Chapter 1025 - A Large Flying Steamed Bun

MGA: Chapter 1025 - A Large Flying Steamed Bun

This Li Lei was a person who enjoyed talking. He was extremely enthusiastic and was also a tactful individual. Anything that he asked Chu Feng, as long as Chu Feng was unwilling to answer, he would absolutely not ask again. In the end, he stopped asking Chu Feng questions and instead started to talk about stories about himself in high spirits.

Chu Feng was very good at discerning what someone thinks based on their body language. He was able to tell that this Li Lei was a very enthusiastic person. Thus, the impression he had of Li Lei was pretty good and decided to befriend him. During their conversations, Chu Feng had asked about some questions in a roundabout way to prevent him from being too confused.

For example, the Heavenly Road. When Chu Feng entered the Heavenly Road, those who had followed him were all experts of the Eastern Sea Region. There were even Martial King level experts among them. Compared to this group of people from the Southern Sea Region, they were many times stronger than them.

However, the people who ended up passing the examination in the end was only Chu Feng and Tantai Xue. It was so much so that if the Old Monkey did not set off to save them and have the Martial Emperor level guardian of the territory appear before them, then even Chu Feng and Tantai Xue would have lost their lives in the Heavenly Road. From this, one could imagine how hard it was to pass through the Heavenly Road.

Thus, Chu Feng was unable to understand how these people from the Southern Sea Region managed to pass through such a difficult Heavenly Road. Could it be that they possessed some sort of secret trick?

After making discreet inquiries with Li Lei, Chu Feng finally understood the reason why. It turned out that it wasn’t that Li Lei and them possessed a secret trick to pass the Heavenly Road, instead it was that the Southern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road was completely different from the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road. At the very least, the trials one had to go through within the Heavenly Road were completely different.

In the Southern Sea Region, the Heavenly Road was said to be miraculous and a legend. However, the trials one would receive after entering the Heavenly Road was excessively simple. Practically, as long as one possessed the cultivation of Heaven Realm, one would be able to effortlessly pass through the Heavenly Road.

Thus, for Li Lei and them, practically all those that had entered the Heavenly Road successfully passed through it. Not a single person died on the journey.

Other than this, Chu Feng also came to understand that the Southern Sea Region’s peak level experts were only Martial Kings. In the Southern Sea Region, the person known to be the number one peak expert was in fact only a rank two Martial King.

Rank two Martial King, even though the current Chu Feng was only a rank nine Martial Lord, it was extremely effortless for him to take care of an ordinary rank two Martial King. However, such a rank two Martial King was actually the number one expert in the Southern Sea Region. Moreover, he was the strongest expert that had ever existed in the Southern Sea Region in the last thousand years.

From this, it would appear that not only was the Heavenly Road of the Southern Sea Region much easier to pass through than the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road, the cultivators in the Southern Sea Region, when compared to those with the Eastern Sea Region, were a lot weaker.

“Boom.” Right at the moment when Chu Feng and Li Lei were chatting merrily, a sudden explosion sounded in the dining hall.

When they cast their gazes toward the source, they found it was actually a table that was shattered. As for the person who shattered the table, it was a white clothed man. This white clothed man possessed pretty decent cultivation. He was a rank four Martial Lord. Among these Southern Sea Region’s people, he could be said to be one of the strongest.

The table earlier was shattered by him. Another person was knocked back to the ground by the oppressive might that he displayed. However, at this moment, this white clothed man was unwilling to forgive that person. He was pointing to that person on the floor and scolded him with a loud voice.

“F*ck you, how many years has it been since you’ve last ate? Are you the reincarnation of a ghost that had starved to death? I told you to stop making noise while you eat numerous times, yet you motherf*cking refused to listen. It’s just f*cking food, yet you’re eating it even more merrily than pigs, more happily than dogs. You and your disgusting noise, are you f*cking trying to not let your daddy, I, eat?”

“Big brother Shen Lang, I am sorry, I am sorry. I truly did not do that on purpose. It’s just that I grew accustomed to making this noise because no one had told me that I am noisy when eating in the past. For you to tell me about this today, I am unable to immediately change the way I eat. I truly am not trying to affect your meal on purpose.”

That person who was knocked to the ground hurriedly climbed back up. However, he did not dare to stand up. Instead, he kneeled to the ground and began kowtowing to that man by the name of Shen Lang so as to apologize.

“You said you can’t change it, is that right? Even if you can’t change it, you must still change it. Otherwise, do you know how humiliating it would be for us of the Southern Sea Region? You would’ve lost the faces of everyone of us here. Every one of us here would become a head shorter and a grade inferior to others because of you.” Shen Lang strictly shouted.

“Big brother Shen Lang, you can rest assured. I would definitely change this habit of mine; I will definitely change it.” That man was evidently extremely frightened. He did not dare to refute the berating of that Shen Lang in the slightest.

“Of course you have to change it. However, I want you to change it right away. Come, eat this.” Shen Lang opened his palm and sucked the dishes that were scattered onto the floor over to his hand. After that, he forcibly pushed them into the mouth of that man and berated, “Eat it.”

That man’s body slightly shivered. Even his tears appeared. However, he did not dare to resist. He could only allow himself, before everyone present, to kneel on the ground, endure the humiliation and proceed to chew the food that Shen Lang had forced into his mouth.

“Slap.” However, who would’ve expect that right after that man chewed a couple times, Shen Lang immediately gave him a slap to the face, knocking him to the ground. The powerful strength behind the slap not only caused the man to spit out the food in his mouth, it also caused him to spit up blood along with the food.

“I told you to stop making noises, are you f*cking deaf or what? Go and eat that food on the floor. Remember, do not f*cking make any noises while eating that. If you make a noise again, I’ll give you another beating.” Chided Shen Lang as he pointed to that pile of food on the ground that were chewed a couple times, containing blood with it and appeared very disgusting.

Towards this scene, many people had a cold grin as they watched. They all had an expression of spectators enjoying a show. Even if there was anyone who was displeased by what was happening, no one dared to show their displeasure. Instead, they continued to mind their own business and eat their own meals as they were unable to bear watching the scene of that man being bullied by Shen Lang.

“That Shen Lang is truly damnable. Isn’t it only because his strength is a bit stronger? There was no need for him to go this far with bullying someone.” Li Lei who was beside Chu Feng was unable to contain himself and muttered his indignation softly. He was extremely disgusted with Shen Lang’s actions. However, as he was only a rank nine Heaven Realm cultivator, he did not dare to step forward to do anything. All he could do was mutter in a low voice of his displeasures beside Chu Feng.

“Li Lei, what do you think about this steamed bun?” Suddenly, Chu Feng picked up a large savorily looking steamed bun.

“That steamed bun is pretty decent. It’s made out of special food materials and also contain medicines that are beneficial to one’s body. Although it appears like an ordinary steamed bun, the nutritious value that it contains within it is rather exceptional. It is definitely not something that an ordinary person could make. At the very least, it is something that would require at least only a gold-cloak World Spiritist to make.”

“One must admit that this Southern Cyanwood Forest is truly an amazing large power. For even disciples like us to be able to eat such food, it is truly an extraordinary spending of wealth.”

Said Li Lei in an extremely earnest manner. While he said those words, Li Lei even had a trace of honored expression on his face. He was feeling honored to be able to become a disciple to a power like the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Apooh.” Chu Feng slightly smiled at Li Lei’s evaluation. After that, he opened his mouth and a large lump of sticky phlegm was spit onto the steamed bun. He then asked again, “What about now?”

“Brother Chu Feng, you, you, you, you are?” Li Lei was completely startled by Chu Feng’s action. He felt extremely puzzled.

Seeing Li Lei’s stupefied reaction, Chu Feng only smiled once more. He then swung his arm back and did an astonishing action. His hand waved, the steamed bun in his hand was thrown out. Moreover, the person that it was shooting toward was precisely that Shen Lang.

The speed of Chu Feng’s throw was not very fast. It could be said that he had attracted the attention of many people. However, concealed within his throw was his profound techniques. At practically the time when everyone discovered that there was a steamed bun flying over, at the time when that Shen Lang discovered that something’s amiss and was planning to dodge.

That steamed bun started to strangely accelerate in speed. Following that, an astonishing scene appeared. A large steamed bun covered with sticky phlegm, before everyone’s eyes, landed on Shen Lang’s face squarely.

Although this steamed bun appeared to be soft, it was even harder than iron after being thrown out by Chu Feng. When it landed on Shen Lang’s face, it gave of a loud ‘bang,’ causing that Shen Lang to scream ‘oww’ in pain. At the same time, he was knocked flying by the steamed bun. He only stopped flying after he collided to the wall of the dining hall and fell to the ground.

At the moment when Shen Lang fell to the ground, he opened his mouth to spit not only a mouthful of blood but also six shattered teeth. The thing that caused him the most anger was that when he touched his bruised and swelling side face, he actually touched a sticky substance. Upon close inspection, f*ck, it was a large mouthful of sticky phlegm.