Chapter 1312 - Beyond Expectation

MGA: Chapter 1312 - Beyond Expectation

Using the Mortal Taboo: Illusion Light Technique, Chu Feng’s speed became extremely fast. Like a flash of light, he flew through the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

With this sort of speed, he soon arrived at the location where the fluctuation he had sensed originated from. However, after he arrived, Chu Feng was surprised. That was because the scene that emerged before him was completely different than what he had imagined.

At this moment, what appeared before Chu Feng was not Lil Ming and the others. Instead, it was another group of people.

There was a total of thirty-five individuals. They all had fierce appearances that clearly displayed their malicious intentions.

All of them were disciples of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. However, they were all wearing different sorts of clothing, and their strengths were also at different levels.

They had come from different Bamboo Forests. Among them, the ones with the greatest concentration were the disciples that frequently came to the Discarded Bamboo Forest to behave atrociously, the disciples of the Iron Bamboo Forest and the Copper Bamboo Forest.

However, other than the disciples from the Iron and Copper Bamboo Forests, there were also disciples from the Silver and Golden Bamboo Forests.

Among them, the person with the strongest strength was a disciple from the Golden Bamboo Forest. He possessed an icy expression and emitted an air of arrogance.

Not only was he not looking at Chu Feng, he was even looking at the rest of the crowd with an expression of disdain. It was as if he felt that he was superior to all of them.

However, his cultivation was merely that of a rank two Martial King.

While this sort of cultivation was indeed much stronger than the rest of the people present, it was nothing more than trash when compared to Chu Feng.

However, what Chu Feng was worried about was not the origins or the cultivation of this group of people. Instead, he was worried about the speck of bloodstain on that Golden Bamboo Forest’s disciple.

The blood had yet to dry. This meant that it had just stained his clothes. Furthermore, since they were not injured, it meant that the blood wasn’t theirs.

Since it was not theirs, then who would the blood be from? It was most likely from the Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciples.

“Yoh, are you that Chu Feng? It was quite difficult to find you; we actually had to use the communication talisman in order to lure you here.”

“Bastard, you have some enormous balls. You actually dared to take your own initiative to heal that little trash’s body. Do you know what the consequences of your action will be? Not only will he be crippled again, you’ll also be crippled.”

“Come, come here, kneel and kowtow. Kneel down and lick your granddaddy’s shoe, if you do that, then your granddaddy here will leave you an eye,” When they saw Chu Feng, cold smiles emerged on those people’s faces. With malevolent expressions on their faces, they began to walk toward Chu Feng.

“Woosh.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve and a burst of wind was suddenly summoned. In an instant, he completely knocked those thirty-five people to the ground.

At the same time, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might emerged from Chu Feng’s body. His oppressive might swept past those thirty-five disciples on the ground and rigidly pressed their bodies deep into the ground.

The sudden change that caught these thirty-five disciples without warning made them feel both shock and fear. No matter what, none of them had ever thought that Chu Feng would be this powerful.

Regardless of which Bamboo Forest they were from, regardless of what sort of cultivation they possessed, they were all being pressed deep into the ground like dying dogs. It was as if, if the pressure were to increase by even a slight bit, their bodies would be completely crushed.





No matter what, they never would’ve imagined that Chu Feng would be this powerful. Overwhelmed by fear, how could any of them dare to act viciously and fiercely anymore? All they could do was panic and scream.

That was because none of them wanted to die.

“Tell me, where are they?” Chu Feng spoke to ask.

Chu Feng realized that he had come too late. It was likely that Lil Ming and the others had already received their vicious torments.

Even though he knew Lil Ming and the others must’ve been tortured by now, and that these people before him were likely the culprits, and although Chu Feng was already extremely enraged and wanted to chop these people to ten thousand pieces, he was still able to maintain his calm.

It was precisely this calmness that allowed him to instantly decide that what he must do now was not smash this bunch, but instead find Lil Ming and the others first.

“Who are you? With your cultivation, why did you come here? Exactly what is your aim?”

Compared to the other disciples, that Golden Bamboo Forest’s disciple was rather calm. He did not scream in panic. Instead, he actually began to question Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng ignored him completely. Instead, he suddenly raised his leg and then abruptly stomped down with it. With a ‘crack’ sound, his foot stepped on that Golden Bamboo Forest disciple’s palm.

“Ahhh~~~~~” The stomp from Chu Feng’s leg caused that Golden Bamboo Forest disciple to emit a scream like a pig being butchered.

That was because not only did Chu Feng badly mutilate his hand with that stomp, he had completely shattered it. That sort of pain that penetrated into his bones was unbearable.

“I am asking you a question, you only need to answer,” Chu Feng’s killing intent was enormous and his tone was ice-cold.

“Th, they… ar, are… are at their residence. A, al, all of the, them are there,” At this moment, that disciple did not dare to bother with superfluous words. Enduring the pain of having his hand crushed, he indicated the direction to Chu Feng.

“I’ll properly deal with you all later,” Chu Feng snorted coldly and then waved his sleeve. A boundless spirit energy emerged from Chu Feng’s body. It then turned into numerous golden rays that descended from the sky, turning into a spirit formation when they landed.

Not only did that spirit formation completely cover these thirty-five disciples, it also bound them within it and was also rapidly shrinking in size. In the end, it turned into a ball of light the size of a palm.

This was a binding formation. It possessed the same sort of effect as the Cosmos Sacks. However, it was even more powerful than Cosmos Sacks, as it was a very powerful formation that was capable of even trapping living things within it.

A technique like this required the level of one’s world spirit techniques to be extremely high. It was something that even ordinary gold-cloak world spiritists could not accomplish. Yet, not only was Chu Feng able to grasp it, he was even able to use it at will.

After trapping them in this binding formation, Chu Feng directly threw the binding formation into his Cosmos Sack. After that, he hurriedly rushed toward the palace hall where everyone lived.

When Chu Feng arrived at that shabby palace hall, even though he was already prepared, his heart shivered when he saw the scene before him. An indescribable feeling of anger filled his body.

At this moment, all of the Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciples were before him. The majority of them were unharmed, however they were all panicking as they stood to the side and looked to two people attentively with helpless expressions on their faces.

Those two people were lying in pools of blood. Both their arms and legs had been chopped off. Their lost limbs were lying right next to them.

Even their eyes had been scooped out and tongues cut off. The entire scene was extremely tragic and filled with blood.

As for these two people, they were the two people from the Discarded Bamboo Forest with the best relationship with Chu Feng, Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

“Damn it.”

Chu Feng realized that he had truly ceme too late. A sense of self-blame filled his entire body uncontrollably. However, he knew that what he needed to do right now was not blame himself. Instead, he needed to quickly help Lil Ming and Li Xiang heal their injuries.

Their injuries were truly too severe. Not only did they have external injuries, they even had internal injuries. Their bodies had been pierced by blades. Thus, both their dantians and their internal organs had received different degrees of injuries.

Chu Feng needed to immediately help them heal their injuries. Else, it was very possible for them to become crippled because of this. It was even possible that they could lose their lives.

When Chu Feng began to heal them, those disciples who were standing there doing absolutely nothing earlier, who had not even had the courage to help Li Xiang and Lil Ming bind their wounds, actually began to jabber on and on with criticisms.

“Look, didn’t I say not to restore his body? See how he refuses to listen. See what has happened now. They were beaten so badly that they might even lose their lives now.”

“That’s right. He said that he was going to retrieve his dignity. What use is it now that he has taken it back? When you can’t protect it, aren’t you just still going to be trampled upon by others?”

“Sigh, nothing more than inflicting sufferings upon others,” Although they were not directly attacking Chu Feng, it was clear that they were blaming him.