Chapter 1310 - Fairy Within The Coffin

MGA: Chapter 1310 - Fairy Within The Coffin

In fact, at that moment, even Li Xiang and senior brother Shao, who were standing and watching on the side were, stunned by what they had seen.

Never had they ever seen a person with world spirit techniques that powerful, capable of restoring one’s crippled body in an instant.

It was something that even the elders who specialized in world spirit techniques were incapable of accomplishing. Their horizons were truly broadened by this.


As for Chu Feng, he merely chuckled at the astonishment from Lil Ming and the others. There was no need to say that his world spirit techniques were powerful.

However, he had used more than world spirit techniques in order to restore Lil Ming’s body so quickly. Actually, it was another method that he had used in addition to the world spirit technique that did the most work. As for that method, it was his Secret Skill: Vermillion Bird Revival Technique.

Chu Feng’s Vermillion Bird Revival Technique was not only capable of rapidly healing his wounds and restoring his body, he was also able to use it on others.

However, due to the fact that he did not wish for others to know that he had obtained the inheritance of Qing Xuantian, Chu Feng did not dare to use the four secret techniques on just any given occasion.

However, the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique was somewhat of an exception. It possessed miraculous healing ability. When used together with world spirit techniques, no one would discover it. Thus, Chu Feng dared to use it.

“Lil Ming, do you know who your enemy is?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do, never will I ever forget his appearance,” Lil Ming replied with a young and tender voice. However, his tone was one filled with hatred.

“Tell me who he is, I’ll help you kill him,” Chu Feng said in a testing manner.

“No need, I must kill him myself and avenge my family with my own hands,” Lil Ming refused.

“Haha, good, very good. That’s how a man should act,” In happiness, Chu Feng burst into loud laughter. He was very fond of Lil Ming’s character.

If Lil Ming was to truly ask Chu Feng to help him kill his enemy, Chu Feng might really help him out of sympathy.

However, if Lil Ming wanted to kill his enemy himself, then while Chu Feng would not help him kill his enemy, he would instead provide him with other forms of assistance, and would think more highly of his character.

“Very well. Lil Ming, take this. If the people from the Copper Bamboo Forest and the Iron Bamboo Forest dare to come bully you again, then break this communication talisman. I will come and save you and help you teach them a lesson.” Chu Feng handed Lil Ming a communication talisman.

He knew that with Lil Ming’s body having recovered, if he was to encounter those deranged individuals, he would definitely be tormented again.

Chu Feng did not wish for Lil Ming to undergo that sort of suffering again. Thus, he decided to ensure Lil Ming’s safety.

“Thank you senior brother Chu Feng,” Lil Ming was very smart. He immediately understood Chu Feng’s intention, and cautiously received the communication talisman from Chu Feng. He did not place it in his Cosmos Sack, but instead placed it within his clothes’ bosom.

After this, Chu Feng officially became a nominal disciple of the Discarded Bamboo Forest. After sleeping in that shabby palace hall with the other Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciples, early next morning, Chu Feng began to search for the hiding place of that Natural Oddity.

Natural Oddities were treasures granted to martial cultivators by the heavens. Thus, although they were hidden, they could be found by very wise and knowledgeable individuals.

The most miraculous matter was that when Natural Oddities were born, they would create a passageway that led directly to the place that they had been born in. When there was a passageway, it meant that there would be an entrance. Merely, that entrance would be hidden extremely well, and could not be found unless one possessed a certain level of ability.

On the same principle, if one was unable to find the entrance, then one could forget about finding the Natural Oddity. What Chu Feng needed to do right now was to find the entrance hidden somewhere in the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

Once Chu Feng began his search, he continued for three entire days. The three days had not been for nothing. Instead, he had obtained quite a bit of harvest, and was growing closer to that entrance’s location.

In these past three days, the Discarded Bamboo Forest was very peaceful. No one had come to cause any disturbance. This caused the disciples of the Discarded Bamboo Forest to feel extremely happy.

They all felt that it might be that Chu Feng was truly very powerful, that the news of him joining the Discarded Bamboo Forest was spreading, and that it had caused the Iron Bamboo Forest and the Copper Bamboo Forest’s disciples to not dare to come to the Discarded Bamboo Forest.

As for Chu Feng, he did not care about any of that. That was because he was not afraid of the Copper Bamboo Forest and the Iron Bamboo Forest’s disciples to begin with. The thing that he cared for right now was the Natural Oddity.

Fortunately, the heavens were good to Chu Feng. Finally, on the early morning of the fourth day, Chu Feng discovered the entrance to the Natural Oddity. This was even faster than he had anticipated.

This entrance was hidden extremely well. As far as the eye could see, it was nothing more than an ordinary piece of land. Only by setting up many different unsealing formations at designated locations would one be able to make this entrance reveal its true appearance.

At this time, the entrance had been unsealed by Chu Feng. Furthermore, Chu Feng had already entered it.

It was an underground cave that continued straight down into the depths of the underground.

Surrounding the sides of the cave were plant-like deep-blue colored objects. These things were sharp and possessed thorns. Their appearances were like that of rattan vines as they clung to the walls of the cave. Although they were flickering with light, they were actually extremely dangerous.

They were protective matters, created by nature. The sole purpose of their existence was to protect the Natural Oddity. They should have sealed up the cave and made it so that no one could enter it.

However, at this moment, they clung to the walls of the cave and did not try to block the entrance. It was as if they had lost the battle power that they should have possessed.

“Someone has been here,” Chu Feng began to frown deeply.

“You’re certain?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Eggy grew a bit nervous.

What was hidden here was a Natural Oddity. If someone had truly been here, then it would not be a good piece of news. At the very least, it would mean that the fact that there was a Natural Oddity hidden in this place was already known to someone else.

“I am certain. Although they have already reverted back, I can still tell from the protective matters here that there remain traces of them having been cut apart. Although it has been a very long time, it is true that they have been cut apart before,” Chu Feng said.

“But, the aura of this place is still very dense. The Natural Oddity should still be here,” Eggy said.

“In that case, there is only one possibility. Although someone has indeed been here, they returned without obtaining anything,” Chu Feng said.

“Could it be Hong Qiang?” Eggy asked.

“I don’t know. However, it has indeed been a very long time since these protective substances have been cut. At the very least, it should have been over two thousand years ago. I don’t think it was senior Hong Qiang,” Chu Feng said.

“Well, it doesn’t matter then. Go in and have a look. However, be careful,” Eggy said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded. After that, he proceeded even more cautiously.

Due to the fact that there were traces of someone having been to this place before, it meant that there would be an even greater possibility of danger. As for this danger, it was not from the Natural Oddity. Instead, it was from other people.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng’s speed became extremely slow. As he continued to walk deeper and deeper in, the cave’s passageway turned from being straight down to leveled ground. Yet, he still did not encounter any danger.

At that time, Chu Feng stopped his movements. That was because before him appeared a vast cave. This cave was very large, and also very beautiful. It was like a palace created by nature.

In the center of this cave was actually a coffin.

That coffin was made of crystals. It flickered with light and was transparent. Thus, Chu Feng was able to see that there was a woman lying within the coffin.

Beautiful, very beautiful, gracefully beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful.

She wore a pink long skirt with vivid and lifelike embroidered butterflies that appeared to be capable of flying and dancing at any moment.

Her hands were fair and slender. They were placed overlapping one another on her chest. Just like that, she lay there in a peaceful manner. She did not appear like a corpse, and instead appeared more like a fairy.

However, she was truly dead. There was no breath to her at all. Furthermore, based on her appearance, she should have been dead for over a thousand years.