clothes that he had given draped over her.

Seeing Shen Hong, that elder’s eyebrows slightly frowned twice. After all, the tragic state that Shen Hong was currently in was something that they could all see. She had indeed been assaulted and humiliated.

However, that black haired elder was not excessively flustered by it. Instead, he walked over to Shen Hong and spoke with an extremely heavy tone. “Is what he said the truth? Was it Han Shi who forcibly assaulted you? You must honestly answer me. If you dare to frame him, you must know that this is a crime worthy of beheading. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest does not allow disciples with bad moral quality.”

The tone of his speech was extremely heavy. It even contained within it a killing intent. The threat behind his words was truly too obvious. However, not a single person dared to say anything about it. At this point, practically everyone could tell that these elders were all people of the Han family. The reason that they had come to this place was so that they could avenge Han Shi and put Chu Feng in his place. If anyone dared to speak up for Chu Feng, they would definitely be courting death.

Before the threat from this elder, Shen Hong raised her head and glanced at Han Shi and then glanced at Chu Feng who had helped her. In the end, she did not say anything. Instead, she lowered her head and shook it.


Seeing that Shen Hong actually shook her head, Chu Feng’s anger soared through the skies. Had he not stood out for her, how could he possibly bring about such troubles for himself? Chu Feng had voluntarily decided to help her and did not expect Shen Hong to repay him with anything, but never did he expect her to act in such a way. This was simply helping Han Shi against him.

“Humph, what more do you have to say now? Not only did you beat up a fellow disciple, you even dared to frame your fellow disciple. With merely these two things, I could already take away your dog life.” Seeing that Shen Hong had decided to comply, the black haired elder immediately became ruthless after knowing the ‘truth.’ He pointed to Chu Feng and loudly shouted. At the same time, he started to emit a powerful killing intent.

“Shen Hong, Shen Lang, you brother and sister truly have guts. The two of you don’t even dare to admit when someone is bullying you, right? Do you wish to be a coward your entire lives? Do you wish to be trampled upon by others your entire lives? All of you, you’ve come to the Holy Land of Martialism, was it your goal to be humiliated by others?” Chu Feng was deeply angered. He pointed to Shen Lang and his sister as well as the various people from the Southern Sea Region and shouted.

He, Chu Feng, was no coward. At the moment when he decided to act, he already knew such an outcome would occur. However, he did not expect this group of people from the Southern Sea Region to be cowardly to this extent. Their cowardice had enraged Chu Feng.

To Chu Feng’s question, the various people from the Southern Sea Region merely lowered their heads and did not respond. Even Shen Hong was scared by the threats of that elder. Thus, how could they possibly dare to say anything?

“I can bear witness. I can testify for Chu Feng.” Right at the moment when Chu Feng thought that no one would testify for him, who would’ve thought that Li Lei would actually stand out.

“You want to testify? What could you possibly testify?” Seeing Li Lei standing out, that elder frowned once again. With an extremely cold voice, he asked. The tone he spoke in was simply not one used to question someone. Instead, it was one of interrogation.

“I can testify for Chu Feng. Earlier, it was indeed Han Shi who was publicly assaulting Shen Hong without anyone to stop him. Seeing that Shen Hong was about to be completely stripped and humiliated by Han Shi, Chu Feng was unable to watch it anymore and finally decided to step forth to stop Han Shi.”

When Li Lei said these words, his voice was shaking. He was even profusely sweating. One could see how scared he was. However, he still ended up saying all that he wanted to say.

“Slap.” However, who would’ve thought that right after Li Lei finished his words, that black haired elder waved his large sleeve and, with a slap to the face, knocked Li Lei to the ground. Moreover, the strength behind his slap was extremely powerful. Not only did this slap shatter Li Lei’s chin, it had even sunken half of Li Lei’s entire head.

In merely an instant, Li Lei who was originally fine had been beaten beyond recognition. He had turned into a man with a face covered with blood and had already lost his consciousness.

“Humph. To follow the bad example of another, this crime is worthy of punishment. Men, go and imprison the two of them. I shall give them a good lesson.” After he slapped Li Lei unconscious, that elder cast his vengeful gaze toward Chu Feng.

“F*ck your ancestor!” Seeing the miserable state that Li Lei had turned into, Chu Feng was unable to contain his fury anymore. How could he possibly idly stand there and allow himself to be captured by these elders?

Chu Feng bellowed in rage and immediately emitted his rank nine Martial Lord’s martial power. Once his aura was emitted, the heaven and earth immediately started to shake. His powerful might turned into a frightening hurricane that rolled through all directions.

The entire plaza as well as the outside of the plaza had been covered by Chu Feng’s might and overflowing anger.