Chapter 1028 - Upholding Justice

MGA: Chapter 1028 - Upholding Justice

After rushing into the crowd, Chu Feng discovered that in the center of it was an empty space. At that place, a scene that caused one to feel anger was currently happening.

A man with the cultivation of rank three Martial Lord, with three other men who accompanied him that also had cultivations of rank three Martial Lord, had actually forcibly ripped apart Shen Hong’s skirt before everyone.

While ripping apart her skirt, he would even fondle her. He was clearly taking advantage of Shen Hong.

Shen Hong used her all to resist him. She cried and shouted, she grabbed and scratched. However, it was all useless. Without mentioning that her opponent’s cultivation was a rank higher than hers, the gap between the battle power the two of them possessed was extremely wide.

Before that man, Shen Hong was like a powerless little sheep who had encountered a hungry and thirsty big bad wolf. She simply had no strength to resist.

However, the thing that caused Chu Feng to be speechless the most was that not only was there no one stopping this sort of harassment in broad daylight, many people instead started to discuss the show enthusiastically with delightful expressions all over their faces.

It was so much that there were even some men whose eyes had already begun to shine. Their gazes were fixed on Shen Hong; they were anticipating for that man to completely rip Shen Hong’s skirt apart as soon as possible so that her fair jade-like body could be exposed completely. They were practically wanting to watch an on-the-spot live broadcast.

While it might be one thing for these original residents of the Holy Land of Martialism to act like this, but even the people from the Southern Sea Region did not bother to help her. Moreover, even Shen Hong’s elder brother Shen Lang was within the crowd.

Although he had an extremely ugly expression on his face, was gnashing his teeth in anger and firmly clenching his fists, but he, a rank four Martial Lord who could easily subdue those three men, not only did not step out to stop what was occurring, he instead stood there as he watched his younger sister’s liberties taken off and humiliated before everyone.

“Brother Li Lei, what’s going on?” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng did not rush to act. Instead, he turned to Li Lei and asked.

“That man who is assaulting Shen Hong is called Han Shi. It is said that his family background is extremely powerful and possesses a real heavyweight in the entire Southern Cyanwood Forest. One of the elders in his family almost even managed to become the headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. It could be said that his status in the Southern Cyanwood Forest is second to only the headmaster.”

“Thus, although this Han Shi had only become a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he is already a little hegemon that no one dares to offend in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Earlier, that Shen Lang did not know of this Han Shi’s identity and accidentally ran into him and then even got into a verbal altercation with him.”

“Han Shi announced his identity and then told Shen Lang to admit his mistake while kneeling. Although Shen Lang was a tyrant in the Southern Sea Region, he did not dare to not obey Han Shi after knowing his identity. Originally, he had planned to kneel and admit his mistake.”

“However, right at that time, Shen Hong appeared. She even went up and tried to argue with Han Shi. However, who would’ve known that Han Shi was such a shameless individual. Using the excuse that Shen Hong had made a tear on his clothes, he decided to get revenge using her own methods and insisted that he must tear apart Shen Hong’s clothes before everyone present.”

“Look at him. He’s feeling and grabbing her the entire time that even his thing down there is shooting up toward the sky now. How could this be as simple as just tearing Shen Hong’s clothes? This is simply a public sexual assault. Before everyone present, he was trying to feel up Shen Hong’s body.”

“Although this Shen Hong is the same as that Shen Lang and would rely on her strength to bully others and was not someone that people liked, she is, after all, someone from our Southern Sea Region. If the things that happened today were to spread out, the faces of all of us from the Southern Sea Region would be lost beyond repair.”

“Us from the Southern Sea Region have been looked down upon in the Southern Cyanwood Forest to begin with. After today, wouldn’t we be looked down upon even further?”

“Brother Chu Feng, I know that this request of mine is awfully rude. However, I wish that you would help and stop that Han Shi so that, at the very least, Shen Hong’s chastity could be preserved.” Li Lei requested with sincerity.

“Isn’t this matter easy to solve? Just go and call for an elder.” Chu Feng said.

“Sigh, truth be told, the elder in charge of the lecture had already arrived earlier. However, when he saw this scene, he left without even entering into the plaza. Originally, I had thought that that elder had gone to call for other elders. However, he has yet to return. In my opinion, he has decided to turn a blind eye and pretend that he did not see this.” Li Lei said.

“In that case, then this matter is something that even elders did not dare to take care of. The family of this Han Shi, their status in this Southern Cyanwood Forest is truly not low. If I, with my status of a disciple, was to stand forth right now, what do you think would happen?” Chu Feng smiled as he asked Li Lei.

“This… aiya, I am truly muddled, truly muddled. Brother Chu Feng, it is I who is muddled.”

“I had only thought that since others refused to bother with this and only you among us from the Southern Sea Region had the ability to interfere. However, I did not think of the fact that that Han Shi might be unwilling to forgive you because you’ve ruined his good deed. It is one thing if it is only him, however his family’s strength is extremely powerful. It is not impossible a thing for that Han Shi to put you to death.”

“Aiya, I am truly muddled. I nearly caused Brother Chu Feng’s death. I am truly f*cking muddled.” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Li Lei instantly realized his mistake. Not only was he filled with incomparable regret, he even raised his palm and ruthlessly slapped his own face.

Seeing that Li Lei continued to slap himself repeatedly, seeing that his cheek had already turned red, Chu Feng suddenly acted. He grabbed Li Lei’s arm that was repeatedly and ruthlessly slapping his face.

Chu Feng knew that Li Lei did not deliberately try to bring harm to him. Merely, he was too willing to help others. Compared to the other people of the Southern Sea Region, he could be considered as possessing some moral backbone. Thus, like what he had said, he had only been thinking about how to save Shen Hong and had forgotten that Han Shi and them were not individuals that are easy to handle. If Chu Feng was to step in, it would be equivalent to ruining Han Shi’s good deed. In that case, that Han Shi would definitely not let Chu Feng off as easy as how he handled Shen Hong.

Thus, Chu Feng did not blame Li Lei. After stopping him from continuing to slap himself, Chu Feng smiled and said, “Brother Li Lei, the way of the world is such to begin with. Justice, this sort of thing is not something that is that easily upheld. Sometimes, it is very possible for it to cause one’s blood to boil and lose one’s life in the process.”

“However, if one was to look on without lifting a finger and watch as that Shen Hong continues to be disgraced and assaulted just because one might lose one’s life, then what sort of difference would there be between me and all of them?” While Chu Feng said these words, he cast his gaze toward those people from the Southern Sea Region.

All of them had faces filled with anger. Many of them were like Shen Lang, clenching their fists tightly within their gown sleeves. However, not a single person dared to stand out and say a single word.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Li Lei silently lowered his head. Although these words spoken by Chu Feng was not meant for him, he knew very well that he was no different from those people of the Southern Sea Region.

Why did he only think of finding Chu Feng for help, have Chu Feng go out and not dare to do it himself? Wasn’t it all because, in the depths of his heart, he was afraid of the dangers.

At this moment, Li Lei felt even more disgusted with himself, felt how small-minded, wrong and inhumane it was for him to try to send Chu Feng out.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng did not bother to pay attention to Li Lei’s reaction. Instead, he directly walked towards Shen Lang’s side, raised his leg and directly kicked Shen Lang to the ground.

“F*ck, who the f*ck is it that kicked your granddaddy I?” Shen Lang was already filled to the brim with anger. To be suddenly kicked to the ground caused his fury to soar through the roof. He thought it was someone from the Southern Sea Region that kicked him. Thus, he turned around and immediately and loudly rained curse upon that person.

“It’s you?”

However, when he saw the person standing behind him, he immediately shut up and swallowed down the following words that he planned to say. Replacing his anger, his face was now covered an expression of fear.

That was because after the things that happened last night, although he felt immense hatred for Chu Feng in his heart, he was also deeply afraid of him. That was the reason why he had such a reaction.