Chapter 1029 - The Difference Between you and I

MGA: Chapter 1029 - The Difference Between you and I

“Ah, what’s the matter, Shen Lang? Do you only know how to be a coward in public and be a tyrant at home? You actually didn’t even dare to do anything when your own sister is being publicly assaulted.”

“It was one thing for others to not do anything. However, you, as her elder brother, how could you also stand there and watch without doing anything? You must know that your sister had only reached such a state because she was standing up for you.”

“Carefully look at it. That Han Shi merely has the cultivation of rank three Martial Lord. You, a rank four Martial Lord, how could you possibly not be a match for him? What happened to the might that you displayed when you shattered the dining table and forced someone to eat the leftover food yesterday?”

“You, are you f*cking even human? In my entire life, this is the first time that I’ve seen such a spineless coward like you.” Chu Feng said with a great amount of anger while looking at Shen Lang, whom he had kicked to the floor.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Shen Lang’s complexion turned green and white. His expression was extremely ugly. In the end, he raised his head and said to Chu Feng, “What about you, aren’t you also someone who only knows how to be a coward in public and a tyrant at home? If you have the ability, why don’t you go out there?”

“Heh, you, as the elder brother, refused to even bother with this matter and wished to have me handle this? Very well, then tell me, who am I to that Shen Hong? Why must I bother with this matter? Come, give me a reason.” After hearing Shen Lang’s words, Chu Feng suddenly started laughing.

Seeing Chu Feng who was coldly laughing, Shen Lang lowered his head and spoke no more. That was because what Chu Feng said was extremely reasonable. Chu Feng possessed a hostile relationship with Shen Lang and Shen Hong. There was simply no reason for him to help Shen Hong.

“That’s right. Earlier, that Shen Hong had even tried to angrily interrogate Chu Feng. Had it not been for Chu Feng possessing powerful strength, he likely would’ve already fallen to Shen Hong’s evil schemes. How could you possibly have the face to ask Chu Feng to lend a helping hand? If it was me standing in Chu Feng’s shoes, I too would not help.”

At this moment, other than Shen Lang himself, many of the people in the crowd also started to softly discuss among themselves. They felt that Shen Lang was a spineless coward. Moreover, he was truly shameless and actually wanted Chu Feng to go out.

“Ahhhh~~~~ You bastard! I will kill you!” Right at this moment, Shen Hong screamed once again. Simultaneously, cries of surprise sounded through the scene.

Turning his gaze toward Shen Hong, Shen Lang’s expression instantly froze. His two eyes reddened. That was because at this moment, Shen Hong’s skirt had been completely torn to shreds. Her pink chest cover as well as her underpants had both been exposed. Her two fair, soft and beautiful legs as well as a large amount of her smooth and delicate flesh were currently exposed before everyone.

Seeing Shen Hong’s exposed skin as well as her reddened face filled with tears, Han Shi became even more brutal and ruthless like that of wolves and tigers. While gulping down mouthfuls of saliva, he extended his tongue to lick his lips. Then, he opened his palm and began to frantically grope Shen Hong’s fair skin. His intention was already extremely clear. That was, he planned to assault her on the spot.

However, even though Han Shi had reached such a state, not a single elder appeared. It appeared that no one truly planned to bother with this matter.


However, who would’ve thought that, at the time when Shen Lang and the people from the Southern Sea Region had given up all hopes, a series of footsteps echoed past Shen Lang’s side. Turning his head to look, Shen Lang saw that Chu Feng was currently walking towards the direction of Shen Hong and Han Shi. Moreover, everyone was able to faintly detect the killing intent as well as the anger being emitted from Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you…” Shen Lang was stupefied. He was no fool; he was able to tell that Chu Feng was planning to act. However, he was unable to understand why Chu Feng decided to step out.

The current Chu Feng was soon to approach Shen Hong and Han Shi. Hearing Shen Lang’s voice, he turned his head around and smiled. “This is the difference between you and I.”

“Woosh.” After he said those words, Chu Feng suddenly turned around. In a flash, he arrived before Han Shi. Moreover, he abruptly sent a fist toward him, hitting him directly on his face.

This fist from Chu Feng was extremely powerful. Like a sandbag, it sent that Han Shi who had extended his tongue and was trying to forcibly kiss Shen Hong, flying.


Han Shi was caught off guard and was knocked several hundred meters away by Chu Feng’s fist. Because his tongue was outside, when he was hit by the fist, his mouth abruptly closed and nearly bit his tongue off. Although he didn’t bite it off, his mouth was still filled with blood. The pain was so much that blue veins had popped out on his forehead.

“Who are you? You actually dared to hit this young master?” Han Shi angrily berated as he looked to Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he ignored Han Shi and turned to his Cosmos Sack, took out a piece of clothing and draped it over Shen Hong’s shoulders, covering her exposed body. Only then did he turn his gaze sharply and coldly towards that group of disciples who were enjoying the show and loudly shouted, “Whoever dares to continue watching this, I shall scoop his eyes out.”

“Woosh~~~” Right after Chu Feng said these words, the crowd who were enjoying the show were all shocked and jumped. The majority of them hurriedly turned their gazes elsewhere. They did not dare to look at Shen Hong anymore.

That was because all of them had felt a killing intent from Chu Feng’s gaze that left them unnerved. This gave them the sensation that this man from the Southern Sea Region seemed to be different from the rest. At the very least, he was not someone easy to bully.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Are you f*cking deaf or what?” Seeing that Chu Feng had actually ignored him, Han Shi became even more enraged. He pointed at Chu Feng and berated once again.

“Come, come over here. I’ll tell you why I hit you.” Chu Feng did a hook with his finger towards Han Shi.

“You…” However, after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Han Shi’s body started to shake uncontrollably. He did not go over to Chu Feng. Instead, he retreated a couple steps back. Only then did he open his mouth to speak. “F*cking hell. You actually dared to threaten this young master. Do you know who this young master is? I shall tell you. My name is Han Shi. I am someone from the Han family.”

“I don’t give a flying f*ck as to who you are. You dared to assault someone from my Southern Sea Region in the public before countless people, so I will absolutely give you a beating.” Chu Feng suddenly moved. His speed was extremely fast. In a flash, he had arrived before Han Shi. Before Han Shi could react, Chu Feng had already struck a fist out. His fist landed once again on Han Shi’s face.


This time around, Chu Feng’s fist slammed from up to down. Thus, this strike did not send Han Shi flying. Instead, it directly smashed Han Shi to the ground. Moreover, after this first strike, Chu Feng began to send fist strikes repeatedly at Han Shi. Chu Feng’s shoulders swung back and forth. Several fist silhouettes appeared. In the end, all of those fists landed on Han Shi’s body.

“Ouch, you actually dared to hit this young master! You are f*cking truly trying to die! If you have the guts, then come hit me some more! I shall see how you leave the Southern Cyanwood Forest alive! If you can, then I, Han Shi, shall change my surname to yours!”


Being publicly beat up by Chu Feng, Han Shi felt that all of his face had been lost. He was extremely enraged. He who was originally in a violent rage started to threaten Chu Feng continuously. However, later on, even his chin ended up being shattered by Chu Feng. This caused him to only be capable of emitting whimpering sounds uncontrollably and allow himself to be beaten up by Chu Feng.

As for the crowd who had surrounded the place, they were all stupefied. Their mouths were wide open as they expressionlessly watched as Chu Feng continued to violently pound Han Shi. Not a single one among them dared to say anything; practically all of them had been terrified by Chu Feng.

That was because, in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, Chu Feng was definitely the first person ever that dared to violently beat up someone from the Han family like that.

However, at this moment, the person with the most complicated frame of mind was none other than Shen Lang. Seeing that Chu Feng not only stood up for his sister, he even, after knowing Han Shi’s identity, continued to violently beat him up with no regards for the consequences. His heart was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

The reason why he was feeling so uncomfortable was because he began to recall himself. He recalled that he was completely capable of stopping Han Shi. However, because he feared the family behind Han Shi, he didn’t dare to do anything and watched as his own sister was stripped off her clothes by him.

It must be said that he was a clear-cut constant to Chu Feng. At this moment, he was finally able to understand the difference between Chu Feng and him