Chapter 1285 - Do You Know Your Crime?

MGA: Chapter 1285 - Do You Know Your Crime?


At this moment, Bai Yunxiao’s mouth was wide open as he screamed repeatedly. His screams were extremely miserable, extremely tragic and even more heart-wrenching than the sound of pigs being butchered.

However, this could not be blamed on him. That was because, at this very moment, his clothing had been destroyed and his body had been ruined, with vast amounts of blood covering it completely. There were even places on his body where his white bones could be seen.

He was truly mutilated beyond recognition. It was an appalling scene of devastation. He was turned into a blood-covered and badly mangled person.

However, his current state was something that he needed to rejoice about. That was because his Divine Body had managed to protect him from the majority of the sixth slash’s power. Otherwise, he would’ve been completely annihilated, without even a speck of his soul remaining.

However, right at the moment when everyone felt that the outcome of the battle had been determined, as Bai Yunxiao was incapable of fighting anymore...

Chu Feng’s voice sounded once again.

“Seventh slash!!!”

Once Chu Feng said those words, another crimson-colored slash appeared in a flash. Furthermore, this seventh slash was much stronger than his previous six slashes.

Not to mention Bai Yunxiao, the expressions of many of the Half Martial Emperor-level experts present also changed upon seeing this slash. They began to think to themselves that even if it were they who were facing this slash, it might be difficult for them to take it on too.

Chu Feng’s seventh slash truly was frighteningly powerful. It was so frightening that even many Half Martial Emperors were intimidated by it.

“Elders, save me!”

Seeing that the situation had taken a turn for the worse, Bai Yunxiao, who was powerless to fight against Chu Feng’s attack, could only loudly shout to his Punishment Department’s Management Elders for help.

In fact, before Bai Yunxiao even shouted, a management elder from the Punishment Department had already flown over and stood in front of Bai Yunxiao.

As he looked to the incoming crimson slash, even this grand Punishment Department’s management elder started to frown. He did not dare to be careless at all.

In the end, he activated a defensive Taboo Martial Skill and blocked Chu Feng’s seventh slash.

“Heavens, this is truly unimaginable! What sort of Martial Skill did Chu Feng use? How could it be this powerful?” At this moment, as the crowd looked at the energy ripples that were wreaking havoc through the air, they began to exclaim in admiration and make speculations about Chu Feng’s martial skill repeatedly. All of them were stunned by Chu feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash.

In fact, it was not only limited to the outsiders, even the Cyanwood Mountain’s management elders were stunned. Their eyes were flickering with both shock and joy. That was because, as matters stood, they were able to tell that what Chu Feng had used was not their Cyanwood Mountain’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield.

However, it remained the undeniable truth that the martial skill that Chu Feng used had surpassed the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield. A Martial Skill that powerful was something extremely rare.

‘Where exactly did Chu Feng come from for him to have such outstanding talents and grasp such extraordinary methods?’

That was what many of the management elders were pondering in their hearts.

“Chu Feng, your arrogance knows no bounds. You actually tried to openly commit a murder before our very eyes. Do you know your crime?!” The Punishment Department’s management elder that had blocked Chu Feng’s seventh strike spoke in a very fierce manner.

Although Chu Feng’s body did not suffer much of a backlash from using seven slashes in succession, his current complexion was not very good looking, as he had exhausted a great amount of power. When he heard that the Punishment Department’s management elder was actually trying to make things difficult for him, his anger immediately soared through the sky.

With a cold voice, he said, “Openly commit a murder? What an enormous label you’re putting on me. Isn’t he completely fine? What crime have I committed?”

“You dare to talk back? If it wasn’t for me putting a stop to it, Bai Yunxiao would have been killed by you.”

“The two of you have not signed any Life and Death Agreement. Yet, you did not stop when the victory of the battle was determined. As such, you intentionally wanted to kill him. Do you still refuse to admit your crime?” said that Punishment Department’s management elder.

“Even if he is to die, it would be the consequences of his own actions,” Chu Feng spoke disdainfully.

“Chu Feng, you are truly impudent!” Seeing that Chu Feng actually decided to contradict him before this many people, the management elder was overly enraged.

“In a fight to compare notes, you actually had the intention to kill your opponent. Chu Feng, you have not only not placed us in your mind, you have even refused to place our Cyanwood Mountain’s rules in your mind!” Right at this moment, another Punishment Department’s management elder also stood forward.

“Everyone, it was merely a fight to compare notes. To be wounded while swapping pointers is inevitable. What Bai Yunxiao received are merely superficial wounds, and not any harm to his life. Thus, why must you all be so aggressive?” Right at this moment, an old man with a head full of blond hair stood forth. He was the head of the Mysterious Techniques Department, Elder Sun.

This Elder Sun could be said to be the person with the highest status among all the management elders present. Furthermore, he was also Half Martial Emperor White Ape’s trusted aide. Earlier, when Chu Feng and the others had been stopped by Bai Yunxiao’s group when they had arrived at the master viewing platform, it was this Elder Sun who had spoken to reprimand Bai Yunxiao and the others.

“He’s fine? Look at Yunxiao’s current appearance! How could this be considered fine? If it wasn’t for me, Yunxiao would’ve been killed by that strike,” The management elder that had saved Bai Yunxiao completely disregarded Elder Sun. In fact, he became even more enraged.

“Management elders from the Punishment Department, you are all truly strict and impartial. Since that is the case, allow us to have a proper discussion of what has happened.”

“According to you all, Chu Feng was intentionally trying to kill Bai Yunxiao and disregarded the laws of the Cyanwood Mountain. If that’s the case, then what about Bai Yunxiao?”

“Earlier, Chu Feng stopped fighting when victory was determined. Yet, Bai Yunxiao actually mounted a fatal sneak attack against him when he turned to leave.”

“If it wasn’t for Chu Feng possessing enough strength to protect himself, if Chu Feng were any other person, he would have definitely been killed by Bai Yunxiao. I ask, what do you all say of that?”

“In my opinion, even if Chu Feng had the intention to kill Bai Yunxiao, it remains that Bai Yunxiao was the one who first had the intention to kill Chu Feng. Since Bai Yunxiao was the one to become heartless first, it is only natural for Chu Feng to disregard justice. Even if you wish to blame someone, you can only blame Bai Yunxiao, because what he had done earlier was only something that a lowly vile character would do.”

Seeing that the Punishment Department’s management elders refused to listen to reason, the other departments’ management elders all began to step forward to argue for Chu Feng. Furthermore, the words that they spoke were right on point; they could even be said to be ruthless.

At this moment, the amount of management elders speaking for Chu Feng became more and more numerous. Even many management elders who had held neutral positions began to speak for Chu Feng. In an instant, the number of management elders on Chu Feng’s side had surpassed that on Bai Yunxiao’s side.

In fact, it was not only the management elders; many ordinary elders, disciples and even outsiders began to speak out for Chu Feng.

The current situation was in overwhelming support of Chu Feng. Everyone was able to tell who was in the right and who was in the wrong. Thus, they were all standing up for Chu Feng and helping him obtain justice.

In this sort of situation, the Punishment Department’s management elders felt more and more pressure. However, they refused to give up on the chance to punish Chu Feng.

Thus, with a ‘clank’ sound, one of the Punishment Department’s management elders actually pulled out his Punishment Blade and pointed at the other management elders.

Immediately after that, all of the other Punishment Department’s management elders also pulled out their Punishment Blades.

“What? Are you using force?”

Seeing this, Elder Sun snorted coldly. Not only did he not cower, he instead stepped forward.

Even though the Punishment Department was said to be the strongest branch power organization with the most management elders, Elder Sun was united with the management elders of multiple different branch power organizations. Furthermore, the Punishment Department’s head, Crazed Killer Tuoba, was not present. If they were to truly use force, then they would not fear the Punishment Department’s management elders.