Chapter 1313 - A Bunch Of Cowards

MGA: Chapter 1313 - A Bunch Of Cowards

Chu Feng was distraught with anxiety to begin with. Thus, how could he possibly be able to sit and listen to the bunch of nonsense that they were spewing? Therefore, he was unable to endure and actually burst out against them.

“All of you, shut your fucking mouths!” An angry shout vibrated through heaven and earth like thunder.

This angry shout caused the earth to quake violently. Numerous cracks even appeared on the ground. It caused the sky to tremble and space to twist and warp.

Chu Feng was really enraged. He was not only angry because these people were spouting such bullshit, it was also because Lil Ming and Li Xiang had been beaten by others to such a degree.

When Chu Feng’s angry shout caused the surrounding area to tremble and shake, the crowd present was unable to keep their footing, and began to rock left and right before falling to the ground.

They either fell flat on their backs or fell onto their stomachs. Although their falls were not very serious, this made them greatly afraid.

“What use is there in speaking those sorts of cynical remarks now? When Lil Ming and senior brother Li Xiang were being attacked and tormented, what were all of you doing?”

“When they were seriously injured, what were you all doing?”

“Since your mouths are that amazing, then why don’t you go and speak to those who have injured you all?”

“Other than surrendering like cowards, what else were you all able to do? Other than watching without doing anything, the only thing you know how to do is to not help when people are dying.”

Chu Feng coldly said those words. Each and every single word he said was the truth. Ruthlessly, he attacked their sore spots.

As for this bunch of trash, they were already scared witless by Chu Feng’s angry shout. They were all shivering and many among them had even pissed their pants.

After realizing how frightening Chu Feng was, how could any of them possibly dare to continue to refute him? They simply did not even have the courage to look Chu Feng in the face. One by one, they curled up and lowered their heads like a bunch of turtles.

“Trash,” Chu Feng said that word mockingly. After that, he continued to wholeheartedly heal Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

Although their physical bodies had been recovered by Chu Feng through using his miraculous secret skill, the Vermillion Bird Dashing Technique, their damaged dantians were not that easy to heal. Even Chu Feng needed to be extremely serious when trying to heal their damaged dantians.

“If we are trash, then what are you?” Right at this moment, a very low voice that was filled with mockery sounded from the crowd.

“What did you say?” Chu Feng turned around and directly cast his gaze toward that senior brother Shao who had raised Lil Ming.

Even though he had spoken those words with a very low voice and had also altered his voice, Chu Feng was able to tell that it was him who had said those words.

“I…” Senior brother Shao evidently had not anticipated that Chu Feng’s ears were sharp enough that he actually would know that it was him who had spoken those mocking words.

He, who was extremely fearful of Chu Feng to begin with, was now frightened to a paralyzed state. One could tell how frightened he was by the fact that his body was shivering nonstop.

“Hah…” Seeing senior brother Shao’s appearance, Chu Feng laughed coldly.

Then, he said, “Look at your terrified appearance. You said that Lil Ming was like your own son, and that you were willing to give everything up for him...”

“Yet, when Lil Ming was being beaten up, when he was being tormented, where were you? When Lil Ming was injured, where were you?”

“When Lil Ming was being beaten and tormented, you did not dare to attack them. Even after the people who had beaten and tormented Lil Ming left, you did not even dare to help Lil Ming bind his wounds.”

“Is this the way you treat your son? Is this what you mean by giving up everything for him?”

“Bullshit. You are a through and through coward. For your entire life, you will remain a coward.”

“You will not really give up anything for Lil Ming. At least, when Lil Ming needs you the most, you will not dare to step forward bravely.”

Suddenly, senior brother Shao exploded, “Shut up!!!”

It seemed that his sore spot had been attacked by Chu Feng. He who was extremely cowardly actually dared to shout angrily at Chu Feng.

“You do not have the qualifications to criticize me! You are simply not qualified to criticize me! If it weren’t for you speaking about some so-called dignity, Lil Ming would not have ended up like he did today, and Li Xiang would also not have ended up in this state for the sake of protecting Lil Ming.”

“The main culprit that harmed them, left them in such a state, is you. It is not me. So what makes you think that you can criticize me?”

“I admit that I am incapable of protecting Lil Ming. I am a coward.”

“However, what about you? Didn’t you pledge that you would protect Lil Ming? However, when Lil Ming’s life was in danger, where were you?”

“Humph, the way I see it, you had hidden yourself far away. You’re someone who only knows about giving advice in hindsight. You only dared to come out after they had left, isn’t that right?”

“Yet you actually have the shame to call me a coward? In truth, you’re even more of a coward than me. No, not only a coward, you’re an extremely lamentable person, too. You’re a sorrowful individual who refuses to admit that he’s a coward,” Senior brother Shao shouted angrily.

“Hah...” Chu Feng felt that it was beneath his dignity to bother to refute a trash’s ridicule. He looked to senior brother Shao as if he was looking at a fool and laughed.

“You’re laughing? You actually dare to still laugh?”

“Continue laughing, you will soon be unable to laugh anymore.”

“They have not left. They’re still around here. Furthermore, I’ve handed Lil Ming’s communication talisman to them. With that communication talisman, they will soon find you. At that time, I shall see how you can continue to laugh,” Senior brother Shao spoke in a very fierce manner.

“So it was you who gave them that communication talisman?” As he heard those words, a flash of coldness shone though Chu Feng’s squinted eyes.

While he knew that this senior brother Shao was a coward, he had not imagined that he was such a despicable person.

It was no wonder that the fluctuation from his communication talisman had been emitted by those people. It turned out that senior brother Shao had already handed the communication talisman to them.

This was simply too shameless of a thing to do. This senior brother Shao most definitely possessed an ulterior motive.

It was fortunate that Chu Feng possessed very powerful strength, and that those people were simply no match for Chu Feng. However, if Chu Feng were weak and not a match for those people, then it would have been very possible for Chu Feng to have met with an accident earlier. As for that, it would have all been because of this senior brother Shao.

“I… I gave it to them, what about it?”

“That brat Lil Ming refused to pinch apart the communication talisman the moment he saw the disciples from the Golden Bamboo Forest and the Silver Bamboo Forest. Even when he had been tormented to a state near to death, with wounds covering his entire body, he still refused to involve you.”

“However, he should have thought about why he was receiving this sort of torment. It was all because of you.”

“While Lil Ming was unwilling, I was willing. You are the one who caused all of this. You should have been the one who was being tormented. You should be the one paying the price for all this,” Senior brother Shao said.

Hearing everything to this point, Chu Feng grew silent. It turned out that it wasn’t that Lil Ming did not have the chance to pinch apart the communication talisman. Instead, that child feared that he would implicate Chu Feng and refused to pinch apart the communication talisman no matter the consequences.

“Foolish child, why didn’t you listen?” Chu Feng looked to Lil Ming who was in the spirit formation and softly sighed. He did not blame him. Instead, he felt a pain in his heart.

“Why aren’t you speaking anymore? Have you gone speechless?”

“Oh right, didn’t you say that one must live with dignity? Didn’t you say that not only would you protect your own dignity, you would also protect Lil Ming’s dignity?”

“When those people come and find you, you will have the opportunity to protect your dignity.”

“Oh, I know now. I know why you’re silent. You’ve most definitely become afraid. After learning that those people are about to come for you, you’ve become so scared that you’re about to piss your pants, isn’t that right?”

“Haha, you are truly a shameless coward. All you know about is boasting. However, in truth, you’re nothing more than a chicken-hearted coward, inferior to even me,” Seeing that Chu Feng was ignoring him, that senior brother Shao began to attack and humiliated Chu Feng even more.

When they saw that Chu Feng did not even talk back when being insulted, the other disciples of the Discarded Bamboo Forest also began to speak malicious words toward Chu Feng. They felt that Chu Feng was the same as them, a coward, nothing but trash.