Chapter 1291 - Shameless Relatives

MGA: Chapter 1291 - Shameless Relatives

After informing the people of the Sima Villa that her had grandfather died, Sima Ying did not try to conceal anything and, narrated in full detail to her relatives about how Han Helai was still alive and how she had caused her grandfather’s death.

After learning what had happened, practically everyone believed that Sima Huolie had died.

However, there was not the slightest trace of sadness on their faces. Instead, their faces were filled with disappointment. It was as if something that they placed great hope in had been ruined. This sort of reaction was truly unexpected and very shocking.

“You are truly a bearer of ill luck,” The woman carrying the snot-nosed child coldly said.

“What did you say?” Sima Ying did not dare to believe her ears. This woman who had always been sweet-talking her actually dared to speak those unkind words to her.

“I said that you’re a bearer of ill luck. Not long after you were born, you caused the death of your parents. And now, you’ve caused the death of your grandfather too. You are truly damned.” That woman pointed at Sima Ying’s face and loudly cursed. She was not afraid of Sima Ying in the slightest.

“Bearer of ill luck, get the hell out of here. We don’t need someone like you,”

“That’s right, scram the hell out of our Sima Family. Else, you’ll cause others from our family to die,”

After this, more and more people began to curse Sima Ying. In the end, close to half of the people present were cursing Sima Ying.

This scene not only stunned Sima Ying, it even stupefied Chu Feng. The people who were previously flattering and fawning over Sima Ying like she was their esteemed ancestor were now actually raining curses down upon her.

This was truly an unbelievable scene. That was because this change in attitude was truly too enormous.

“All of you, shut up!” Right at this moment, the Sima Villa’s villa master angrily shouted.

Once he said those words, the people who were cursing Sima Ying all shut their mouths. From this, one could tell that this family head actually possessed quite a bit of prestige in the family.

Unfortunately, this Sima Villa’s villa master no longer had an amiable expression on his face. It was now extremely cold and detached; he was like a completely different person.

“Sima Ying, your grandfather has died, so why did you bother to return to our Sima Family? Didn’t you grow up in the World Spiritist Alliance? That place is your home. After all, both you and your grandfather looked down on our Sima Family. So, why did you bother to return here?”

Sure enough, not only did this Sima Villa’s villa master not try to appease Sima Ying, he instead began to berate her.

At this moment, Sima Ying’s expression was extremely ugly.

Chu Feng was even able to see that she was tightly clenching her little fists in her sleeves. However, she soon released her fists.

Sima Ying was actually enduring. She was enduring these so-called relatives that had been flattering her and begging her for things earlier, and that had now fallen out with her and become completely hostile toward her.

It was the first time Chu Feng had seen Sima Ying act like this. In his memory, Sima Ying was a girl who feared nothing. Logically, she would not even fear those people who were more powerful than her. Thus, there should be no reason for her to fear these people.

However, since Sima Ying decided to endure, there would naturally be a reason for that. As Sima Ying did not say anything, it was unfit for Chu Feng to say anything. Thus, he could only continue to watch.

“Grandfather had said ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’. He, Sima Huolie, is, after all, a member of the Sima Family. Thus, when he was alive, he had told me that if he were to die, I must return his remains to the Sima Villa and bury him in the ancestral tomb,” Sima Ying slowly said.

“What? He only recalled that he’s a member of the Sima Family in the event of his death? When had he ever thought of himself to be a member of the Sima Family in the past?”

“That’s right, he was a grand character in the World Spiritist Alliance, someone who possessed authority to speak. However, never have we, the people from the Sima Family, ever managed to receive any benefit from him.”

“Other world spiritists of the World Spiritist Alliance that didn’t even have his level of power and authority were able to allow their relatives to train in the World Spiritist Alliance. Yet he, a grand World Spiritist Alliance’s management world spiritist, never once stood up for his relatives so they could train in the World Spiritist Alliance.”

“Furthermore, he dared to boast shamelessly that he did not wish for the Sima Family to rely on others, and wished for it to emerge in power by relying on themselves. What a bunch of bullshit! If we could emerge in power by ourselves, why the fuck would we be asking for his help?”

“The way I see it, he never considered us to be relatives to begin with.”

At this moment, many people began to reject burying Sima Huolie’s remains in their Sima Villa’s ancestral tomb. Some among them even began to mention all the things that had happened in the past, blaming Sima Huolie for all the wrongs he did them when he had been alive.

“Sigh, don’t speak of it like that. Who said that Sima Huolie never helped our Sima Family? Isn’t Sima Ying a perfect example of how he helped our Sima Family? Not only did she train in the World Spiritist Alliance, she grew up in it.”

“Bullshit, Sima Ying is Sima Huolie’s own granddaughter. Of course he needed to help her. But what about us? What are we? To him, we’re inferior to even a single fart. How would he possibly be willing to help us?”

“To not consider us as relatives when he was alive and only recall us when he’s dead, how much more shameless could one be?”

“And he wished to be buried in our Sima Family’s ancestral tomb? He must be dreaming!”

At that moment, more and more people began to join the crowd against Sima Huolie. Furthermore, the words that were leaving their mouths became more and more excessive, and their attitude became more and more vile. It was as if they possessed an enormous hatred against Sima Huolie.

Witnessing the events up to this point, Chu Feng finally realized why Sima Ying’s relatives would react in such a manner toward her.

It turned out that these people had always wanted to obtain power and benefits in the World Spiritist Alliance through Sima Huolie’s position.

However, Sima Huolie was a fair, strict and impartial person, and never once helped to provide them with a shortcut. This led to them harboring hard feelings toward Sima Huolie.

However, because Sima Huolie was very powerful, they did not dare to say anything, even though they were angry. Instead, in hopes of actually being able to obtain benefits from him, they had been flattering and fawning toward Sima Huolie and his granddaughter nonstop.

However, now that Sima Huolie had died, their hopes of obtaining a shortcut to the World Spiritist Alliance had been completely shattered. Thus, they decided to smash their masks, revealing their true feelings and targeting Sima Ying with all the anger in their hearts.

“All of you, shut your mouths!”

Suddenly, that Sima Villa’s villa master once again shouted angrily at the crowd. Immediately afterward, he said, “Do not mention what happened in the past. Although he was heartless when he was alive, we cannot be unrighteous toward him.”

“No matter what, Sima Huolie is a member of our Sima Family. Since he wished to be buried here in death, that means that he still had some conscience in him. As such, how can we refuse him?”

“Sima Ying, you can take out your grandfather’s remains,” the Sima Villa’s villa master walked over to Sima Ying.

“Sima Ying, do not hand your grandfather’s remains to them. Relatives like them cannot be trusted. Let’s go,” Chu Feng sent a voice transmission to Sima Ying.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Sima Ying began to hesitate. However, in the end, she sent a voice transmission to him and said, “Chu Feng, thank you for your good intentions. However, these were the final wishes of my late grandfather.”

After she finished saying those words, Sima Ying took out her grandfather’s remains.

It was a Cosmos Box. A Cosmos Box was different from Cosmos Sack in that they were especially used to contain corpses.

After receiving the Cosmos Box from Sima Ying, the Sima Villa’s villa master publicly opened it. As light shone from the Cosmos Box, Sima Huolie’s remains appeared in front of everyone.

Although Sima Huolie’s complexion was pale, and his body did not have the slightest trace of life, it was undamaged. It was as if he were asleep, and did not appear to be dead. However, he was indeed dead.