Chapter 1293 - Massacre

MGA: Chapter 1293 - Massacre

At this moment, everyone from the Sima Family began to panic. They had all cast their eyes to the outside of the palace hall, fearing that there would be experts from the World Spiritist Alliance outside.

After all, a colossus like the World Spiritist Alliance was not something that a tiny little family like themselves could afford to offend.


However, right at this moment, miserable screams began to sound in the palace hall continuously.

As the people from the Sima Family turned their gaze toward the screams, they were all stunned. That was because, at this moment, the eleven people who had surrounded Chu Feng were all lying on the floor with badly mutilated appearances. Their limbs had been ripped off and blood was flowing out from them. Furthermore, all of them no longer breathed.

When they looked back to Chu Feng, they discovered that there was not the slightest drop of blood on his clothes. However, there was a remnant of blood on one of his fingers.

Chu Feng placed the finger dripping with blood into his mouth and lightly licked it. Then, he immediately spit the blood out onto one of the Sima Family’s men. He said, “Even your blood tastes repulsive, you bunch are truly filthy.”

“Damned brat, was it you who did this?” When they saw this scene, the crowd from the Sima Family asked in unison.

“Why bother asking the obvious?” Chu Feng replied.

“Ha, so it was you who did it. In that case, it will be much simpler.”

Although they felt it to be very unbelievable, when they determined that it was Chu Feng who did all of those deeds, the previous worries that they had had instantly disappeared and were replaced with cold smiles.

That was because Chu Feng had not hidden his cultivation. He was merely a rank five Martial King, inferior to even Sima Ying. Thus, they felt that with his cultivation, he would definitely not be a match for them. As a result of that, they naturally did not place him in their eyes.


“Are you all truly certain that I will be easy to deal with?”

Chu Feng smiled indifferently. Immediately afterward, his expression suddenly turned cold. As a coldness flashed through his eyes, a layer of invisible killing intent swept forth from his body.

It was no ordinary killing intent. It was a killing intent that contained the might to actually kill people. Anywhere Chu Feng’s killing intent passed would have people screaming and flesh and blood flying.

In an instant, over a hundred of the Sima Family’s members that were closest to Chu Feng had exploded and met with a violent death.

“You, you animal! I’ll dismember you into ten thousand pieces!”

Seeing that Chu Feng had actually decided to massacre their kin, two old men with high statuses in the Sima Family charged toward Chu Feng.

These two old men could be said to be the strongest people in the Sima Family other than the Sima Villa’s villa master. Both of them possessed a cultivation of rank eight Martial King.

When the two of them arrived before Chu Feng, they immediately unleashed storm-like attacks toward him. Although they did not use martial skills, each and every attack from them was fatal and filled with killing intent.

However, even though these two old men were using very sharp and accurate attacks, Chu Feng was able to easily dodge them with a smile on his face.

After several bouts, Chu Feng stood with his hands behind his back; he had not even bothered to lift his hands once. As for those two old men, they had yet to even touch Chu Feng.

This scene shocked all of the Sima Family members in the palace hall. Never had they ever imagined that this rank five Martial King youngster was actually to dodge two rank eight Martial King experts for so long.

How powerful must his battle power be? Could this be the exceptional genius of legend?

When Chu Feng began to counterattack, the people from the Sima Villa were no longer only stunned.

“Woosh.” Chu Feng suddenly launched a counterattack. His body was like that of a demon as he dodged the two old men’s attacks and arrived behind them. Then, he stretched forth his hands and attacked the two old men.

“Not good,” The two old men felt an enormous killing intent from behind them. Immediately, they knew that the situation was not good and tried their best to dodge.

However, it was already too late. Chu Feng’s hands glimmered faintly as they were filled with King-level martial power. At this moment, his two hands were like sharp blades capable of slicing apart even Elite Armaments, sharp weapons capable of taking away one’s life.

With two ‘puu’ sounds, Chu Feng’s hands pierced through the two old men’s bodies and through their dantians.


Mouthfuls of blood violently surged out of the two old men’s mouths. As they turned their heads around and saw Chu Feng’s calm expression, complicated emotions emerged in their aged eyes.

They were angry, angry that Chu Feng had pierced through their dantians and crippled the cultivation that they had trained meticulously for years.

They were unreconciled, unreconciled that they had trained for five hundred years only to be defeated at the hands of a little brat. Furthermore, this brat only possessed the cultivation of a rank five Martial King.

“Although you’re rank eight Martial Kings, your battle power is extremely mediocre. People like you who only managed to obtain your cultivation through the accumulation of time actually thought that you would be able to kill me? Heh, ridiculous.”

Chu Feng laughed coldly. After that, his hands trembled, and a violent martial power began to burst out from his palms and into the two old men’s bodies.


At this moment, the two old men began to scream miserably, as if their hearts and lungs were being ripped apart. That was because not only were their bodies being rapidly destroyed by Chu Feng’s martial power, their source energies were also being devoured by Chu Feng while they were still alive.

The feeling of their bodies being destroyed bit by bit and their source energy being gradually devoured filled their entire bodies and engulfed their hearts and souls.

The pain that they were feeling was something that only someone who had experienced it for themselves could understand.

“Bastard, what are you doing? Quickly release them!” At this moment, the people from the Sima Family began to lash out against Chu Feng in both fear and shock.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored them. Just like that, right in front of the crowd from the Sima Family, he tormented the two old men who had wanted to kill him.

It was only at the moment when the two old men’s source energies were completely devoured by him, at the moment when they had lost all trace of life, that Chu Feng suddenly clenched his hands.



As his hands clenched into two fists, martial power immediately swept forth. The two old men’s bodies instantly shattered and turned into two pools of blood.

“You bastard, you, you… you are simply a devil!”

Seeing their family’s two influential seniors being tormented to death by Chu Feng, the Sima Family’s members were both angry and scared.

The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng were no longer filled with contempt. Instead, they were now filled with deep fear.

When Chu Feng had been killing their family members, there was not the slightest change in his emotions; he had been frighteningly calm.

It was as if he had not been killing people at all, but had been killing a bunch of ants or pests. It was as if all of this was natural to do and there was no need for him to blame himself for killing others at all.

Furthermore, at this moment, Chu Feng still had an expression of confidence. Even though he was facing this many people from the Sima Family, he was not scared in the slightest.

In fact, there was a very terrifying gaze in Chu Feng’s eyes. That sort of gaze was simply not a gaze toward people, it was a gaze toward a bunch of ants that he wished to stomp to death.

His behavior was simply unbefitting of a human and more like that of a devil that treated human life like grass.

It would be one thing if this sort of behavior had came from a great devil with a very high cultivation, since one would always have a demonic nature after killing a lot of people.

However, this sort of behavior instead came from such a young man. This made the people from the Sima Family become unable to help themselves from fearing Chu Feng.

At this moment, everyone from the Sima Family was pondering as to who exactly this young man before them was. For him to be this frightening, could it be that he was really not a human and was instead the son of a devil?

In fact, it was not only the members of the Sima Family who were thinking that. Even the Sima Family’s head, the Sima Villa’s villa master, was frowning and did not dare to take the initiative to attack Chu Feng.

From Chu Feng’s actions earlier, he was able to tell that Chu Feng did not put rank eight Martial Kings in his eyes at all, and that he also possessed the ability to easily kill rank eight Martial Kings.

Thus, although he was a rank nine Martial King, he could not be certain whether he would be a match for Chu Feng.

Suddenly, a thought came to him. He did not attack Chu Feng and instead turned around to look at Sima Ying.