Chapter 1292 - Great Catastrophe

MGA: Chapter 1292 - Great Catastrophe

When she saw Sima Huolie’s remains, Sima Ying was unable to contain the grief in her heart and began to tear up right away. Two streams of tears began to roll down her cheeks as she softly wept.

However, other than Sima Ying, no other person in the master palace hall was weeping. In fact, there was not even a trace of sadness on their faces. The only thing that was present on their faces was resentment.

It was so much so that there were even people who began to coldly laugh, rejoicing in another’s misfortune. It was as if they thought that Sima Huolie ought to have died.

“Haha, this is great, truly great. The Heavens have not disregarded our Sima Family.”

Suddenly, the Sima Villa’s villa master burst into a loud laugh. As he looked to Sima Huolie’s remains, his eyes shone brightly.

In an utterly heartless manner, he said, “The source energy is still intact. It should be able to fetch a good price.”

“What did you just say? Are you not planning to bury my grandfather’s remains in the ancestral tomb?”

Hearing those words, Sima Ying immediately became anxious. Never had she ever imagined that the Sima Villa’s villa master would say that sort of thing. It was one thing for him to not plan to bury Sima Huolie’s remains in the ancestral tomb, but it was quite another for him to plan to sell her grandfather’s source energy.

“Bury him in the ancestral tomb? Someone like Sima Huolie is unworthy of that.”

“Humph, when he was alive, not a single person from our Sima Family managed to obtain any benefit from him, not a single person received any help from him.”

“Now that he’s dead, selling his source energy can be considered to be a small compensation to our Sima Family,” The Sima Villa’s villa master said in a ruthless manner.

There was not the slightest trace of shame on his face. Instead, he felt that what he was doing was something that he should do, something that was proper and correct to do.

“You bastard, return my grandfather to me!”

Hearing those words, Sima Ying finally exploded in rage. The anger that she had been suppressing in her heart was finally released.

Her intense anger instantly filled the entire palace hall and caused the temperature in the palace hall to instantly fall multiple degrees.

At this moment, Sima Ying was like an enraged tiger. After a snarl of rage, she carried her rank six Martial King’s power along with her and charged toward to attack the Sima Villa’s villa master to snatch back her grandfather’s remains.


However, before Sima Ying could approach him, the Sima Villa’s villa master waved his sleeve, sweeping his boundless martial power across the hall, beating Sima Ying back.

Although Sima Ying was a genius, she was mostly a genius in world spirit techniques. Furthermore, the world spirit techniques that she was proficient in were not offensive techniques. As such, she was incapable of increasing her battle power using her spirit techniques.

As for martial cultivation, her true battle power was only about two ranks above that of a normal person. Thus, she only possessed enough strength to compete with an ordinary rank eight Martial King.

Thus, to Sima Ying, when facing a rank nine Martial King, regardless of how ordinary her opponent’s battle power might be, she would still not be a match.

“Someone like you dares to use force against I, your daddy? You truly have a deathwish,” After beating Sima Ying back, the villa master coldly snorted in disdain. He whipped his sleeve to show how powerful he was and then said to Sima Ying, “Scram, I do not wish to see your face again. In the future, do not set foot in our Sima Family. Or else, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

“Villa Master, you cannot let her go. If she is to return to inform the World Spiritist Alliance and bring back reinforcements, we’ll be met with a major calamity,” Right at this moment, someone warned.

“Mn, that’s true,” Hearing those words, the Sima Villa’s villa master suddenly came to a realization. After that, a flash of cold killing intent shone through his eyes. He looked to Sima Ying and coldly said, “Since that’s the case, I cannot let the two of you leave.”

Once the Sima Villa’s villa master said those words, the Sima Family immediately sealed off the entrance to the master palace hall.

At the same time, many people took out their Royal Armaments and released their auras in succession. Like that, they surrounded Sima Ying with the intention to contain her here.

It was not only Sima Ying who was surrounded, there were eleven individuals holding Royal Armaments who surrounded Chu Feng.

From their appearances, it was clear that they planned to eliminate Sima Ying and Chu Feng so as to not allow them to return to the World Spiritist Alliance.

As he looked to the eleven individuals who had surrounded him, Chu Feng did not bother to resist and instead only smiled disdainfully.

Not to mention them, even if the entire Sima Family were to try to contain him, they would not be able to.

“You, you all…”

Although Chu Feng remained extremely calm as all of this happened, Sima Ying’s complexion had already turned ashen. Contained within her wide open pair of beautiful eyes was anger and disbelief.

Never had she ever imagined that the so-called relatives who had treated her with reverence in the past would be this sort of people.

Not only did they turn hostile toward her and plan to sell off her grandfather’s remains, they even wanted to silence her by killing her.

How could there be relatives like them in this world?

They simply could not be considered to be relatives! They were simply enemies, even more malicious than one’s actual enemies!!!

At that moment, Sima Ying’s anger finally reached the extreme. It was the first time in her entire life that she had been this angry. She was so angry that her heart, liver and lungs were about to explode.

“Ha, haha, haha…” Suddenly, Sima Ying who was filled with anger suddenly started to laugh loudly and sinisterly.

That’s right, she was laughing. Even though her expression was still filled with anger, she was indeed laughing. Her laughter was even a bit frightening.

“What’s that girl laughing about? She couldn’t possibly be scared senseless, right?” When they saw that Sima Ying was laughing, the people from the Sima Family were all puzzled.

“Damned girl, what are you laughing about?” The Sima Villa’s villa master asked coldly.

“I am laughing because I am rejoicing, rejoicing that my grandfather did not help you bunch. That’s because scum like you all simply were not qualified to receive my grandfather’s assistance,” Sima Ying said as she gnashed her teeth in anger.

“You damned girl, if we don’t teach you a lesson, you really would think us to be ill cats.”[1. As opposed to tigers.] When they heard what Sima Ying said, the people of the Sima Villa in the master palace hall were all enraged.

One among them even took the initiative to attack. Holding a large golden-bright and dazzling blade, he hacked down toward Sima Ying.

The person who attacked was an old man. Judging by his old appearance, he most definitely had lived for over a hundred years. As for his cultivation, it was not weak either. He was actually a level above Sima Ying, a rank seven Martial King.

His attack was very ruthless. The target of his blade was Sima Ying’s left shoulder. He was planning to hacked Sima Ying’s left arm off.


However, right at this moment, a muffled sound echoed out. That old man who was attacking Sima Ying actually exploded on the spot. Not only did he fail to land his attack on Sima Ying, his body instead shattered into multiple pieces, turning into a large pool of blood as it scattered onto the floor. Even the large Royal Armament blade in his hand was shattered.

“Who? Who did this?” The sudden scene brought about great shock to many people present.

That was because Sima Ying had clearly done nothing. Furthermore, even if it had been Sima Ying, it would have been impossible for her to be able to kill that old man that easily. After all, that old man had been a rank seven Martial King.

At this moment, the people from the Sima Family were all frightened. They did not know whether an expert from the World Spiritist Alliance might’ve sneaked in. If that were the case, then, with the conduct they had displayed earlier, a great catastrophe was sure to befall them.