Chapter 1309 - The Boy Who Carried Hatred On His Back

MGA: Chapter 1309 - The Boy Who Carried Hatred On His Back

“Heh…” Hearing what Li Xiang said, Chu Feng laughed. He laughed a very helpless laughter, “Senior brother Li Xiang, I will not be staying here continuously.”

“I have come here for the purpose of meeting senior Hong Qiang. I will only be waiting for him for a short period of time. Likely, it will not surpass a month’s time. After a month, regardless of whether I am able to meet senior Hong Qiang or not, I will still leave this place.”

“If you want me to protect the Discarded Bamboo Forest right now, I can do that. I am also confident that I can temporarily protect the safety of the Discarded Bamboo Forest.”

“However… what about after I leave? What will the disciples of the Discarded Bamboo Forest be confronted with?”

“This…” Li Xiang grew silent. He had not thought about this problem.

However, he was able to guess what would happen. If Chu Feng were to be able to safeguard the dignity of the Discarded Bamboo Forest when he was present, then when he left, what the disciples from the Discarded Bamboo Forest would face would definitely be even more bitter humiliations.

“Actually, what senior Hong Qiang said is very correct. One’s dignity is one’s own. When even they themselves do not care about it anymore, how can I possibly protect them?” Chu Feng patted Li Xiang’s shoulder while smiling.

“No, I care.” Right at this moment, a young and tender voice sounded. Turning their gaze toward the source of the voice, it was actually a twelve-year-old boy.

This boy wore very shabby-looking clothes, and his hair was in a mess. He looked like a little beggar.

However, his face still possessed a childish nature. He was still a boy and not yet a man.

However, this boy was missing an arm and only had a single eye. Over his missing arm and missing eye were deep astonishing scars.

“Senior brother, I care about my dignity. I wish to retrieve my dignity. I want to restore my body.”

“Can you help me restore my body?” This boy walked over to Chu Feng and earnestly asked.

At this moment, Chu Feng was emotionally moved. Although this boy was only twelve years old, he possessed the cultivation of rank one Profound Realm.

Although this sort of cultivation might not amount to much in the Holy Land of Martialism, if he were in the continent of Nine Provinces or even the Eastern Sea Region, he would be considered to be an exceptional genius.

After all, Chu Feng had only been at the Spirit Realm when he had been fifteen years old. At that time, experts at the Profound Realm had been extremely frightening existences to Chu Feng.

As for this little boy, he managed to have the cultivation of the Profound Realm at merely twelve years old.

Unfortunately, this boy had been born to a very cruel world of cultivation, the Holy Land of Martialism.

Thus, although he had managed to obtain the cultivation of the first rank of the Profound Realm at such a young age, he was nothing more than trash in the eyes of the majority of the people.

“His name is Lil Ming. Before the age of eight, he lived in a very rich family. However, when he was eight years old, his family was wiped out. He was the only survivor.”

“He was later encountered by our Discarded Bamboo Forest’s senior brother Shao. Senior brother Shao took pity on him and decided to bring him back to the Discarded Bamboo Forest,” Li Xiang explained about Lil Ming to Chu Feng.

“You truly wish to retrieve your dignity and restore your body?” Chu Feng asked.

“I carry a hatred of blood as deep as the ocean. If I cannot even retrieve my dignity, how can I possibly avenge my family?”

“I want my dignity, I want to be a manly man with an indomitable spirit. Only by doing that will I be qualified to avenge my family. Else, I will not even have the qualifications to avenge them.”

Lil Ming vowed. Although his age was very young, his gaze was sharp. Chu Feng was able to tell that he carried a very heavy burden.

The hatred of having one’s family being exterminated was something that Chu Feng had experienced before too. Thus, Chu Feng knew very well the desire for vengeance.

“Very well, I’ll help you,” Chu Feng did not hesitate. He had decided to help this boy who carried a hatred of blood as deep as the ocean.

“Lil Ming, what are you doing here? Quickly, return with me.”

Right at this moment, a middle-aged man rushed over while limping. He grabbed onto Lil Ming’s hand and wanted to bring him away.

“He is senior brother Shao, he was the one who had brought Lil Ming back. Although he is not Lil Ming’s blood relative, he has treated Lil Ming as his own son for the past four years.”

“Other than being unable to protect Lil Ming, he has treated him extremely well. He has even gone as far as to give Lil Ming a portion of his cultivation resources,” Li Xiang secretly informed Chu Feng.

“No, I’m not returning. I want to retrieve my dignity, I want to avenge my family. I refuse to continue to be a spineless coward.”

At this moment, Lil Ming became emotional. He started struggling from senior brother Shao’s grip and began to yell. However, he only possessed a single arm. Furthermore, senior brother Shao was a Martial Lord. Thus, his struggle was very powerless and he was simply unable to break free.

“Lil Ming, what sort of silliness are you spouting? The people who killed your family are no ordinary people. You cannot afford to avenge them. It is better for you to be a normal person and live your life in peace,” Senior brother Shao urged.

“No, I don’t care how powerful they are, I will still kill them. Else, I will be unable to face my brothers, my sisters, my uncles, aunties and, most importantly, my parents.” Lil Ming started to struggle more and more, yelling louder and louder. Tears were already flowing out from the corners of his eyes.

“You, you’ve truly become more and more disobedient,” Senior brother Shao stopped bothering to try to reason with Lil Ming and forcibly grabbed him to leave.

“Release him,” However, right at this moment, a resounding voice suddenly sounded. Even the sky and ground trembled because of the voice. As for the bamboo trees, they were violently swinging back and forth.

In this sort of situation, that senior brother Shao was so frightened that his body began to shiver. He hurriedly released the hand that he was using to grab onto Lil Ming and began to move back several steps in succession. In merely an instant, his complexion had turned pale and his body was covered in sweat. He had been greatly frightened by Chu Feng.

“Lil Ming, I will ask you again, do you wish to restore your body and retrieve your dignity?” Chu Feng asked again.

Seeing this, senior brother Shao hurriedly butted in, “Junior brother, Lil Ming is still very young. You most definitely cannot take his words seriously.”

“You shut up,” Chu Feng frowned and shouted at him angrily. His shout scared senior brother Shao so much that his body stiffened. He stood there motionlessly, as if he had been petrified.

Senior brother Shao had been bullied for this many years and thought that he had seen all sorts of evil men. However, just then, he discovered that he was mistaken.

At this moment, the refined and courteous young man that stood before him was more frightening than all of the people that he had encountered before. That young man was like a devil. This made him not dare to utter another word. Else, if he did, it was possible that this devil would kill him.

“Lil Ming, it’s your business, you decide. Do you want to retrieve your dignity and avenge your family, or do you want to discard your dignity, be humiliated by others and live below others for the rest of your life?” Chu Feng asked again.

“I want to retrieve my dignity!!!”

“I want to avenge my family!!!!”

“I do not want to live below others, I want to live above others!!!!!”

Lil Ming shouted hysterically. At this time, he was very emotional and did not appear to be a child at all. However, to Chu Feng, this was the real him.

“Very well, I’ll help you.”

After this, Chu Feng personally set up a spirit formation and restored Lil Ming’s body.

“Senior brother Chu Feng, you’re amazing. You actually managed to restore my body so quickly. Last time when senior brother Li helped me restore my body, it took a very long time.”

Seeing his recovered body, Lil Ming began to jump and hop. He was overjoyed and began to reveal his childish side.

He felt this to be very unimaginable. That was because Chu Feng had restored his body extremely quickly; his body had been restored in nearly an instant. This made him feel that it was extremely miraculous and unbelievable.

At the same time, this also made him hold Chu Feng in greater adoration, and made him feel that Chu Feng was a very powerful person, more powerful than even Li Xiang described him to be.