Chapter 1022 - Rank Nine Martial Lord

MGA: Chapter 1022 - Rank Nine Martial Lord

Towards Chu Feng’s action, Grandfather Luo also nodded his head expressing his approval. After all, he had said at the beginning that he would present the treasure box as a gift to Chu Feng in return for helping him obtain his revenge.

In fact, he was very certain that the current him simply did not possess the ability to use these items. Even if he was to obtain them, they would be useless to him. Moreover, they might even cause others to come to kill him so as to steal the items. Thus, rather than being wasted in his hands, it was better for them to be used in Chu Feng’s hands.

However, the moment when Chu Feng did his third action, he became puzzled by it. To be exact, he was greatly puzzled by it. That was because at this very moment, Chu Feng had placed that mysterious fruit into his mouth.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what are you doing? Although this item appeared like a fruit, it is not as simple as a fruit. The energy contained within it is too terrifying. For you to directly swallow it like that might cause you to explode and die.” Sensing that something was wrong, Grandfather Luo immediately spoke to advise against it.

At the same time, that Occult Blood Church’s church head who was pinned by the Demon Sealing Sword also had his eyes wide open. Seeing the actions of Chu Feng, he was also extremely shocked. However, he did not try to stop Chu Feng. Instead, he was secretly delighted.

Refining cultivation resources always had a step by step process where one would slowly absorb the energy within the resources. For one to do something like Chu Feng had, was simply courting death. Thus, he was thinking the same thing as Grandfather Luo and felt that Chu Feng was ignorant, charmed by that mysterious fruit’s outer appearance and thought that he could directly eat that mysterious fruit.

He was waiting for Chu Feng to continue making mistakes. He was waiting for Chu Feng to explode and die after eating that mysterious fruit. Once that was to happen, he would be able to find a way to escape. Moreover, other than that mysterious fruit, everything else that Chu Feng possessed would all be his.

However, Chu Feng was naturally going to disappoint him. Chu Feng did not bother to respond to Grandfather Luo’s shout. Instead, he directly swallowed that mysterious fruit. After that, he closed his eyes and sat to the ground and entered a cultivation state.


Not long after that mysterious fruit entered Chu Feng’s body, unusual changes began to appear in his body. Layers of powerful martial energy, like tornados, started to revolve around Chu Feng and rapidly spin. Not only did it make the clothes that Chu Feng wore flutter, it also blew back Grandfather Luo who was beside him. Had it not been for Eggy being present and canceling out the might displayed by Chu Feng, that powerful martial energy would’ve cost Grandfather Luo his life.

“Heavens, what, what is happening?” Grandfather Luo was no fool. Seeing the changes that was happening to Chu Feng right now, he was overcome with shock. That was because he was able to tell that the state that Chu Feng was in was a state of achieving a breakthrough. Moreover, it was a state of someone soon to advance to the next rank.

However, he was unable to understand why Chu Feng’s breakthrough would come so quick. One must know that the later the stage a cultivator reaches, the slower it would be for them to achieve a breakthrough. Although Chu Feng was not a Martial King, he was still a Martial Lord. At such a stage, breakthrough would definitely not be that fast.

“Little old man, there is no need for you to panic. I know what you are worried about. You’re worried that mysterious fruit would harm Chu Feng, right?”

“However, allow me to tell you this then. Chu Feng is not as weak as you imagined him to be. Although that mysterious fruit contained a very powerful amount of natural energy, it would not be able to harm Chu Feng. Instead, it would only help him.” Seeing Grandfather Luo’s flustered appearance that seemed like he was about to have a heart attack, Eggy decided to tell him in goodwill.

“What? It’s that mysterious fruit helping him?” Hearing what Eggy said, Grandfather Luo felt the situation was even more inconceivable. What she said essentially meant that Chu Feng was able to refine that mysterious fruit as a whole. Otherwise, how could he obtain the energy of that mysterious fruit?


Right at this moment, the boundless martial power that revolved around Chu Feng suddenly started to condense. In the end, like a reverse flowing river, they all entered into Chu Feng’s body. Following that, Chu Feng’s closed eyes started to open.

When Chu Feng’s eyes were opened, three kinds of lightning were flickering in his eyes. His entire aura had become completely different. The current Chu Feng no longer possessed the cultivation of rank nine Martial Lord. Instead, he had become a Martial King. His cultivation was now that of a rank one Martial King.

“How could this be, this is impossible. Not only did you completely refine that mysterious fruit, you actually managed to increase your cultivation with it? Impossible! This is simply not something that a human could do! What exactly are you?! What the hell are you?!” Upon discovering that Chu Feng was not only fine, he actually managed to achieve a breakthrough, the Occult Blood Church’s church head became frantic. He was unable to accept the truth.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you, you’ve, you’ve broken through to the Martial King stage?” In fact, even Grandfather Luo had an expression of shock. Although he was no longer able to sense Chu Feng’s cultivation, he was able to determine the cultivation stage that Chu Feng was in through the might that he displayed.

Seeing this, Chu Feng lightly smiled and removed the Thunder Armor that he was wearing. His cultivation dropped back down to that of a rank nine Martial Lord. Only then did he say, “Senior Luo, earlier this junior indeed managed to achieve a breakthrough. However, I have not broken through to the Martial King stage. Instead, I reached a breakthrough from rank eight Martial Lord to rank nine Martial Lord.”

“As for the rank one Martial King stage cultivation from earlier, it was caused by my special method. When I use this Thunder Armor of mine, I am able to increase my cultivation by a single rank. Even though I am only a rank nine Martial Lord, as long as I use this Thunder Armor, I would instantly reach rank one Martial King.”

“Little friend Chu Feng is truly an outstanding genius, truly an outstanding genius.” Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, the gaze that Grandfather Luo looked to Chu Feng with became even more complicated. It could be said that his gaze was filled with surprise and admiration.

He realized how powerful Chu Feng was and knew that Chu Feng was definitely no ordinary person. Instead, he was a cultivation genius. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to possess such amazing skills and abilities.

“Senior Luo, this junior has already received the award that you promised me. Thus, this junior ought to help you finish the task that I have received.” As Chu Feng said those words, he raised his palm and crushed the treasure box that contained the three items to dust.

Before this treasure box was opened, it could be said to be an indestructible and mysterious object. However, after it had been opened, it became an ordinary item without any usage. However, it was still something of extraordinary origin. Thus, rather than carrying it around, it was better to destroy it. After all, leaving it on one’s body had no use anyways.

After he destroyed the treasure box, Chu Feng walked over to the Occult Blood Church’s church head and asked Grandfather Luo, “Grandfather Luo, how do you want him to die?”

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. Big brother Luo, do you still remember the promise that we made back then? Do you still remember that you said that you’ll take care of your brother, me, for your entire lifetime? Do you still remember that we ate and slept together and have gone through numerous adventures together?”

“What is the most important thing for a person? You said that the most important thing was one’s brotherhood. You’ve said that even if your brother was to make a mistake, you’ll still forgive me.”

“Big brother Luo, your brother knows of his wrongs. Please, give me another chance. As long as you do not kill me, I will definitely right my wrongs and become a new person. I would never do any outrageous atrocities anymore.” Seeing that Chu Feng wanted to kill him, the Occult Blood Church’s church head immediately opened his mouth and, with tears and snot, began to beg Grandfather Luo for forgiveness.

After all, he could only beg for forgiveness at Grandfather Luo. Although Chu Feng’s age was young, he was an extremely vicious and merciless person. That brat would definitely not let him go. If he wished to live, the only person he could beg was his own big brother that he had plotted against before.

“Cripple his cultivation but leave his life.” After hearing the words spoken by the Occult Blood Church’s church head, Grandfather Luo hesitated for a very long time. In the end, he closed his eyes and said those words.

“Senior Luo, please forgive this junior for being unable to comply. Regardless of how you wished to kill this person, this junior could do it for you. However, if you wished to leave his life, this junior is unable to comply.”

“That is because he has killed too many innocent people. The sins that he has committed is truly too numerous and great. If we do not kill him, then those children that he had killed and those innocent people that died tragically would not be able to close their eyes in death and die contentedly.”

“Forget about it, since your old affection is causing your reluctance to kill him, allow this junior to do it in your place.”

However, to everyone’s surprise, even though Grandfather Luo had spoken out against it, Chu Feng did not have the intention to let the Occult Blood Church’s church head go. Chu Feng suddenly pulled out the Demon Sealing Sword and then waved it downward. “Bang.” The strike had slashed both the body and the soul of the Occult Blood Church’s church head, completely killing him.