Chapter 1297 - Leave Without Saying Goodbye

MGA: Chapter 1297 - Leave Without Saying Goodbye

“What did you say earlier? You want me to move to the side? In that case, what if I refuse to move? What are you going to do?” Sima Ying did not answer that rank four Martial King’s question and instead questioned him coldly. Her attitude was extremely unyielding and overbearing.

“Of… of… of course not. I… I…” It was evident that that man feared Sima Ying greatly. He was so afraid that he began to stammer as he spoke, unable to even finish a single sentence, and began to glance at that rank six Martial King behind him continuously.

“Junior sister Sima, please don’t blame him. He didn’t know that it was you who had come. If he had, he would definitely not have acted in such a manner toward you.”

Seeing this, the man with the cultivation of rank six Martial King walked over with a smile on his face. At the same time, he pretended to be strict and said to the rank four Martial King, “Quickly apologize to junior sister Sima.”

“Junior sister Sima, I am sorry. I truly did not mean those words. Please, as a person of great moral stature, do not take offense to the mistake that this lowly one had committed, please forgive me,” Hearing that, the rank four Martial King immediately cupped his fist with his other hand and bowed to Sima Ying to admit his mistake.

From this scene, Chu Feng was able to tell that Sima Ying possessed quite an extraordinary status in the World Spiritist Alliance. At the very least, she was definitely someone with authority among the younger generation.

It was no wonder that she would vow to Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen that if they were to join the World Spiritist Alliance, she could guarantee that no one would dare to bully them.

“Since senior brother Dai has said it like this, I won’t bicker with you about your mistake today. Next time around, open your dog eyes wide and clearly see what is happening in front of you prior to speaking,” Sima Ying reprimanded the rank four Martial King.

“Yes, yes, yes. I will remembered that. Next time, I will definitely do that, definitely do that,” The rank four Martial King said.

Sima Ying raised her long, shapely eyebrows and coldly shouted, “What? You actually dare to have a next time?”

“No, no, no. That’s not what I meant. There won’t be a next time, there will never be a next time. I won’t ever dare to do this again. I will never dare to do this again,” The man immediately started to apologize, he was so scared that he became covered in cold sweat.

“Junior sister Sima, look how you’ve scared him. Say, give me some face and forgive him,” At this moment, the man surnamed Dai spoke once again.

“Mn, I’ll give senior brother Dai face today,” Sima Ying said in compromise.

“Thank you junior sister Sima for your enormous generosity, thank you senior brother Dai for helping junior.”

Seeing that Sima Ying had decided to forgive him, the man hurriedly bowed with his hands held before him, one palm cupping the other fist. It was as if he had just escaped from calamity.

Furthermore, as he apologized and bowed to Sima Ying, he also began to bow and apologize to the man surnamed Dai repeatedly. Gratefulness was written all over his face.

Seeing the grateful expression on that rank four Martial King, the man surnamed Dai had a complacent expression on his face.

To him, this was something that was very honorable for him to do. As for why it was honorable, it was not because the rank four Martial King was now so grateful toward him. Instead, it was because Sima Ying had decided to give him this face. Thus, he felt honored.

However, Chu Feng noticed that while this man surnamed Dai had a complacent expression on his face, his eyes had never once left Sima Ying. Furthermore, his gaze was also a bit special. It was likely that this guy was interested in Sima Ying.

That was because he had once glanced at Chu Feng. At that time, his eyes were filled with ill intent. That sort of gaze was like the gaze of someone looking at their enemy, their rival in love.

Although he managed to hide his ill-intended gaze very well, Chu Feng was able to see it clearly.

Sure enough, the man surnamed Dai turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Junior sister Sima, who might this be?” Merely, he had a smile on his face and appeared to be very friendly toward Chu Feng on the surface.

“Oh, senior brother Dai, allow me to introduce you to each other. This is Chu Feng, a person I befriended in the Cyanwood Domain.”

“Chu Feng, this person here is Dai Shu, my World Spiritist Alliance’s senior brother Dai,” Sima Ying introduced them to one another.

“Kangaroo?” [1. Kangaroo is also pronounced Dai Shu, a bit different but similar enough.] Hearing that name, Chu Feng was a bit surprised. Wasn’t kangaroo the name of an animal?

“Haha, when I first heard senior brother Dai’s name, I had the exact same reaction as you,” Sima Ying burst into a loud laugh.

“Junior sister Sima, when you first heard my name, your reaction was much more exaggerated than Brother Chu Feng’s. That’s right, you were laughing like the way you are now.”

At this moment, Dai Shu appeared to be very embarrassed. However, he still forced a smile and began to explain to Chu Feng, “My surname Dai is from the ‘dai’ in ‘clothing’ [2.Chuan Dai]. As for my name, it’s the Shu from ‘scholar’ [3.Shu Sheng.]. My name is not the same as the name of that sort of animal with a pouch on their abdomen.”

“Senior brother Dai, this is your fault. Your name is truly sounds ridiculous. It should be fine for us to laugh at it, just consider it to be a good thing.”

However, Sima Ying continued to laugh loudly. Only after a long time did she turn to Chu Feng and say, “Chu Feng, come, let’s enter.”

“Sima Ying, didn’t we agree that I would only be bringing you here?” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng knew that the World Spiritist Alliance was Sima Ying’s home and that she would definitely be safe here. Thus, after he brought her here, he was at ease and did not plan to enter the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Chu Feng, you really do not plan to join our World Spiritist Alliance?” Hearing that, Sima Ying was unwilling to accept it, and did not want to let Chu Feng leave.

“I must thank you for your good intentions. However, we’ve already discussed this question countless times now. You should know what I plan to do. Thus, you don’t have to try to force me to join,” Chu Feng said.

On their journey here, Chu Feng had already mentioned to Sima Ying many times that he did not plan to join the World Spiritist Alliance. However, Sima Ying had been urging Chu Feng to join the entire time.

Before they arrived here, Sima Ying had stopped urging him to join. Thus, Chu Feng had thought that she had given up on that thought. However, it would appear now that she had yet to actually give up. This girl was truly too stubborn.

“Since this is the case, I will not make things difficult for you. However, I have a gift that I need to give you and will need to enter the World Spiritist Alliance to get it. Wait for me here, is that fine with you?”

Sima Ying suddenly grabbed onto Chu Feng’s hand. Her eyes were flickering with brightness and her little pink lips were pursed up, she appeared to be very lovely and pitiful as she pleaded.

This scene stunned Dai Shu and the others. Their mouths were wide open as their eyes were filled with surprise.

It was the first time they had seen Sima Ying acting so charmingly. Thus, it was truly too shocking. If this were to be known to the World Spiritist Alliance, it would definitely be a piece of enormous news.

That was because practically everyone from the World Spiritist Alliance knew what sort of person Sima Ying was. She was simply a little hot pepper that could not be reasoned with.

Other than her grandfather and the other management world spiritists of the World Spiritist Alliance, she feared no one else. Never had she ever admitted her defeat to another person.

Even when facing her grandfather she would act like a spoiled child. Yet, right now, she was actually acting in such a manner to a person of her own generation. This was truly an enormously shocking event, capable of toppling the impression that everyone had of Sima Ying.

For five of the males, they took it relatively well, and were only shocked. However, Dai Shu was different. His expression had changed completely. Shown in his eyes was burning rage that emitted from the bottom of his heart. His gaze simply appeared to be capable of eating someone alive.

However, this sort of gaze only lasted for an instant as he managed to rapidly hide it away and pretended that nothing had happened.

“Okay then, come back quickly,” Seeing the way Sima Ying acted, Chu Feng had no choice but to nod his head.

“Yay! In that case, wait for me here. You must definitely not leave. I’ll be back right away. Remember, you must wait for me here.”

Seeing how Chu Feng agreed to it, Sima Ying was extremely happy. She took out a title plate from her Cosmos Sack and poured spirit energy into it. Immediately afterward, the plaza under her feet began to flicker with light. As the light shone, Sima Ying disappeared. It was evident that she had gone through the formation and entered deep into the underground, to the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Sigh, this girl,” After seeing Sima Ying leaving, Chu Feng shook his head while smiling.

With how strong his powers of observation were, he naturally knew what Sima Ying planned to do. She most definitely had not gone to get something. Most likely, she had some sort of method to detain Chu Feng in the World Spiritist Alliance.

However, regardless of what sort of method she might have, Chu Feng was not interested in it. As Chu Feng did not wish to join the World Spiritist Alliance, there was no one that could change his heart. However, it remained that Sima Ying was his friend. If she were to insist on it, it would be quite a headache for Chu Feng too.

Thus, Chu Feng did not plan to stay here and wait for Sima Ying to return. In order to leave in peace, he decided to leave without saying good-bye.

“Brothers, I have something that I must do, so I’ll be leaving first. I hope that you all can inform Sima Ying that I am sorry that I was unable to wait for her return today and that I will pay her a visit in the future to apologize to her,” Chu Feng said to Dai Shu and the others.