Chapter 1287 - Qin Lingyun Appearing On The Stage

MGA: Chapter 1287 - Qin Lingyun Appearing On The Stage

“Well then, everyone, you can rise,” Half Martial Emperor White Ape smiled lightly, then indicated for the crowd to get back up.

After the crowd got back up, he turned his gaze to the several management elders from the Punishment Department and coldly said, “Earlier, the Punishment Department’s management elders were unable to distinguish between right and wrong and insisted on bending the law to discipline Chu Feng in order to favor their own branch power organization’s disciple. This sort of behavior ought to be punished severely.”

“However, taking into consideration that you all have provided meritorious service in the past, I will not look into this matter today. However, if you dare to repeat this crime in the future, you will definitely be punished severely.”

Once Half Martial Emperor White Ape spoke these words, the expressions of everyone present changed. As for those management elders from the Punishment Department, their complexions had already turned ashen.

Although Half Martial Emperor White Ape did not actually punish them, he had announced that they were in the wrong before such an enormous crowd. As such, it was equivalent to a public slap to their faces.

Regardless of how unwilling they were to accept this, there was nothing they could do to Half Martial Emperor White Ape due to his current status. Instead, they even had to kneel down to receive the slap to their faces with grateful appearances, “Thank you Acting Headmaster for your grace.”

At this moment, even outsiders could not help but be amazed at how formidable Half Martial Emperor White Ape was.

Earlier, before Half Martial Emperor White Ape had come, the various management elders had been arguing with one another nonstop. However, right after Half Martial Emperor White Ape came, he immediately decided that the Punishment Department’s elders were in the wrong. Facing this, the Punishment Department’s management elders not only did not dare to refute him, they even had to admit their guilt with gratefulness.

The might of deterrence that Half Martial Emperor White Ape possessed was sufficient to cause the crowd to gasp with admiration.

As he looked to the Punishment Department’s management elders who were kneeling before him, Half Martial Emperor White Ape nodded in a satisfied manner. After that, he walked over to Chu Feng’s side, patted his shoulder before turning his gaze to the various management elders, “All elders, listen carefully. Chu Feng is a rare talent, one that our Cyanwood Mountain should treat differently from the others.”

“Other than management elders, Chu Feng is not required to bow or kneel to any other elders. This shall go into effect immediately. All of you, remember that.”


Once Half Martial Emperor White Ape said those words, the crowd was stunned once again. Although the words he said did not actually mean much, for him to speak those words in this sort of situation most definitely meant that he had some special intentions.

On the surface he was bestowing Chu Feng with special treatment. However, he was actually telling everyone how much he valued Chu Feng.

Those who wanted to plot against Chu Feng would all have to carefully consider Half Martial Emperor White Ape, who would not just idly watch.

In simpler terms, Half Martial Emperor White Ape was announcing his backing of Chu Feng.

For an Acting Headmaster to publicly declare that he would back a disciple, this naturally brought enormous shock to the crowd.

At this moment, however, many people were not as surprised by Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s declarations because they had seen Chu Feng’s strength for themselves. To them, emphasizing the cultivation of a genius like Chu Feng was very reasonable and fair. In fact, if the Cyanwood Mountain did not emphasize his cultivation, it would instead be strange.

However, for those Punishment Department management elders who wholeheartedly wanted to plot against Chu Feng, their expressions became extremely ugly. They knew very well that what Half Martial Emperor White Ape said was meant for them as a warning.

As for those disciples who were fed up with Chu Feng and had been commenting about him with malicious remarks, their current expressions were as if they had eaten flies; they were extremely ugly.

They knew that they could not set themselves as Chu Feng’s enemies anymore. At the very least, for now, they could not afford to offend Chu Feng again.

“And here I was wondering who it was that was this impressive, so it’s only you, Chu Feng.”

Right at the moment when everyone was feeling in their hearts that Chu Feng could not be offended, a voice filled with a tone of unkindness suddenly sounded from the sea of people.

This voice immediately stunned everyone. They all began to wonder who this fearless individual was that actually dared to speak such uncanny remarks at such a time. Could it be that this person had grown tired of living?

When the crowd saw who it was that said those words, however, each and every one of their expressions changed as surprise filled their eyes.

That was because the person that had come was no ordinary person.

Not only was he very youthful, he was also a core disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. Most importantly, his cultivation was actually that of a rank nine Martial King, even stronger than Bai Yunxiao’s.

As for who he was, he was the disciple ranked second on the Cyanwood Succession List, Qin Lingyun.

“It’s actually senior brother Qin, this is truly great! Senior brother Qin is the number one expert among the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples. He was the one who had beaten Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, causing them to lie on the ground like dying dogs. With him here, there is no place for Chu Feng to be arrogant anymore.”

“Haha, this is great, senior brother Qin is a genius that Lord Headmaster had personally declared to emphasize his cultivation. He is someone who has already received special treatment. Even if it was the Acting Headmaster, he would also not dare to do anything to him without cause or reason.”

“With this, what can this Chu Feng possibly do? Before senior brother Qin, he is nothing more than trash.”

When they saw Qin Lingyun, those disciples that hated Chu Feng all became very excited and began to secretly rejoice in their hearts. All of them were able to tell that Qin Lingyun had come to put Chu Feng in order.

With Qin Lingyun’s strength and status, even if he were to publicly humiliate Chu Feng, Half Martial Emperor White Ape could only watch and do nothing about it. After all, it was a fact that Qin Lingyun had beaten Chu Feng before. Thus, even if he were to speak of it, it would only be a declaration of the truth, and could not be regarded as an insult and would not go against the rules of the Cyanwood Mountain.

In fact, after seeing Qin Lingyun, even Chu Feng started to frown as raging flames of fury surged forth from his heart.

He would never forget how Qin Lingyun had humiliated him that day, how he had humiliated Bai Ruochen and Eggy that day.

However, Chu Feng was very cool-headed. He knew that Qin Lingyun was extremely powerful, so powerful that he could not be considered to be on the same tier as Bai Yunxiao at all.

Not to mention the current him, even Eggy would not be a match for Qin Lingyun. Qin Lingyun’s true battle power had already greatly surpassed that of a Martial King. It was so much so that many Half Martial Emperor-level experts feared him. He was a powerful enemy that Chu Feng was incapable of defeating right now.

Thus, the only thing Chu Feng could do was endure it. Regardless of what Qin Lingyun planned to do, Chu Feng could only endure.

He must endure until the day when he possessed enough strength to defeat Qin Lingyun. Only then could he return the humiliation he had received by Qin Lingyun’s hand in double.

“Chu Feng, it seems that you have forgotten how, in the Cyanwood Mountain that day, you were…” Sure enough, Qin Lingyun began to speak.

As a member of the Punishment Department, he naturally would not sit and watch as his fellow members were humiliated. Thus, he had come to help Bai Yunxiao and the others to retrieve their dignity that had been lost to Chu Feng.

“You are Qin Lingyun?”

However, before Qin Lingyun could finish his words, a voice suddenly sounded from the crowd. As if a special skill was used with the voice when this person spoke, the voice could be heard from all directions; it was simply impossible to determine who it was that spoke. However, one thing was certain, the voice was filled with ill-intent.

“I am indeed Qin Lingyun, is there anything you need?” Seeing that someone dared to speak to him in such a manner before this many of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders, Qin Lingyun did not back down and replied in a cold and disdainful manner.

“Of course I do. I have a debt that I need to settle with you,” Right at this moment, a figure flew out light a ray of light. In the blink of an eye, the figure arrived before Qin Lingyun and grabbed Qin Lingyun’s lapel.

When they turned their gaze to the figure, not to mention Qin Lingyun, everyone present subconsciously sucked in a mouthful of cold air in fright. That was because that person was none other than Bai Ruochen’s mother, Bai Suyan.