Chapter 1290 - Sima Villa

MGA: Chapter 1290 - Sima Villa

Chu Feng only planned to bring Sima Ying back to the World Spiritist Alliance, and did not plan to join the World Spiritist Alliance.

As for the reason why Chu Feng did not plan to join the World Spiritist Alliance, it was because he had received enough hatred from his fellow peers in the Cyanwood Mountain. Currently, what he wanted was to be able to live freely and move about unconstrained.

The World Spiritist Alliance might be a place that he would pursue one day. After all, there were many powerful world spiritists there. If Chu Feng were to go there, while there was no guarantee that he would receive an enormous harvest, he would definitely be able to learn some things from them.

However, it was currently not the right time for him to do so. At least, the current Chu Feng did not wish to go to the World Spiritist Alliance.

Under Sima Ying’s guidance, after some time, Chu Feng and Sima Ying finally arrived at their destination.

As he saw the villa constructed within the ravine, Chu Feng was slightly disappointed. Although the buildings in this villa could be regarded as magnificent, it was much inferior in quality when compared to the Cyanwood Mountain.

As the World Spiritist Alliance was on equal standing with the Cyanwood Mountain, if this was their appearance, then people would inevitably look down on it. Even someone like Chu Feng, who would generally never judge a book by its cover, felt that the appearance of the World Spiritist Alliance, one of the Nine Powers, was truly too unpresentable.

However, as Chu Feng grew closer to the villa and saw the signboard on the villa’s entrance, he suddenly came to a realization.

It turned out that this was not the World Spiritist Alliance. That was because the large characters ‘Sima Villa’ were written on the signboard.

“Sima Villa, what sort of place is this?” Chu Feng asked.

“I guess you would say this is my home,” Sima Ying replied.

“Your home? Didn’t you grow up in the World Spiritist Alliance?”

Chu Feng was surprised. As far as he knew, not long after Sima Ying had been born, her parents had been killed by Han Helai, and she had followed her grandfather Sima Huolie, living in the World Spiritist Alliance thereafter.

Thus, to suddenly come to this Sima Villa, Chu Feng was very surprised.

“That’s why I said I guess you could say this is my home. While it can be said to be my home, it’s also not my home. I am actually very unfamiliar with this place too,” Sima Ying replied.

After that, Sima Ying began to explain things to Chu Feng. With her explanation, Chu Feng finally had an understanding of the Sima Villa.

While Sima Ying had not grown up there, Sima Ying’s grandfather, Sima Huolie, had grown up there.

Thus, this place could be considered to be Sima Ying’s home. At the very least, everyone in the Sima Villa were her relatives.

When Sima Huolie was alive, he had said to Sima Ying ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’’. [1. Returning to one’s home when dead.] Although Sima Huolie was a management elder of the World Spiritist Alliance and out wandering the world all year round, when he died, he still hoped that he could be returned home with honor and be buried in the Sima Villa’s ancestral tomb.

Thus, Sima Ying had come to comply with her late grandfather’s wish; she had come to bury her grandfather’s remains in the Sima Villa.

“Mn, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, even though he traveled throughout the world when he was alive, there must still be a place to return to in death. This is proper too,” Chu Feng nodded. He approved of Sima Ying’s desire to respect her grandfather’s final wishes of burying his remains in the Sima Villa.

After that, Chu Feng and Sima Ying entered the Sima Villa.

When he entered the Sima Villa, Chu Feng discovered that the people of the Sima Villa possessed very ordinary levels of cultivation. Even the seniors and elderly were mostly only at the Martial King level. Among them, very few were at the peak of the Martial King level. As for the aura of Half Martial Emperor-level experts, Chu Feng did not manage to sense a single one.

This meant that although Sima Huolie, a grand character, originated from the Sima Villa, the overall strength of the Sima Villa could not be considered to be strong. In fact, it was inferior to even the Southern Cyanwood Mountain.

When the people from the Sima Villa saw Sima Ying, they simply did not seem like seniors seeing a junior, it was instead like grandsons seeing their grandmother.

One by one, they came up to flatter her and ask about her well-being. They were truly passionate, concerned and eagerly attentive.

Although Sima Ying was a very arrogant person, when she returned to the Sima Villa, she displayed the humbleness of a junior. Although it would appear that everyone here feared her, she was, nonetheless, extremely modest toward the people here.

As for the reason why Sima Ying was acting this way, Chu Feng guessed that it was most definitely because her late grandfather had entrusted her with behaving properly.

For some things, Sima Ying might have refused to do them when Sima Huolie had been alive. However, after Sima Huolie had died, she would instead follow his wishes and do those things.

Among them included respecting the people from the Sima Villa.

At this moment, Sima Ying and Chu Feng arrived at the master palace hall of the Sima Villa.

The master palace hall was very large. However, it was currently packed with people. Practically everyone from the Sima Villa that possessed either status or strength had been called over.

Sitting on the master palace hall’s master’s seat was an old man with white hair and wrinkles. However, he was dressed with gold and silver; it was clear that he emphasized his appearance.

This old man’s cultivation was at rank nine Martial King. He was one of the people in the Sima Villa with the highest cultivation. As for who he was, he was the Sima Villa’s current villa master.

“Ying’er, you’ve managed to return after a laborious journey, but for you to call all of us over right after you’ve returned, could it be that there’s a happy matter that you need to announce to us?”

Sima Villa’s villa master looked to Sima Ying with a beaming smile on his face. Even though he was the villa master, he was still extremely polite when talking to her.

“That’s right, Ying’er, could it be that the World Spiritist Alliance is willing to allow our family’s powerful children to go there to train?” An aunty that was holding a snot-nosed eight-to-nine year old child asked.

At this moment, there were many people like her. They were all talking at once and all asking Sima Ying about similar things.

“All of you, shut up! How can Ying’er possibly speak with all this? Ying’er is about to announce what she has gathered us here for, why are you all being so anxious?”

Seeing this, the Sima Villa’s villa master shouted angrily at the crowd. Only then did the people from the Sima Villa cease talking.

“Ying’er, go ahead, tell us what the happy matter might be. You don’t have to rush, we’re in no hurry,” After quieting down the crowd, the Sima Villa’s villa master once again asked Sima Ying. Although he said he was in no hurry, his face was filled with impatience.

Faced with relatives like them, Sima Ying’s expression was not very good looking. However, she still said, “This is not good news. Instead, it’s bad news, a piece of very bad news.”

“What? Bad news?!!!” Hearing those words, the crowd in the palace hall burst into an uproar. They all began to look to one another at a complete loss.

“My grandfather died,” Sima Ying continued.

“What? Ying’er, why are you joking?!”

“That’s right, Ying’er, those words are not something that you can casually throw around,” When they heard what Sima Ying said, the majority of the people in the palace hall displayed shock across their faces. However, there was also a small portion who continued to smile and thought that Sima Ying might be joking with them.

“I, Sima Ying, would definitely not joke around with my grandfather’s life,” Sima Ying said with an expression of seriousness.

“This…” At this moment, the palace hall instantly grew quiet. The crowd present all seemed to not know what to say. Like this, the master palace hall became eerily quiet.

“Ying’er, is what you said the truth? Huolie, he… really…” After a very long time, the Sima Villa’s villa master asked.

“Absolutely true. My grandfather died,” Sima Ying nodded.

“How did he die?” the Sima Villa’s villa master hurriedly asked.