Chapter 1026 - Do Not Leave a Single Grain Behind

MGA: Chapter 1026 - Do Not Leave a Single Grain Behind

“Which f*cker threw this?” To be humiliated like so, caused Shen Lang to become extremely angry. He raised his head and shouted at the crowd.

“Woosh.” However, who would’ve thought that before he finished his words, a plate came flying toward him. “Clang.” Not only did that plate smash onto Shen Lang’s face and shatter into pieces, it even blood-soaked Shen Lang’s face. Even his nose had been broken by the plate. Just like that, a very handsome man had been disfigured.

“Heavens, this is?” At this moment, everyone discovered the person who attacked. Especially Li Lei who stood beside Chu Feng, his eyes were wide open and his tongue was tied. Standing there with a stupefied expression, the shock on his face was completely evident.

Everyone present were shocked. That was because they all know of Shen Lang and knew who he was. One must know that he was a well-known first-rate genius from the Southern Sea Region. However, as for Chu Feng, not a single person knew who he was.

However, the attack that Chu Feng displayed earlier was very neat and tidy. It could even be said that his attack was ruthless. This lead them to realize that Chu Feng was an extremely powerful character.

However, regardless of that, Shen Lang’s fierceness was engraved deep in their hearts. Thus, regardless of who Chu Feng was, when they thought of what he had done earlier and recalled how Shen Lang was struck down by him, everyone felt that what had happened was inconceivable.

Right at the moment when everyone was stupefied, Chu Feng looked to Shen Lang who was knocked to the ground, had his face covered with blood and generally in a very sorry state. He said, “When I’m eating, you are to f*cking be quiet. If you dare to speak again, I’ll cut your tongue out.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng acted as if nothing had happened and sat back down, picked up his bowl and chopsticks and began to mind his own business and gorge himself with food. As if he was trying to deliberately anger Shen Lang, Chu Feng started making a lot of noises with his mouth as he ate his food. The sound of him eating was simply not something that one could endure. It could be said that it was ear-piercingly loud.

However, even though this was the case, no one dared to say anything. Actually, at this very moment, everyone was stunned in place and blankly looked at Chu Feng eating his food. On their faces were expressions of both surprise and fear.

Only after a long time did that Shen Lang manage to react. He stood up and felt his cheek. After seeing his hand was covered with blood after touching his face, Shen Lang was so enraged that he started shaking.

However, he did not say anything else and only pointed to Chu Feng and said, “You got balls, you f*cking wait for me.”

After he finished saying those words, that Shen Lang ran out of the dining hall. This scene could be said to be a surprise for everyone present. After all, Shen Lang was well known asan extremely fierce person in the Southern Sea Region. The actions that he did today could be said to be unsuiting of his status.

However, if one must say that Shen Lang’s action was a surprise, then his following action was even more so. It was so much that some people began to look down on him.

Shen Lang had left the dining hall for only a short while before he returned. However, when he returned, he brought alongside an elderly man. It was an elder of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. It turned out that this Shen Lang had actually ran out to complain to the elder.

“Who is it that beat him?” When this elder walked in, he had an extremely imposing expression on him. He pointed to Shen Lang whose face was bloodied and asked sternly.

At this moment, the people present did not utter a single word and all slowly lowered their heads. No one dared to answer. At the same time, not a single one of them dared to look at Chu Feng. They were afraid that if they were to report Chu Feng as being the one that did it, then Chu Feng would bring retaliations upon them. Cowardice and weakness were completely displayed by these people.

“I am the one who beat him.” However, although no one dared to say it was him, Chu Feng stood up himself and calmly admitted to it.

After Chu Feng stood up, that elder began to spread out his consciousness. It completely covered Chu Feng. He wished to figure out Chu Feng’s cultivation. However, he who was only a rank five Martial Lord, how could he possibly be able to determine Chu Feng’s cultivation?

Although he did not manage to determine Chu Feng’s cultivation, that elderly man’s eyes still shined. He realized that Chu Feng was not an ordinary person. At the very least, when compared to all these people present now, Chu Feng was extremely outstanding. This was not only his cultivation; it was also the way he handled things. That sort of ability to remain calm in the face of death, that calm gaze that he had, it was something that no one else present possessed.

Thus, that elder did not do anything to Chu Feng. Instead, he calmly asked, “Why did you beat him?”

“Earlier when we were eating, he decided to teach someone a lesson because they were too noisy when eating and forced that person to eat the food that had fallen to the ground. I am unable to sit by idly and watch as he does such a thing. Thus, I acted and taught him a lesson.” Chu Feng pointed to that man who was kneeling on the ground and covered with tears while he explained what had happened.

“Did such a thing happened?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, that elder looked to Shen Lang.

“I, this…” Shen Lang began to hesitate. He didn’t know how to respond.

“Slap.” Right at this moment, that elder waved his large sleeve and gave Shen Lang a loud and crisp slap to the face.

This slap was not weak at all. It caused Shen Lang to make a 180 degree turn before making a ‘puu’ sound and falling to the ground. Shen Lang placed one hand on his face that was slapped while he looked to the elder that had slapped him with innocent eyes. He wished to quibble but didn’t dare to.

“The guilty one actually crying for justice. You dared to do something yet don’t dare to admit to it. You have the ability to cause troubles but don’t have the ability to shoulder it. You are nothing more than trash.” The elder pointed to Shen Lang who was on the floor. After he said those words in an extremely fierce manner, he waved his sleeve, turned around and walked away.

As for Shen Lang, he did not dare to say anything else. He stood up, did not plan on staying here anymore and prepared to leave too.

“Stop.” However, who would’ve thought that right at this moment, Chu Feng angrily shouted at him.

“What, what are you planning to do?” As matter stands, Shen Lang had already managed to realize that Chu Feng was no ordinary character. Even the elder sided with Chu Feng. Thus, what exactly would he be daring to do to Chu Feng? Therefore, when he heard the angry shout from Chu Feng, he already started to feel fear.

“Eat the food on the floor clean before leaving. If you dare to leave a single grain behind, I shall beat your head till it becomes a mess.” After Chu Feng indifferently said these words, he stopped bothering to pay attention to Shen Lang, sat back down and started eating his food again.

Seeing that calm and contented Chu Feng, Shen Lang hesitated for a very long time. However, in the end, he did not dare continue to walk toward the exit. Instead, he walked back to the table that he had shattered earlier and picked up all of the food on the floor. Then, like a windy storm that swept up all the clouds, he started gorging himself with food.

His eating speed was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, he finished eating all those food that were on the ground. After he finished eating the food, he wiped his mouth, fiercely swept his gaze over all the people present and angrily shouted, “The hell you’re looking at? Never seen someone eating before?”

After he finished saying these words, Shen Lang turned around and rapidly walked out of the dining hall.

After seeing Shen Lang left, Li Lei immediately ran over to the place where Shen Lang was previously eating at. After carefully inspecting the area, he started to laugh at the top of his lungs. Moreover, the more he laughed, the happier his laughter became. While loudly laughing, he rushed over to Chu Feng and said.

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re amazing. That Shen Lang actually really ate everything clean and left not a single grain.”

“Heh.” After hearing Li Lei’s words, Chu Feng lightly chuckled. After lightly wiping away the grease on his mouth, Chu Feng said, “Everyone, there’s no need to be startled anymore. If you still don’t eat, your food will get cold.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng walked over to that man who was bullied by Shen Lang earlier. He lent that man an arm and supported him up. Only then did he turn towards the exit of the dining hall and walked towards that. Seeing this, Li Lei immediately ran over and followed closely behind him.

After Chu Feng and Li Lei left, everyone started to look at each other. Only then did they sit back down and continue to eat their food. However, every now and then, there would be someone who would take a glance at the direction that Chu Feng left with gazes filled with admiration.