Chapter 1298 - What Are You Trying To Do?

MGA: Chapter 1298 - What Are You Trying To Do?

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re leaving? But didn’t junior sister Sima ask you to wait for her here?”

“Brother Chu Feng, you should wait a bit. Even if you were to leave, it would better for you to personally inform junior sister Sima of it. Otherwise, it will be… very difficult for us to pass on your message to her.”

“That’s right. With how intimate you seem to be with junior sister Sima, you should know about her temperament. It’s better that you tell her about it yourself.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was planning to leave, those five men immediately started to panic. They all feared Sima Ying and feared that she would get angry and blame them after Chu Feng left. Thus, they all began to urge Chu Feng not to leave.

To be honest, when Chu Feng saw the difficult expressions on the faces of these five men, he began to hesitate. He knew Sima Ying very well. With her temperament, it was very possible that she would make things difficult for these people. If that was the case, then Chu Feng would’ve implicated them.

“What are you all doing? Since when did it become time for you all to interrupt someone else’s matter?”

“Everyone has their own ambitions. Brother Chu Feng does not wish to stay here, and refuses to even give junior sister Sima face, thus, why are you all acting so meddlesome, trying to meddle in another’s business? What do you all consider yourselves to be?”

Right at this moment, Dai Shu suddenly spoke in a strange manner. Not only was his tone filled with tart, he was even indirectly insulting Chu Feng. The change in his attitude was enormous, it was a clear-cut difference from the good-natured appearance that he displayed earlier.

After hearing what Dai Shu said, those five men hurriedly closed their mouths. It could be seen that while they feared Sima Ying, they also feared Dai Shu.

As for Chu Feng, he merely smiled to Dai Shu and did not say much. That was because Chu Feng already knew what sort of person this Dai Shu was.

The reason why he had been acting so courteously toward Chu Feng earlier was because Sima Ying was present. Now that Sima Ying had left, he had completely unmasked himself. Thus, his current actions were not at all strange.

Therefore, Chu Feng did not bother to say anything and, with a movement of his body, he soared into the sky and began to leave.

“Brother Chu Feng, since you’ve come, you’re a guest. Thus, allow me to send you off,” Right at this moment, Dai Shu’s eyes squinted. With an intentional smile on his face, he flew over to Chu Feng.

Seeing this, Chu Feng did not try to refuse him. However, he did not bother to answer him either. Instead, he proceeded to fly toward the direction of the ancient Teleportation Formation.

Just like this, the two of them, one in front and one behind with a distance of less than a hundred meters between them, proceeded to fly toward the ancient Teleportation Formation.

However, right after the two of them had flown far away from the mountain range, an ominous glint flashed through the eyes of Dai Shu who was following behind Chu Feng. Abruptly, he shot forth his palm. In an instant, surging martial power condensed into an enormous boulder that smashed toward Chu Feng’s back.

His attack was extremely sudden and his speed was extremely fast. At such a distance, it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to dodge the attack.

At this moment, a complacent smile emerged on Dai Shu’s face. He felt that Chu Feng would definitely be killed.


However, right when Dai Shu felt that his attack would definitely land on Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly turned around and waved his sleeve. Immediately afterward, lightning turned into a crescent-shaped ray and completely shattered Dai Shu’s attack.

After Chu Feng defeated Dai Shu’s attack, he did not display any expression of anger. Instead, with a smile on his face, he said, “You’ve finally revealed your fox’s tail? The way I see it, your name shouldn’t be kangaroo, instead, you should be called trash.”

“You dare to call me trash? You are simply asking to die.”

Dai Shu, who had already exposed himself, shouted angrily. After that, he swung his arms and began to rain a storm of attacks toward Chu Feng. His intention was extremely clear, he planned to kill Chu Feng.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.”

Fierce attacks were flying toward Chu Feng nonstop. Violent energy ripples were exploding unceasingly.

However, no matter what sort of attack that Dai Shu used, he was unable to injure Chu Feng in the slightest.

Although his cultivation was pretty decent and he had incorporated spirit techniques into his attacks, causing them to be very special and even worthy of praise, his battle power was not up to much. At the very most, he only possessed the battle power to contend against rank seven Martial Kings.

With a battle power of that level, he was simply unworthy of mention when before Chu Feng.

“Damn it, this guy is actually capable of defending against my attacks?”

Seeing that his attacks were all useless, Dai Shu, who had wanted to kill Chu Feng, started to panic in anger.

Sensing that the situation wasn’t good, Dai Shu did not try to hold back anything anymore. He formed hand seals with his hands and then abruptly shot them out explosively.


As martial power raged, light began to radiate all around. A fiery red beam of light that contained a very destructive might penetrated through space and charged toward Chu Feng.

This was no ordinary attack. Instead, it was a Taboo Martial Skill, a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill.

Mortal Taboo Martial Skills were extremely ferocious. Had it been any ordinary person, even if they possessed the ability to deal with a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill, they would still act very cautiously.

However, Chu Feng did not do so. As he faced that red beam of light that was able to penetrate space, Chu Feng neither dodged nor set up a defense.

Only when that beam of light was about to reach him did Chu Feng hold his chest forward, open his mouth widely and suck in a mouthful of cold air.


In an instant, the natural energy in their surroundings began to collapse following the appearance of a violent gale. Even that fiery red-colored beam of light began to warp from the gale. In the end, they were actually all sucked into Chu Feng’s mouth.

After the beam of light entered his mouth, Chu Feng closed his mouth and then, with a ‘bang,’ that beam of light actually ended up exploding in Chu Feng’s mouth.

However, even though that destructive beam of light exploded in Chu Feng’s mouth, Chu Feng was still completely unharmed. Merely, black smoke began to rise from the corner of his mouth.

“This martial skill is pretty good. Merely, it’s a waste for it to be used by you,” Chu Feng said mockingly.

“You…” At this moment, Dai Shu’s complexion had already turned ashen. His eyes were wide open and his eyes were filled with fear.

He had originally thought that Chu Feng was merely a rank five Martial King and that he would be able to easily eliminate him. However, never would he ever have imagined that Chu Feng would be this frighteningly powerful. Not only did Chu Feng defend against all of his attacks, he even ate his Taboo Martial Skill without being injured in the slightest.

What Chu Feng had displayed caused him to be both shocked and scared. He was no fool, and as matters stood, he knew that Chu Feng was enormously powerful and that he was no match for him.

However, even though this was the case, he did not cower. Instead, he feigned calmness and said, “Brother Chu Feng is truly skillful. It is no wonder that you could be together with junior sister Sima.”

“However, I must remind you of this: junior sister Sima possesses exceptional talent. In the World Spiritist Alliance, countless people long for her.”

“Those people, regardless of whether it might be their personal strength or their background, neither of them are things that you can compare with.”

“For your sake, I advise you to get away from junior sister Sima and not come to find her in the future. Else, if those people were to find out, you would be met with hard times.”

After he finished saying those words, Dai Shu waved his sleeve, turned around and prepared to leave.

“Halt,” Seeing this, Chu Feng spoke to stop him.

“I am warning you out of benevolence, there is no need for you to thank me. You should quickly leave this place.”

However, Dai Shu did not stop at all. He continued onward in a hurry. Each and every step from him gave rise to wind. In an instant, he had rushed a distance of several thousand meters. Without even turning his head back, he was madly running toward the World Spiritist Alliance.

He was trying to escape.

“Woosh.” However, suddenly, a flash of light went past him. Like a demon, Chu Feng appeared in front of him and blocked his path.

“You…” Seeing how enormously fast Chu Feng’s speed was, Dai Shu was shocked once more. As matters stood, he knew for certain that he was no match for Chu Feng. Thus, with a good-natured expression on his face, he asked, “Brother Chu Feng, is there still something that you need?”

“Dai Shu, your attacks earlier were very fierce, it was clear that you wanted to kill me. Yet now, you’re feigning that nothing has happened and you are trying to leave?”

“Do you take me, Chu Feng, for a fool? Or could it be that you’re the fool?” Chu Feng said those words indifferently. On his face was a cold smile.