Chapter 1278 - Chu Feng Beating A Tiger

MGA: Chapter 1278 - Chu Feng Beating A Tiger [1. Ben Leihu → literally means Lightning Fast Tiger]

“Yoh, Ben Leihu, why are you lying on the floor?”

“Could this be what you meant by easily handling me?” As he looked to Ben Leihu, who had been thrown to the ground, Chu Feng laughed mockingly.

“You bastard! You are despicable! You actually hid your cultivation to plot against me!”

“I will definitely make you pay the price! Don’t you think that you’ll be able to defeat me just because you’ve hidden your cultivation.”

“Don’t you think that just because a tiger is not acting up you’ll be able to consider me as a diseased cat!!!”

To be thrown to such a badly battered state by Chu Feng before this many people caused Ben Leihu to enter a violent rage. After a snarl of anger, his body began to change.

He, who had originally been in a half-man-half-beast form, began to expand. His body was rapidly growing in size. In an instant, the gown on his body was burst apart by his expansion. However, his body was still growing in size. Furthermore, beast-like hair began to grow on his formerly human-shaped body.

In the end, he turned into a three meter tall and over a dozen meter-long tiger.

Furthermore, his eyes were no longer crimson in color. Instead, there was lighting contained in them. The lightning was not only in his eyes, but instead nearly covered his entire body.

In this sort of condition, Ben Leihu’s aura was over several times stronger than before. It was already boundlessly close to that of a rank seven Martial King. As for his battle power, it was extremely difficult to estimate.

This was Ben Leihu’s strongest form, the form obtained after releasing his special monstrous beast Bloodline.

“He’s actually a legendary Lightning Fast Tiger Beast? A monstrous beast like him is rarely seen.”

“That’s right. While the true form of the Lightning Fast Tiger Beast is not very large, in fact, they could be considered to be extremely small when compared to monstrous beasts of the same level, the amount of power that they possess is not to be underestimated. According to legend, contained within their bodies is lightning that has multiplied over ten thousand years. That lightning is capable of bringing destruction to the world. They are a very powerful type of monstrous beast. In terms of Bloodline, their Bloodline is much stronger than those Monstrous Dragon Beasts.”

When they saw Ben Leihu’s true form, some people recognized what he was and began to have a whole new level of respect for him.


At this moment, the only thing in the enormously furious Ben Leihu’s heart was to ruthlessly trample upon Chu Feng. Thus, after he turned into his true form, he did not bother to speak any nonsense, and charged toward Chu Feng with his four tiger claws.

If Ben Leihu’s tiger roar was enough to shake the mountains and rivers, then when he began to gallop, it was enough to shake the heavens and the earth.

He was charging toward Chu Feng like an unstoppable war chariot. Thus, anything in his path ended up being crushed by his charge. Even the air felt as if it were bowing to his might, as layer upon layer of ripples began to form.

However, even though Ben Leihu had revealed his special Bloodline power and used his most powerful battle form, Chu Feng still did not possess the slightest bit of fear.

Instead, he laughed happily. “Is your power also that of lightning? That’s very good, allow us to have a contest to see whose lightning is stronger.”

After he finished saying those words, lightning flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes. Like small scale dragons, numerous bolts of lightning began to twist around his body. The lightning charged out of Chu Feng’s body in many different kinds of forms, .

The lightning bolts began to interweave with one another, fuse with one another, twisting together and forming into one.

In an instant, a lightning armor was formed, which covered Chu Feng’s body.

Once the Thunder Armor appeared, Chu Feng’s aura increased once again. From rank five Martial King, he became a rank six Martial King.

“Woosh.” After his cultivation increased, Chu Feng, like an arrow leaving the bow, charged toward Ben Leihu. His speed was speechlessly fast.

“What is Chu Feng planning to do? Could it be that he plans to meet Ben Leihu head-on?”

When they saw this scene, many experts were unable to help themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. That was because the bodies of monstrous beasts were extremely strong and valiant. It was a talent innate to the monstrous beasts.

As for the Lighting Fast Tiger Beasts, their bodies were the essence of their beings. Being tempered by lightning for years on end, their bodies could be said to be invincible. In terms of physical confrontations, it was difficult to find a match for them even among other monstrous beasts. As such, how could humans possibly compare with them?

Thus, what Chu Feng was doing right now could be said to be extremely reckless. Even though his cultivation had increased, he still caused those people who were concerned about him to be sweating cold bullets.

However, their thoughts would change the very next moment.

During the moment when the crowd was puzzled by Chu Feng’s decision, Chu Feng had already arrived in front of Ben Leihu.

Ben Leihu opened his large mouth and roared ear-piercingly as he bit down toward Chu Feng’s head.

However, faced with such a fierce attack, Chu Feng only smiled. He neither advanced nor retreated and only stood there like a dragon. He abruptly stretched his two hands forward like two iron claws and grabbed two of Ben Leihu’s sharpest fangs.

Once Chu Feng grabbed onto the fangs, he started to move his feet. With a rapid rotation, he actually began to spin Ben Leihu around.

“Heavens, what kind of enormous strength is that?”

Seeing Chu Feng spinning Ben Leihu, who was several times his size, everyone was stunned.


However, this was not all. By the time when Ben Leihu’s body had rotated about a hundred times, Chu Feng suddenly shouted. Strength flowed into his two arms and then, with a ‘bang,’ he violently threw Ben Leihu into the ground.

One must know that the current Ben Leihu was not in the half-man-half-beast form from before. Instead, he had taken on his monstrous beast form. Even though his body was not as enormous as that of the Monstrous Dragon Beasts, it was still much bigger than Chu Feng’s.

When they saw this, practically everyone present had their eyes and mouths wide open. They all felt what had happened to be extremely inconceivable.

“Ben Leihu, your mouth stinks too much. Allow me to help you clear up the stink.”

After slamming Ben Leihu to the ground, Chu Feng did not release his hands that had grabbed onto Ben Leihu’s fangs. In fact, he began to clench them tighter. In the end, Chu Feng abruptly increased his strength and with a ‘snap,’ Chu Feng actually pulled out Ben Leihu’s two enormous fangs.


With his most precious fangs being pulled out by Chu Feng, blood spilled all over and Ben Leihu began to miserably howl in pain. His howling was extremely miserable.

However, even with this, Chu Feng did not stop. Instead, he grabbed onto Ben Leihu’s tiger fur and got on top of him. He then began to rain violent fists on Ben Leihu’s head.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!!!”

While Ben Leihu’s body was very tough, Chu Feng’s fists were even tougher. As the powerful fists rained upon Ben Leihu’s head, the sound being emitted was like the collisions of steel.

“Aooouuu~~~~~~” Naturally, sounding alongside the steel-colliding sounds were Ben Leihu’s miserable shrieks.

Chu Feng’s fists were too ruthless. After only a couple of fist strikes, Ben Leihu already began to feel dizzy.

After ten strikes, Ben Leihu’s head was torn.

After a hundred strikes, Ben Leihu’s skull shattered.

After a thousand strikes, blood was flowing down from Ben Leihu’s head, and the sounds of wailing were coming out from him nonstop.

After ten thousand strikes, Ben Leihu’s eyes had turned dim. He had stopped struggling and did not even have the strength to wail. He had lost consciousness.


Seeing this, everyone was struck dumb with eyes wide open and tongues tied. Like chickens, they stood there blankly.

The scene they saw was truly disturbing, and causing them to drip with sweat. If one insisted on describing this scene, then it would be described with a single word.