Chapter 1286 - Acting Headmaster

MGA: Chapter 1286 - Acting Headmaster

‘Woosh,’ right at the moment when everyone thought that the management elders of the Punishment Department were planning to use force, since they were incapable of winning with words, the leading management elder of the Punishment Department did not actually use any force. Instead, he extended his palm and took out a scroll.

It was a light green-colored bamboo scroll. Although it appeared to be very ordinary, it was actually emitting a faint glimmer. From a single glance, one could tell that the bamboo scroll contained a special formation and was an extraordinary item.

When the scroll was opened, not only did light began to radiate all over, the rules of the Cyanwood Mountain were also clearly written on it. Each and every character was very powerful, they all contained a special sort of energy that could cause everyone to cower.

At this moment, the expressions of even Elder Sun and the other management elders had changed; they all started to frown.

That was because the bamboo scroll before them was no ordinary bamboo scroll. Instead, it was the Punishment Department’s Enforcement Scroll. This Enforcement Scroll had been created personally by the Cyanwood Mountain’s founder. Although it was inferior to the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate, it still possessed a very powerful deterring power, and was much more powerful than ordinary Elder’s Title Plates.

“We are the enforcers from the Punishment Department. In the Cyanwood Mountain, it is us who get to decide who is right and who is wrong.”

“Today, Chu Feng has violated the laws and decrees of the Cyanwood Mountain. As such, we will be disciplining him on the spot, so as to set a warning to the others.”

“I shall see who dares to disobey the Enforcement Scroll and stop us,” That Punishment Department’s management elder held the Enforcement Scroll up and spoke with a loud voice. His tone was extremely domineering; it was as if he considered himself a god among them as he ordered them around.

“This…” At this moment, the numerous management elders, including Elder Sun, had difficult expressions on their faces. They did not know what they should do.

That was because this Enforcement Scroll was truly a very serious item. Since the Punishment Department had taken it out, if they were to continue to disobey them, then they would suffer unthinkable consequences.

After all, it was true that the Punishment Department possessed authority that other branch power organizations did not. This was also the reason why the Punishment Department was this powerful.

“What grand Punishment Department’s enforcers, so this is how you all enforce the laws?”

Right at this moment, a resounding voice suddenly exploded from the horizon. At the same time, an old man appeared before everyone’s line of sight and stood before Elder Sun and the others.

When they saw this old man, Elder Sun and the others all began to rejoice. They were extremely delighted upon seeing this person.

As for the management elders from the Punishment Department, their complexions became ashen, and they began to involuntarily step back. They were deeply afraid of this person.

However, regardless of whether they were rejoicing or cowering in fear, when they saw this person, all of the elders present immediately bent their bodies and bowed to him. In unison, they said, “We pay our respects to Lord White Ape.”

That’s right, the person who had come was none other than the person who possessed an equal standing to Crazed Killer Tuoba in the Cyanwood Mountain, Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

“You all are truly daring. How did Crazed Killer Tuoba teach you all? The Punishment Blades that Lord Headmaster bestowed upon you all, and the founder’s Enforcement Scroll, are they meant to be used by you in such a manner?” Half Martial Emperor White Ape spoke with a cold voice.

“Milord, we…” At this moment, even though they still held the Enforcement Scroll, the Punishment Department’s management elders did not dare to speak back.

Not only did they not dare to speak, their complexions had also turned pale as they began to sweat profusely. Even the hands that were holding their Punishment Blades began to shiver.

The fear that they were feeling in their hearts was obvious to the naked eye.

However, they could not be blamed for this. After all, Half Martial Emperor White Ape was no ordinary management elder. He was one of the favored individuals of their Lord Headmaster, an existence that they could not afford to offend.


Right at this moment, another old man suddenly appeared in the sky. When they saw this old man, the Punishment Department’s management elders that were previously frightened from the bottoms of their hearts were immediately overjoyed.

That was because the person that had come was their Punishment Department’s head, their leader, Crazed Killer Tuoba.

“Lord Head, you have come at the perfect time.”

“This Chu Feng was comparing notes with Bai Yunxiao and the others. During the sparring, not only did he use extremely ruthless methods, he even had the intention to kill Bai Yunxiao. If it weren’t for us stepping in to stop him, Bai Yunxiao would definitely be killed by him today.”

“Chu Feng’s behavior has gravely violated the laws of our Cyawnood Mountain. To have the intention to kill a fellow disciple is the most hated taboo among the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples.”

“Due to the fact that Chu Feng possessed exceptional talent and was a good sapling, we originally wanted to only discipline him by teaching him a lesson, so as to provide a warning to other disciples.”

“However, these bunch here actually disregarded our status, ignored us and continued to wrongly protect Chu Feng even after we took out the Enforcement Scroll that had been personally created by Lord Ancestor .”

“Their actions not only fail to live up to the their status as elders, they are also a great disrespect to our Cyanwood Mountain’s laws. Lord Head, we wish for you to be able to uphold justice for us.”

When they saw Crazed Killer Tuoba, the Punishment Department’s management elders were immediately filled with confidence. Not only did they accuse Elder Sun and the others, they even pointed to Half Martial Emperor White Ape as they do so. They were truly a bunch of fearless dogs that started to threaten others upon the arrival of their powerful master.

After hearing that management elder speak, Half Martial Emperor White Ape laughed coldly and did not say anything. As if he were watching a show, he looked to the management elder that accused him.

As for Crazed Killer Tuoba, his expression turned ugly. Suddenly, he raised his leg and kicked. ‘Bang,’ his kick landed on the abdomen of the management elder who had spoken.

“Ahh!” Once that kick landed, the management elder immediately screamed.

Due to the fact that Crazed Killer Tuoba’s kick was extremely powerful, the management elder was kicked flying into the air and did not steady his body until he had rolled several hundred meters away.

“Utter disgrace! You actually dare to speak to the Acting Headmaster in such a manner? Do you not wish to live anymore?!” Crazed Killer Tuoba shouted coldly.

“What? Acting Headmaster?”

What Crazed Killer Tuoba did puzzled all of the Punishment Department’s management elders. After hearing what Crazed Killer Tuoba said, they were all dumbstruck.

Earlier, Crazed Killer Tuoba had told them that he was the Acting Headmaster appointed by Lord Headmaster.

That, during the time when their Lord Headmaster was in closed-door training, it would be he, Crazed Killer Tuoba, who possessed the greatest authority in the Cyanwood Mountain. That the Cyanwood Mountain would be ruled by their Punishment Department, that their Punishment Department could teach a lesson to whomever they wished, and that no branch power organization would be able to oppose them.

Yet, Crazed Killer Tuoba had now completely shifted his words around and publicly announced that Half Martial Emperor White Ape was the Acting Headmaster. Furthermore, he showed an appearance of being willing to obey Half Martial Emperor White Ape. As such, how could the management elders of the Punishment Department not be dumbstruck?

They truly felt that they did not understand what their Lord Head was thinking.

‘Woosh,’ right at this moment, Half Martial Emperor White Ape flipped his palm and took out the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate.

With a loud voice, he said, “Our Lord Headmaster is in closed-door training. However, our Cyanwood Mountain cannot be without a leader for a single day. As such, I was tasked by our Lord Headmaster to be the Acting Headmaster.”


At this moment, the Punishment Department’s management elders that were completely confused earlier finally came to a realization.

Half Martial Emperor White Ape actually possessed the Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate. As such, it was the absolute truth that he was the Acting Headmaster.

At this moment, the Punishment Department’s management elders felt regret from the bottoms of their hearts. Especially that management elder who had been denouncing Half Martial Emperor White Ape before being ruthlessly kicked by Crazed Killer Tuoba. His remorse was indescribable.

Even though Half Martial Emperor White Ape was only an Acting Headmaster, it remained that if Half Martial Emperor White Ape wanted to make things difficult for him, then his days would not be well.

“We pay our respects to Lord Acting Headmaster.”

At this moment, lead by Elder Sun, Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s trusted aides all half kneeled in the sky and began to courteously pay their respects to Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

“We pay our respects to Lord Acting Headmaster.”

Right after this, all of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples and elders all uniformly half-knelt in the sky to pay their great respects to Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

Even those people who were not from the Cyanwood Mountain began to cup their fists with their other hand to respectfully pay their respects to Half Martial Emperor White Ape. When faced with the Cyanwood Mountain's Headmaster, even if it was only an Acting Headmaster, none of them dared to show the slightest amount of disrespect.

At this moment, the imposing awe the Cyanwood Mountian’s headmaster possessed was clearly visible.