Chapter 1023 - Taking Some Detours

MGA: Chapter 1023 - Taking Some Detours

After Chu Feng killed the Occult Blood Church’s church head, he walked over to the altar and released the group of pitiful virgin boys and girls.

“Thank you, thank you.”

These children were truly clever. They knew that it was Chu Feng that had saved them. After they escaped from the altar, other than a small portion who were too young and was still crying at where they were, the majority of them all circled around Chu Feng and started expressing their gratitude. While doing that, they tightly grabbed onto Chu Feng’s clothes in fear of returning to the palms of the demons again.

The world was very large and evil was everywhere. For things that he did not encounter, even if Chu Feng wished to help, he would not be able to. However, since he encountered such a thing today, he must take care of it then. Thus, after Chu Feng saved this group of little virgin boys and girls, he would naturally not leave them behind. Instead, he began to return them to their respective homes.

Even those children with bad memories who had forgotten where their homes were had their memories strengthened by a special method from Chu Feng so that they could recall where it was, allowing Chu Feng to return them home.

Furthermore, for all those children that Chu Feng saved, he would give them some financial aid. Although the assistance was merely equivalent to lifting one’s hand for Chu Feng that was not worth mentioning, it would allow these families to not have to worry about food and clothing for an entire lifetime. This support was even enough to allow these families to become rich in their local lands.

“Senior Luo, earlier this junior did not listen to your words, I hope that senior would not blame this junior.” After bringing all the children back to their homes, Chu Feng brought Grandfather Luo back to his current residence.

“Sigh. Speaking of it, I am truly ashamed. Earlier, I was truly soft-hearted. After seeing the families of these children and the expressions they had after they were returned home, I truly regretted, I truly regretted that I had thought about letting Lin Xingde off.”

“Fortunately, little friend Chu Feng’s wisdom is above my own and did not listen to my silly words. Otherwise, I fear that it would’ve lead to a disaster. Who knows how many more innocent families he would end up harming.” Grandfather Luo had a face filled with shame. He felt sorry from the bottom of his heart.

“Senior Luo, you must not say it like that. Everyone’s heart is formed of flesh. As you are that kindhearted, it was inevitable that you’d be confused by that Occult Blood Church’s church head’s words.” Chu Feng did not wish to make things too difficult for Grandfather Luo. Thus, he smiled as he consoled him.

“Sigh.” However, Grandfather Luo was a person with experience and naturally knew very well of his mistake. Thus, he took a long sigh and stopped mentioning about this subject anymore. Instead, he asked. “Little friend Chu Feng, what are your plans for now? Might you intend to go to the Cyanwood Mountain?”

“Senior Luo, truth be told, this junior’s ability is a bit special and very similar to those who possess inherited bloodlines. The speed at which my cultivation increases is inextricably linked to cultivation resources.”

“Thus, that treasure is extremely important to me and I must journey to the Cyanwood Mountain.” Chu Feng did not hide his intention from Grandfather Luo.

“Chu Feng, are you familiar with the Cyanwood Mountain?” Asked Grandfather Luo.

“No.” Chu Feng shook his head. Only after he arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism did he hear about the Cyanwood Mountain. He only knew that the Cyanwood Mountain was the same as the Cursed Soil Sect and was led by a Martial Emperor level expert and known as one of the Nine Powers, one of the several most powerful powers in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“The Cyanwood Mountain possesses over a billion external disciples. As for their internal disciples, there are several tens of millions. Even those core disciples, the ones that are considered to be elites, is said to number a million.”

“Moreover, this is only the number of disciples. In the Cyanwood Mountain, all those who are over fifty years of age would not be known as disciples anymore. Instead, they would become elders.”

“As the Cyanwood Mountain is extremely ancient of power and possesses special abilities to extend their lives, the number of elders in the Cyanwood Mountain is several times that of the disciples. You should be able to imagine what sort of power this Cyanwood Mountain is, right?” Grandfather Luo asked.

“In that case, doesn’t it mean that if the elders and disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain are to be added up, then wouldn’t the number be over several billion people?” Chu Feng gasped in surprise. A single power actually contained this much people. Moreover, the talents would most certainly be filtered through many layers before one could enter the Cyanwood Mountain.”

For there to be this many people even after rigorous selections, it was truly astonishing. The peak powers of the Holy Land of Martialism was truly surpassing one’s imagination.

“Several billions, I’m afraid that would only be a conservative estimate. Without mentioning the number of people they contain, the Cyanwood Mountain have experts like clouds in the sky. It is definitely not something that a small power like the Occult Blood Church could compare with.”

“If you truly wish to compare them, then the Occult Blood Church would be a little ditch with little fishes and shrimps. As for the Cyanwood Mountain, it would be a vast ocean that one cannot see the bottom. The things raised in that place are all dragons.”

“Moreover, the classification of ranks within the Cyanwood Mountain is extremely strict. The accomplishments one could achieve before fifty years of age indirectly determined one’s position in the future. The core disciples are the goals that all disciples strive to become. Only through becoming a core disciple could one be considered to be an elite of the Cyanwood Mountain. When a core disciple becomes an elder in the future, they will also become first class elders.”

“Earlier, you’ve mentioned that your body is special and your cultivation speed is inextricably linked with the cultivation resources you possess. If this is the case, then you must truly go to the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“That is because the Cyanwood Mountain is a vast territory with abundant resources. Its history is extremely deep; they have been in existence for several tens of thousands of years. It could be said that the Cyanwood Mountain is one of the most ancient powers within the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“The Cyanwood Mountain practically contains an infinite amount of resources. However, the prerequisite is that you must use your ability to obtain these resources. In other words, as long as you possess sufficient ability, even if you do not obtain that treasure, you would be able to, in the Cyanwood Mountain, be a fish in water and reach success instantly.” Said Grandfather Luo.

“Truly? There’s truly that many cultivation resources there?” Chu Feng was shocked. That was because the words spoken by Grandfather Luo did not seem to be a joke at all. However, the amount of cultivation resources that Chu Feng needed were truly enormous. That was the reason he was this shocked.

“Those powers led by Martial Emperors, which among them would be simple? Chu Feng, do you know what Martial Emperors are? They are people that stood at the peak of the cultivation world. They are existences that contained emperor level martial power.”

“The Holy Land of Martialism is this vast, what sort of character would it not have? Without mentioning about the Divine Bodies bestowed by heaven, the four Imperial Clans were people who all possessed Imperial Bloodlines. However, in the end, how many among them were capable of becoming Martial Emperors? I’m afraid that for there to be a single Martial Emperor in several thousand years would already be extremely hard to come by.” Said Grandfather Luo in an extremely serious manner.

“Indeed.” Hearing those words, Chu Feng also nodded in agreement. From Grandfather Luo’s words, Chu Feng was able to infer that although the Holy Land of Martialism possessed experts at the Martial Emperor level, they were extremely rare beings, the peak existences that all people looked up to. Martial Emperors, even in the Holy Land of Martialism, were legends.

“Actually, with your abilities, it would not be difficult for you to directly become a core disciple after entering the Cyanwood Mountain. However, the Cyanwood Mountain is a place with quarrels too. The number of experts there are truly numerous. Moreover, the number of people with extensive backgrounds are innumerable as well.”

“I’m afraid that no matter how outstanding your talent is; you would likely not be able to obtain special consideration from the Cyanwood Mountain. That is because that place does not lack any genius at all. As far as I know, the Cyanwood Mountain contains quite many Divine Bodies. As for people who possess special abilities like yourself, they are even more numerous.”

“In the Holy Land of Martialism, you are someone without any backing. If you tried to enter the Cyanwood Mountain rashly, I’m afraid that the obstructions that you would be met with would be extremely great. Not to mention being able to obtain the treasure, it would be difficult for you to even be able to become a core disciple and obtain the resources given to core disciples.”

“After all, the greater the benefit, the more intense the fight for it would be. For their own benefits, those core disciples would use all kinds of methods and even utilize the strength of their families. Without a certain amount of backing, it is truly difficult for one to be able to stick out there.” Said Grandfather Luo.

“Senior Luo, in that case, do you have any suggestions?” Chu Feng have realized how extraordinary the Cyanwood Mountain was. However, he was also able to tell that, with Grandfather Luo’s vast experience and knowledge, he ought to have a suggestion for him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say all this to Chu Feng.

“Actually, I wanted you to take some detours.” Said Grandfather Luo.