Chapter 1311 - Lil Ming’s In Trouble

MGA: Chapter 1311 - Lil Ming’s In Trouble

“Haha, this is truly great. Chu Feng, we’ve hit the jackpot.”

“Not only does this place contain a Natural Oddity, it actually even contains a powerful deceased cultivation expert like her. Furthermore, her source energy is still intact.”

“This is simply… a banquet prepared especially for this queen.”

“Chu Feng, quickly open the tomb. Once this queen refines her source energy, her cultivation will definitely progress greatly. Haha, we are truly fortunate.” At this moment, Eggy was overjoyed. Filled with excitement and happiness, she began to jump and bounce.

Although that coffin had isolated that female’s corpse from the rest of the world, making it so that it was impossible for anyone to sense that woman’s cultivation, Eggy was able to, through Chu Feng’s perception, know that this woman was most definitely a cultivation expert. With how her body was completely intact after so long, it meant that her source energy must still be present. Thus, how could she not be joyous?

“We can’t. This coffin is a treasure; not to mention opening it, it would be extremely difficult for me to even move it, nor would I be able to take it away with us in the Cosmos Sack,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Is there really no way to go about it?” Eggy asked.

“There is truly no way. This coffin is a treasure. Not only did it manage to keep her physical body intact for over a thousand years, it is also as unshakably tough and as heavy as the mountain. Not to mention me, it is likely that even ordinary royal-cloak world spiritists would not be able to do anything to it.”

Chu Feng spoke the truth. His perception was extremely sharp; he was able to detect that this woman had already died, and also that this coffin was no small matter.

“Sigh, this is truly a pity. Such a tasty banquet before my eyes, yet I am unable to enjoy it. This is truly vexing,” Eggy was so angry that her little face had turned red. She was so anxious that she began to stamp her feet.

“What should be yours will eventually be yours. No one else will be able to snatch it away from you.”

“What shouldn’t be yours will never be yours. Even if you demand it insistently, nothing can be done about it.”

“It is the truth that I am unable to do anything about it right now. However, this does not mean that that will hold true in the future. If no one else other than us discovers this place, then it will eventually be yours to eat,” Chu Feng consoled.

“I understand that too. Merely, it is truly vexing to not be able to eat the tasty meal before your mouth.”

“Sigh, forget about it, forget about it, this queen has seen everything in her life. This little bit of enticement is something that I can endure.”

“Right now, I’m very curious as to who exactly this woman is, and whether someone left her in this place or whether she decided to choose this place as her resting place,” Eggy said curiously.

“There’s a tombstone over there. Perhaps the answer will be on that,” Chu Feng pointed to behind the coffin. There was a jade tombstone located there. This tombstone was also a treasure. Looking at the tombstone’s back, even though he was using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was unable to see any of its contents.

Unfortunately, this tombstone was linked to the coffin and seemed to be one with it. Thus, it was simply impossible for him to take it away either.

“Quickly, quickly go look. See what’s written on it,” Eggy urged.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded his head. He then walked toward the tombstone to check its front side.

When Chu Feng arrived at the front of the tombstone, his eyes shone. Although this tombstone did not write about the origins of this woman, a poem was written on it.

This poem had been written with a deep amount of emotion. Reading it, it was as if one had entered into the emotional mind and experiences of the poet. With a single glance at the poem, one would be affected emotionally by it, and feel as if one had experienced all that was written on it themselves.

I was born when you were not

I was old when you were born

You regret that I was late early

I regret that you were early late

I wished to have been born together

We could enjoy our time together

I was so far away from you

You were so distant from me

I'd become a flower-seeking butterfly

And sleep on the fragrant grass every night. [1]

After Chu Feng saw this poem, he inevitably shifted his gaze back to the beautiful woman in the coffin. Only at this time did he discover that although this woman appeared to be very peaceful in death, if one was to carefully inspect her face, one could actually tell that she was laden with grief.

“Sigh, they love each other but are unable to be together? Truly pitiful. For some reason, I suddenly feel an urge to not refine her source energy,” Eggy sighed in a somewhat disappointed manner.

“Yoh, never would I have imagined that Milady Queen would have such a sympathetic side,” Chu Feng replied while chuckling.

“Tsk, this queen is always kindhearted,” Eggy curled her lips. She then said, “Let’s forget about this place and continue forward. The Natural Oddity is more important.”

“Right away. I think that Natural Oddity should not be very far away from us,” Chu Feng lightly smiled and then began to continue onward. He was actually even more anxious than Eggy.

Unfortunately, not long after he continued deeper into the cave, he was blocked by a world spirit gate. That world spirit gate was not something formed by nature. Instead, it was something that had been set up by a world spiritist.

“It’s something created by a royal-cloak world spiritist,” Chu Feng frowned. This world spirit gate was set up by a royal-cloak world spiritist. Furthermore, it is extremely complicated and, even contains a great amount of danger within it. To the current Chu Feng, it was simply something that he could not break apart.

“From the marks and symbols on this world spirit gate, this world spirit gate should not have been set up for a very long time, definitely less than a hundred years. However, that woman died over a thousand years ago, or even longer. Could it be that someone else has discovered this place?” At this moment, Eggy also began to worry.

“That is something that we cannot know. However, this place is a place that another person knew about. Furthermore, that person has also come to this place. Furthermore, that person’s strength surpasses my own. Those are the things that we know for sure,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, what should we do? Are we to return empty-handed?” Eggy asked.

“Sigh, I also do not wish to return empty-handed. However, my strength is inferior. Thus, what else can we possibly do?” Chu Feng sighed. At this moment, he was feeling extremely depressed.

Chu Feng had spent all this effort in vain. It was difficult for him to not feel depressed.

“Don’t worry, what should be yours will eventually be yours. No one else will be able to snatch it away from you.”

“What shouldn’t be yours will never be yours. Even if you demand it insistently, nothing can be done about it,” Eggy said while chuckling.

“You girl,” Chu Feng was so angered by those words that his liver started to hurt. Earlier, he had said those words to console her. However, when Eggy spoke them, she had done it to mock Chu Feng.

“Forget about it, one cannot go against the will of the heavens. The current me is still too weak,” Chu Feng sighed and then decisively turned around. He did not bother to waste time there anymore and decided to leave this place.

He knew that even if he were to waste time there, it would be useless, as he did not have the strength to break apart the formation in front of him nor, did he have the ability to open the coffin. This time around, both he and Eggy would have to return empty-handed.

However, Chu Feng was not discouraged. That was because, after all, there was some good news that he had obtained from this journey.

That was that the Natural Oddity’s aura was still present. That meant that it had yet to be taken away.

As long as the Natural Oddity was still present, it meant that he would have the opportunity to obtain it. Although the opportunity was very uncertain, it was better than having none.

“Oh no!”

However, right when Chu Feng was about to exit the underground cave, Chu Feng’s expression took a huge change. That was because he sensed a trace of fluctuation.

That fluctuation was from the communication talisman that he had given Lil Ming. This meant that Lil Ming had snapped the communication talisman. In other words, he was most likely in trouble.

“Woosh.” Without thinking, Chu Feng did not dare to hesitate, and immediately activated the Mortal Taboo: Illusion Light Technique, turned into a flash of light and flew out of the rock cave in a flash.

At the moment when Chu Feng left the rock cave, the surface of the earth instantly restored its original appearance of a normal piece of land. It had hidden the entrance to the cave perfectly.

Chu Feng did not have the time to bother with the miraculous change. Instead, he directly rushed toward the direction from which the fluctuation had come.

He needed to rush there as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it was very possible that Lil Ming would face imminent catastrophe.