Chapter 1027 - Let’s Help Her

MGA: Chapter 1027 - Let’s Help Her

“Brother Chu Feng, wait for me.” When Chu Feng walked out of the dining hall, he had originally planned to return to his own residence. He did not expect that Li Lei would actually chase after him with an unusual amount of excitement.

“Brother Li Lei, is there something you need?” Seeing Li Lei chasing after him, Chu Feng asked in a puzzled manner.

“Hey, it’s boring to be by oneself. Might I be able to go to Brother Chu Feng’s residence and enjoy a night there?” Li Lei scratched his head with one hand and said in an embarrassingly manner.

“We’re two men, what’s there to be embarrassed about spending a night in the same room? Come, let’s go. I just happen to want to ask you about the situation of the Southern Cyanwood Forest too.”

While Chu Feng said those words he began to walk toward his own residence. As for Li Lei, he followed behind Chu Feng excitedly. From this, one could tell that he wished to further the relationship between himself and Chu Feng so that they could become good brothers.

Afterwards, Chu Feng inquired Li Lei about some things concerning the Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, because Li Lei possessed too low of a status and had not been here for a long time, the number of things he knew were limited.

The only piece of information that could be considered to be interesting was that several days ago, Li Lei happened to accidentally see a large group of elders hastily leaving the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Not a single one of that group of elders were ordinary characters. Even the clothing they wore were different from that of other elders. They wore dark blue colored elder gowns. The color of the elder gowns signified one’s status and power within the Southern Cyanwood Forest. As for those deep blue ones, they signified that those elders possessed extremely high status.

After those elders hastily left, some of them would occasionally return back to Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, the majority of them have yet to return. As for what those elders have gone to do, that was something that no one knows about. In short, many disciples knew about this matter of the elders leaving and felt that a major event was soon to occur. However, they were unable to guess what the major event would be.

In this way, Chu Feng spent a night in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Early morning the next day, with Li Lei showing the way, Chu Feng arrived at a plaza. Many disciples were in this plaza. It was said that every morning they would gather at this location because there would be elders who would come especially to give them some pointers in cultivation and tell them about the rules of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. After that, they would be led to do some training. This was the general day-to-day training of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Chu Feng inspected his surroundings. He discovered that in this plaza, other than the people from the Southern Sea Region, there was another group of youngsters. All of their ages were not old and their cultivation were not very strong either. It could be said that they were pretty much equivalent to the people that had arrived from the Southern Sea Region.

Seeing the unorganized appearance of this group of people as well as the elders that did not show up, Chu Feng realized that they ought to have been placed with the low quality disciples. The education that they received was also relatively low in quality.

This caused Chu Feng to become quite speechless. If he knew this was the case, he might as well have lied yesterday and say that he had not come from the Southern Sea Region. However, after carefully thinking about it, Chu Feng felt at peace again. This was, after all, a place where one’s strength determined everything. Chu Feng’s strength was not weak. As the saying goes, as long as it’s gold, it would eventually shine. Moreover, since there was still some time before the Southern Cyanwood Forest would send their outstanding disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain, Chu Feng was in no rush either.

“Was it you who embarrassed my big brother before everyone last night?” However, right at this moment, a sharp female voice suddenly sounded.

Looking towards the source of the voice, Chu Feng saw five women. They were standing three meters away from him. These five women all had pretty decent appearances and cultivation. Especially that woman who led the group, her skin was very white and soft. Truly, she was quite a beauty. Moreover, her cultivation was the strongest among this group of five women, being a rank two Martial Lord.

However, at this moment, this woman’s long, shapely eyebrows were in a frown. An angry look filled her entire face. She was currently using her lily-white hands to point at Chu Feng as if there was a great hatred between them.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” Chu Feng examined this woman once more and determined that it was the first time that he had met her. Since he most definitely had never met this woman before, there shouldn’t be anything between them.

“Brother Chu Feng, that is Shen Lang’s younger sister. Her name is Shen Hong. She is the Southern Sea Region’s renowned little hot pepper. She’s even worse of a person to be trifled with than Shen Lang.” Right at this moment, Li Lei’s voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears. When he cast a side glance to see, he discovered that Li Lei was hiding behind him. Based on his appearance, this Li Lei was also extremely scared of Shen Hong.

“So it’s actually Shen Lang’s younger sister. Truly interesting. The one being the elder brother is useless and actually has to ask for the younger sister to come out and stick up for him.”

“Last night, I have indeed made things difficult for your elder brother. However, you must know what sort of thing your elder brother had done. I merely gave him a little punishment that he deserved. If he is unable to accept it, then you can have him come and find me.”

After knowing her identity, Chu Feng did not bother to give her any face. After saying those words, he turned around to leave. He did not wish to bother with Shen Hong anymore.

“Stop right now.” Seeing that Chu Feng was ignoring her, that Shen Hong became even more angry. While she shouted for Chu Feng to stop, she extended her lily-white hand. She wanted to grab Chu Feng. This grab of hers was no ordinary grab. It contained the power of a rank two Martial Lord. She was doing this so as to test out Chu Feng.

“Woosh.” However, right at the moment when that Shen Hong’s palm was about to reach Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly turned around. He did not say anything. However, his gaze was extremely ice-cold.

“Tut.” Seeing Chu Feng’s gaze, that Shen Hong’s body started to violently shiver. Then, as if she was petrified, she stood there blankly. As for her eyes, they were filled with fear.

“Truly boring.” After scaring Shen Hong with a single gaze, Chu Feng began to walk out of the plaza.

“Brother Chu Feng, the elder would be coming soon. Where are you going?” Seeing that Chu Feng was leaving, Li Lei hurriedly asked.

“I’m going to have a stroll around here. I’ll come back right away.” When Chu Feng finished saying those words, he immediately started to soar to the sky. With a couple jumps, he had disappeared into an enormous heaven reaching tree in the distant.

“Shen Hong, what’s wrong? Why did you let him go?” After Chu Feng left, the four women behind Shen Hong immediately rushed up to her and asked in an extremely confused manner.

Only after hearing the questions from the four women did Shen Hong manage to come back to reality. After she forcibly suppressed her trembling body, she opened her mouth and said these words. “That person is not to be trifled with.”

Actually, Chu Feng did not leave far from the plaza. He had arrived on top of a large tree, concealed his aura and started gazing at the blue sky.

At this moment, Chu Feng could see that those so-called blue gowned elders were currently flying through the blue sky towards the most center region of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Their cultivation were extremely strong. Even the weakest among them was a rank five Martial King. The majority of them were above rank five Martial Kings. There were even those whose cultivation approached the peak of Martial King stage.

These people ought to be the people that Li Lei mentioned, those elders with extremely high status and strength in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. At this moment, these elders ought to have returned from outside. Their faces were filled with seriousness. It seemed as though they were carrying an immense pressure. With an extremely oppressive mood, they disappeared into the depths of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“For these elders to be dispatched repeatedly means that there must definitely be an important mission. Honestly, I wonder what that mission might be?” Only when all of the elders disappeared did Chu Feng started to mutter to himself.

The reason that he had suddenly left the plaza was because he detected a group of powerful auras approaching them. Thus, he decided to check out whom exactly possessed such auras.

Unfortunately, he was unable to discover anything.

As the journey bore no fruit, Chu Feng did not bother to stay any longer. Regardless of the strength of the elder, if that instructor elder was to appear and not find him present, then Chu Feng would be unable to explain himself.

Thus, Chu Feng hurried back and returned to the plaza.

However, at this moment, the plaza was in utter mess. A large group of people surrounded the center of the plaza and were making a ruckus.

Chu Feng was able to faintly hear the wailing and screaming sound of a female. It seemed to be the voice of Shen Lang’s younger sister, Shen Hong.

“Brother Chu Feng, you’ve finally returned.” Upon seeing Chu Feng, Li Lei immediately ran over. He had a flustered expression all over his face.

“Brother Li Lei, did something happen?” Chu Feng asked.

“Brother Chu Feng, you should go over there and help her. Otherwise, Shen Hong would end up extremely badly.” Said Li Lei nervously. While he said those words, he grabbed Chu Feng and dashed towards the direction where the crowd of people were gathered.