Chapter 1296 - World Spiritist Alliance

MGA: Chapter 1296 - World Spiritist Alliance

After Chu Feng and Sima Ying left the Sima Villa, they began to proceed toward the World Spiritist Alliance.

Traveling in the sky, their speed was extremely fast. Like last time, it was still Sima Ying leading the way. However, Sima Ying was depressed the entire journey, with red eyes and a stiff face; she appeared to have a large load on her mind.

“Why aren’t you happy?” Chu Feng asked.

“I know that what you did was correct. Also, I know that you did it for me. But, they’re still…” Sima Ying said.

“But, they’re still your relatives. No matter how they treated you, they’re still your blood relatives. The blood that flows through you will forever be of the same family.”

“However, to me, it does not concern me whether they are your relatives or not. All I know is that you are my friend.”

“I will not allow my friends to be bullied. Regardless of who it is that is bullying them.”

“And you, Si, Ma, Ying, are my friend.”

“Thus, regardless of who they are, as long as they dare to bully you, I will not let them get away with it,” Chu Feng rushed to speak.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Sima Ying was startled for a moment. She then asked, “If they weren’t my relatives and bullied me like that, what would you have done?”

“If they weren’t your relatives, there would no longer be a Sima Villa after today,” Chu Feng replied.

“With your massacre today, you should’ve cut the weeds and eliminated the roots. However, you didn’t do that. That means that you have left behind troubles for yourself in the future.”

“If the future trouble remains small, then it can be ignored. However, if it is to become large, it would be endless. I believe you understand this principle. Yet, why did you… still let them off?” Sima Ying asked.

“All those that I’ve killed are people that wanted to harm you. As such, they deserved to die.”

“As for those that I didn’t kill, while they loathed both me and you, they would not have let us go today if they had the strength. Even if I did not kill their relatives, they would still not have let us leave.”

“Thus, to be merciful toward one’s enemy is to be cruel toward oneself.”

“The reason I decided to be merciful today is for no other reason than for your sake. I feared that you would feel that you’ve let down your late grandfather, and would keep this matter as a knot in your heart and become unable to live the rest of your life in peace.”

“In order to avoid all of that, so what if some future troubles were left behind? Furthermore, people like them are unworthy of being paid attention to by me. If they have the ability, they can come and find me.” Chu Feng calmly said those words. All that he said was the truth, his true feelings.

When she heard what Chu Feng said, Sima Ying’s little face was instantly stunned. Only after a long time did she manage to return to normal.

At this moment, a rare smile blossomed on her face. It was both sweet and charming. Furthermore, it also contained a bit of sexiness. When being shone upon by the sun, her smile was extremely brilliant, filled with boundless radiance. Especially when her smile was set off by her red hair, it made it appear to be even more beautiful.

“Thank you.”

Sima Ying did not say much, she merely said those two simple words. However, starting from this moment, her impression of Chu Feng completely changed.

While Chu Feng did not know if he had managed to help her untie the knot in her heart, Sima Ying was, at the very least, able to recover from her depressed state and regain her vitality after hearing what he said.

As the two of them traveled together, their relationship became even more harmonious. In the past, Sima Ying was very disregarding of other’s feelings when speaking, loved to act arrogantly and jab at another’s sore spot.

However, she would rarely argue with Chu Feng, and would instead begin to talk with him about some interesting things that lightened up his mood.

Chu Feng was able to notice Sima Ying’s change. However, he was not surprised by it. Instead, he felt happy by it. Simply put, Sima Ying now treated Chu Feng more like a friend, a true friend.

The World Spiritist Alliance was located in the central region of the Alliance Domain. This was a long distance for Chu Feng and Sima Ying to travel, an unrealistic journey if they were to travel by foot.

Thus, the two of them arrived at an ancient Teleportation Formation. They entered the Teleportation Formation and, after a long teleportation, arrived at their destination, the World Spiritist Alliance.

At this moment, Chu Feng and Sima Ying arrived at an ancient lush mountain range.

This mountain range was not very large. At the very least, it was much smaller than the mountain range that the Cyanwood Mountain was composed of.

However, there weren’t any palaces or buildings in this mountain range. It was as if there was no one living in this place, like it was a piece of nature untouched by man.

This place was very beautiful, so beautiful that it looked like paradise. The scenery here was not at all inferior to that of the Cyanwood Mountain. Furthermore, because it had a natural and untouched appearance, it appeared even more otherworldly, something that the Cyanwood Mountain could not compare with.

However, at this moment, below Chu Feng and Sima Ying’s feet was a strange construction.

It was a plaza. The plaza was not very large, and was circular in shape. However, there were special marks and runes on the plaza. It was evident that this was a formation, an extraordinary formation.

Chu Feng turned his gaze to his feet and began to use his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect the plaza. After a long time, he exclaimed in admiration, “Truly worthy of being the World Spiritist Alliance, it’s actually constructed deep underground. This has truly surpassed my imagination.”

“You managed to see it?” Sima Ying was surprised.

“Merely the tip of the iceberg,” Chu Feng modestly replied.

However, Sima Ying still looked to Chu Feng as if she had seen a monster. She said, “Your eyes are truly amazing. I am truly in awe.”

“Heh, there’s no need for you to be in awe. With your talent, learning this sort of technique would not be hard,” Chu Feng replied.

“I hope that’s the case,” Sima Ying replied with a smile. While Sima Ying was in awe, she was not jealous of Chu Feng. That was because Chu Feng was her friend.


Right at this moment, the runes and marks on the plaza began to shine with light. The light grew brighter and brighter.

While the light shone, several world spirit exit-like formations appeared on the plaza that had originally been sealed.

“Someone’s coming out,” As Chu Feng spoke, he moved to one side so as to not obstruct the people coming out.

However, Sima Ying did not move and remained standing where she was.

Sure enough, after those exit-like formations appeared, the brightness of the plaza immediately increased enormously. Then, while the light continued to shine, six figures appeared.

The light was unable to block Chu Feng’s sight. Thus, he was able to tell that all six of them were men. They were all wearing the same sort of clothing, world spiritist cloaks. Furthermore, all of their cloaks were gold in color. They were six gold-cloak world spiritists.

However, on the waists of their cloaks was a title plate. Their title plates were transparent like jade. Yet, they were also very simple and unadorned in appearance. In the center of the transparent title plates was carved a single word, ‘Alliance.’

It was likely that all of them were people from the World Spiritist Alliance.

When disregarding their status as gold-cloak world spiritists, their cultivations were also not weak. Among them, one was a rank four Martial King, four were rank five Martial Kings and the last one was a rank six Martial King.

As for their ages, all six men were in their twenties. Only that rank six Martial King was relatively older than the rest and appeared to be approaching thirty.

However, he was also the most handsome one among the six men. Although he could not be considered to be extremely handsome, he could be said to possess elegance and grace. From his confidence-filled expression, one could tell that he was very satisfied with his own appearance.

“What are you doing? You saw that the formations had opened, why didn’t you move aside? Are you not afraid that…”

When the six of them arrived at the plaza, before the light could disappear, the weakest among them, the rank four Martial King, rapidly walked toward Sima Ying and loudly scolded her.

“You…” However, after the light disappeared, when he saw Sima Ying’s appearance, his expression took a huge change. Not only did he took a step back, he even started to panic. Immediately, he changed his tone and, with a gentle and concerning tone, he said, “Junior sister Sima, so… so it’s actually you.”

“Wh… whe… when did you return?”