Chapter 1024 - Entering the Southern Cyanwood Forest first

MGA: Chapter 1024 - Entering the Southern Cyanwood Forest first

“Detour?” Chu Feng was puzzled by what Grandfather Luo said.

“With the abilities that you currently possess, it is extremely possible for you to become a core disciple directly should you enter the Cyanwood Mountain. However, if you do not have anyone to take care of you in the Cyanwood Mountain, the journey for you in the future will not be an easy one.”

“As far as I know, not far from this place is a place called Southern Cyanwood Forest. This Southern Cyanwood Forest is no ordinary place; it is a branch power of the Cyanwood Mountain. The reason it is located in this place is so that it could select outstanding disciples for the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“If you were to first enter the Southern Cyanwood Forest and then have it send you to the Cyanwood Mountain, it would be of great assistance to your future in the Cyanwood Mountain. Although you would still have to become a core disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain and would have to go through extra steps to reach that goal, but the result would be completely different.”

“The headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest is not only powerful; he also has powerful connections within the Cyanwood Mountain. If you are able to gain the favor of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster and have him send you over to the Cyanwood Mountain, he would definitely utilize his connections to help your growth in the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“That is because if you were to develop well in the Cyanwood Mountain, not only would it be an honor to the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster, it would also be an honor to the Southern Cyanwood Forest as a whole.” Said Grandfather Luo with a serious tone.

“Many thanks for Senior Luo’s advice.”

After hearing Grandfather Luo’s suggestion, Chu Feng felt that a detour was all the more reasonable. Although entering the Southern Cyanwood Forest was indeed taking a detour, if he was truly able to obtain some assistance from that, and even if he was to take more detours, it would also be worth it.

After he made his decision, Chu Feng did not bother waiting. After he brought Grandfather Luo back home, he directly proceeded towards theso-called Southern Cyanwood Forest.

The Southern Cyanwood Forest was not far from where he was. Thus, Chu Feng only spent a single day before he arrived at the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Merely, after Chu Feng arrived at the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he was shocked by the boundless forest formed by the enormous trees that reached into the heavens.

“The Holy Land of Martialism is indeed extraordinary. Even the trees here can grow to this extent. For the Southern Cyanwood Forest to already be like this, I truly wonder exactly how astonishing the Cyanwood Mountain would be.” While standing outside of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, Chu Feng already started feeling fired up. After all, with the Southern Cyanwood Forest already being like this, he was able to imagine exactly how magnificent Cyanwood Mountain would be.

Cyanwood Mountain was definitely a power that surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination. At the same time, only such a power possessed the requirements for Chu Feng to become its disciple and learn from it a cultivation anew.

Chu Feng knew very well that regardless of how impressive he was at the Eastern Sea Region, since he had come to the Holy Land of Martialism, it meant that everyone would have to start anew.

Thus, his frame of mind was extremely level. He had already cast off the glory that he had obtained in the past and, with an attitude of venturing a new land for the first time, walked into the Holy Land of Martialism.

Although the Southern Cyanwood Forest was huge, it was not a place that one could enter as one wished. There was a layer of defensive barrier around it and one could only enter and exit through a designated entrance. Chu Feng entered through the entrance and said that he wished to become a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

The elder of the Southern Cyanwood Forest did not bother to inspect Chu Feng’s cultivation. Instead, he casually led Chu Feng into a formation. There were many obstructions within that formation. To be frank, this formation was an examination for those who wished to become disciples.

This sort of examination was not simple at all. It ended up baffling a lot of people and caused many who have arrived in hopes of becoming disciples to be refused, locked outside and end up leaving this place because of their failure to pass the exam.

However, how could this sort of exam possibly baffle Chu Feng? Chu Feng managed to effortlessly pass the exam. Moreover, the speed at which he passed the exam was extremely fast. However, this did not give him the favor of the elder. As the number of people who wished to become disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest were numerous, there were many others who managed to pass the exam. Like the other people who passed the exam, Chu Feng ended up having to take more exams following that.

The first exam was testing one’s strength and ability. As for the following exam, it was an audit of the participant’s background. When it became time for them to question Chu Feng, Chu Feng had pondered for a long time but was unable to think of a name for the place that he was from. Thus, he ended up telling the elder that he had arrived from the Southern Sea Region.

After hearing Chu Feng’s response, that elder was a bit flabbergasted and took a couple more glances at Chu Feng. However, he did not bother saying much and directly gave Chu Feng his identity plate as well as the disciple attire and then led him to a courtyard.

There were many buildings in this courtyard. However, none of them were vast and magnificent. It could be said that, when compared to other buildings, the buildings here appeared somewhat simple and crude.

Only later did Chu Feng find out that this was the place for people who have come from outside the Holy Land of Martialism to live. The people living in this courtyard were actually all from the Southern Sea Region.

After hearing these, Chu Feng seemed to have understood why he ended up encountering that great formation after exiting the exit of the Heavenly Road. It turned out that that great formation was actually something that the Southern Cyanwood Forest had set up. The purpose of that great formation was so that they could test the people who had arrived at the Holy Land of Martialism through the exit of the Heavenly Road.

However, it appeared that Chu Feng had arrived late. Thus, when he arrived through the exit of the Heavenly Road, the people of the Southern Cyanwood Forest in charge of welcoming them had already left. The only thing that awaited him was the formation used to test him.

Time passed by quickly. In a blink of an eye, the sky had darkened. Moreover, the treatment for Chu Feng and them seemed to be pretty bad. There was no one to bring them food. If they wished to eat, they would all have to come to the dining room in this courtyard.

After he arrived at the dining room, Chu Feng finally met up with these people from the Southern Sea Region.

There were truly a large group of people that had arrived from the Southern Sea Region. At the very least, the number of people before Chu Feng right now numbered nearly a hundred. All of them were youngsters. The youngest among them had an age similar to Chu Feng’s. As for the oldest, they were no older than thirty.

The reason why they were all youngsters ought to be because the Southern Cyanwood Forest only accepted young people as disciples. However, regardless, for there to be this many people passing the Heavenly Road from the Southern Sea Region was a great surprise to Chu Feng.

That was because he discovered that the cultivation of these people were generally not strong. The majority of them were people of the Heaven Realm. The strongest among them was only a rank four Martial Lord. With this sort of cultivation, when compared to the peak geniuses of the Eastern Sea Region, they were truly lacking. There was less of a need to mention how they would compare to the people of the same generation from the Holy Land of Martialism.

At this moment, Chu Feng seemed to realized why the people from the Southern Sea Region received such a bad treatment from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. To be frank, it was simply because their talent was too poor.

In this world where the strong was the ruler, one’s strength determined one’s treatment. This was the law of the world.

“Brother, why have I never seen you before? Have you also come from the Southern Sea Region?” Not long after Chu Feng took a seat, when he was preparing to eat his meal, a man in his early twenties who possessed neither height nor looks but had a brilliant smile on his face sat down beside Chu Feng.

“My name is Chu Feng.” Chu Feng courteously nodded to this man.

“So it is Brother Chu Feng. I am Li Lei. I was originally a core disciple of the Thunder Soul Sect. However, I’m now a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.” The man by the name of Li Lei saw that Chu Feng did not respond to his question, thus he did not bother asking much and instead started introducing himself with a large smile on his face.