Chapter 1295 - Being Merciful

MGA: Chapter 1295 - Being Merciful

This woman was extremely emotional. With an angry expression on her face, her spit flew all over the place as she cursed Sima Ying.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Feng felt that she looked very familiar.

Suddenly, he recalled… when Sima Ying had first returned, many of the Sima Family members began to flatter her nonstop. They were simply people without the slightest bit of shame.

However, when Sima Ying mentioned the reason why she had come, those same people immediately became hostile, revealed their true appearances and began to loudly curse her. As for this woman, she was one of the people who had been cursing Sima Ying the loudest.

People like her were simply shameless beyond help. Chu Feng was unable to understand where she got the courage to curse Sima Ying.

“Sima Ying, not only are you an animal, you’re also a little slut, an incomparably malicious little slut. We have only refused to allow your grandfather to be buried in our Sima Family, yet you decided to be malicious enough to massacre your relatives. No matter what, we are your family and they are your seniors. Yet you have the heart to kill them and didn’t even leave them an intact corpse. How much more malicious can you be?”

“You stone-hearted little slut, you...”

As Chu Feng continued to listen, he finally understood what had happened. It turned out that this woman’s husband was one of those that had attacked him, overestimating his own abilities, and had thus been killed by Chu Feng. Thus, in anger, this woman was trying to obtain justice for her husband.

However, as she knew that she was no match for Chu Feng, she ended up only being able to curse in order to relieve the hatred in her heart.

However, it was clearly Chu Feng who had killed her husband. Yet, she did not dare to curse Chu Feng and instead targeted Sima Ying.

“That’s right, that’s right, this Sima Ying is an utterly heartless little slut. With her intolerable behavior, the heavens should strike her dead with lightning.”

After this woman, more people joined in to curse and insult Sima Ying. The amount of people like them grew greater and greater. In an instant, the sounds of curses resounded throughout heaven and earth. All kinds of vile words were being spoken nonstop.

Chu Feng noticed that the people who were raining curses upon Sima Ying were mostly women. It seemed that they all felt that Sima Ying was very weak, easy to bully and did not dare to do anything to them, a bunch of weak women. Thus, that was why they dared to curse Sima Ying like so.

In fact, Sima Ying was indeed lowering her head in silence. She carried her grandfather’s remains and cried more and more sadly.

While contained within her tears were the feelings of grief and sadness, it was mostly guilt and self-blame.

It was clear that her sore spot was being attacked by these women. Although those people had not been killed by her, it was true that they had died because of her.

The current Sima Ying was completely different from the normal Sima Ying. However, this showed even more clearly that these people who had died possessed a special importance to Sima Ying.

Chu Feng was able to tell that Sima Ying possessed no sentiments toward these so-called relatives.

However, there had to be a reason why her temperament had made such an enormous change after coming here, the reason why she had become so quiet and weak, so weak that even those weaker than her could curse her as much as they liked without her daring to retort.

Chu Feng guessed that it was most definitely because of her grandfather. Her grandfather most definitely had told her something when he was alive that caused Sima Ying to endure this bunch of Sima Family members like she did.

“You all are truly overly excessive in your bullying.”

While Sima Ying was willing to endure, it did not mean that Chu Feng was willing to endure. A flash of coldness shone through Chu Feng’s eyes and an invisible ripple swept past.





Muffled explosions that sounded like firecrackers began to sound in succession. With every bang, a person exploded and turned into a pool of blood.

The people who exploded were all the women who had cursed Sima Ying. At that time, none of them continued to curse Sima Ying. As for the reason why, it was because they were all dead.

There was only a single exception. As for that, it was the woman who had begun the tirade of curses on Sima Ying.

At this moment, her complexion had turned ashen. Not only was she dripping with sweat, she was also shaking nonstop. While looking at Chu Feng, she began to walk back. She knew that it was most definitely Chu Feng who had killed those people.

“Have you all gone blind? The person who killed them is me, Chu Feng. This matter is unrelated to Sima Ying. Yet, why are you all cursing her?” Chu Feng shouted loudly.

No one dared to answer Chu Feng. In fact, no one dared to look Chu Feng in the face. Each and every one of them lowered their heads in silence.

As matters stood, everyone regarded Chu Feng as the devil. While they dared to bully Sima Ying, not a single one of them dared to offend Chu Feng.

“You can place this matter on me, Chu Feng. If you wish to avenge them, you can come and find me at any time. I, Chu Feng, am willing to accompany you all at any time.”

“However, it would be best for you to not try to push this onto Sima Ying. Else, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

Chu Feng looked to the woman who had been cursing Sima Ying and said, “Do you all understand what I just said? You, old aunty over there?”

“Un, un, understood.” That woman nodded her head. The arrogance she had been displaying earlier was completely gone. As she spoke, her lips even began to shiver. She was truly scared of Chu Feng.

“Since you understand, then you can drop dead,” Chu Feng said coldly. After that, a ‘bang’ was heard, and that woman’s flesh and blood started to splatter all over as she turned into a pool of blood.

That woman did not manage to escape death. That was because Chu Feng did not let her off.

“You devil!”

Seeing that Chu Feng had killed them as if he were killing chickens, vicious and merciless without the slightest bit of hesitation, another angry shout sounded from the crowd. Merely, the person who spoke those words used a special method and made it impossible to determine who it was that had spoken.

The person who spoke was most definitely another person filled with anger but was also scared of death. That was the reason why that person used this sort of method to curse and insult Chu Feng.

However, he had underestimated Chu Feng. While this sort of method might work on other people, it would not work on Chu Feng.

In an instant, Chu Feng found the person who had insulted him. With a single thought from Chu Feng, a gale sprang up everywhere and blew all of the Sima Family members away.

At this time, an aged old man was struggling as he floated within the waves of screams from the people being blown away by the wind. Furthermore, he was slowly floating toward Chu Feng.

He was the one who had insulted Chu Feng earlier. Merely, he had used a youthful voice to insult Chu Feng when he was actually an aged old man. From this, it could be seen that this old man was also a shameless person.

When that old man approached him, Chu Feng calmly asked. “You said I’m the devil?”

At the beginning, this old man was very scared. However, after he approached Chu Feng, he came to a realization that he would definitely be killed and decided to not beg for forgiveness. Instead, with a trembling voice, he angrily snarled, “That’s right, you are the devil. You’ve killed all these people from our Sima Family and did not even leave a single intact corpse behind. If you are not the devil, then what are you? I have never seen a person as cold-blooded as you.”

When they heard that this old man actually dared to insult Chu Feng like this, the complexions of the people from the Sima Family all turned green.[1.look extremely unwell.] There were even people who hurriedly closed their eyes, not daring to look anymore. That was because they felt that with Chu Feng’s methods, this old man would be tormented to death.

However, Chu Feng did not hurry to kill the old man. Instead, he squinted his eyes and laughed lightly. His laugh was very easy-going and natural.

“Listen carefully. For a family as filthy as you all, the fact that I did not exterminate your entire bloodline is already me being merciful.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng’s turned around and, bringing Sima Ying with him, soared into the sky and left.

As for that old man, after Chu Feng released his binding on him, he fell to the ground with a ‘putt.’

At this moment, he was like a rubber ball that had lost its air. He laid on the ground motionlessly as he looked in the direction in which Chu Feng and Sima Ying had left.

He appeared to be rejoicing because Chu Feng had not killed him. At the same time, he appeared to be grieving because of the conclusion that had befallen the Sima Family. However, one thing was certain; he was forever frightened by what Chu Feng had said.

‘The fact that I did not exterminate your entire bloodline is already me being merciful.’