Chapter 1279 - One Against Three

MGA: Chapter 1279 - One Against Three

“Chu Feng, cease your attacks!”

After the violent beating, someone was finally unable to sit by and continue watching Chu Feng beat Ben Leihu. It was Zhao Jingang. Not only did he shout for Chu Feng to stop, he also attacked him with a martial skill.

That martial skill formed an enormous silver blade formed of martial power that extended out from his body. As it was slashed toward Chu Feng, even space was ripped apart by it.

However, even though it was an attack this powerful, Chu Feng did not even bother to take a glance at it. He raised his arm and explosively shot out a fist. “Boom.” Zhao Jingang’s attack was dispersed by Chu Feng.

“What is it? You can’t continue to watch? In that case, don’t waste time, come at me together,” Chu Feng slowly stood up from Ben Leihu’s back. With his foot on Ben Leihu’s head, he looked at Zhao Jingang and the others with a smile on his face.

“Chu Feng, don’t you act so arrogant. Don’t think that you’re the only one that possesses special powers in the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Today, I shall broaden your horizons and allow you to know what it means by ‘there are skies beyond the sky and people above you.’ I’ll make you realize what the strongest power in this world is.”

At this moment, the eyes of Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu and Tao Xiangyu began to flicker. Immediately after, layer upon layer of frantic aura began to burst forth from their bodies.

Those auras were extremely ferocious and contained special power that no ordinary person possessed. If it must be described, then it would be a sort of power truly capable of destroying the world.

At this moment, not only did these auras engulf all their surroundings, they even began to affect heaven and earth. The weather began to change, black clouds began to form, thunder started to roll and lightning began to swirl in the air. It was both dark and frightening; it was as if this region of space had entered its doomsday.

At this moment, a large tree filled with peach blossoms appeared in the sky and landed on Tao Xiangyu’s body. The peach blossom petals from the tree began to rush around everywhere. Each and every one of them were like sharp blades capable of cutting through mountains and rivers.

As for Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu, although neither of them created an enormous abnormal sign like Tao Xiangyu, the two of them both managed to bring forth abnormal signs.

They were a golden radiance, and majestic raging flames.

The golden radiance and the raging flames covered the horizon. Not only were they very dazzling to the eyes, they were also extremely frightening. That was because everyone knew that the raging flames were no ordinary flames, and the golden radiance was no ordinary light.

Finally, the golden radiance and the raging flames entered Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu respectively. [1. The Jin is Zhao Jingang’s name means gold. The Yan in Qi Yanyu’s name means Flame. The Tao in Tao Xianyu means peach.]

At this moment, Zhao Jingang was emitting golden light from his body. It was as if his body was made out of golden steel.

As for Qi Yanyu, the raging flames covered his body and resembled Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor. As he stood there, he appeared like a saint of fire.

However, the most important aspect was that as the enormous change occurred on them, their auras also became extremely powerful. With every single gesture and movement that they created, they would be able to call upon the wind and summon the rain. The effects of their martial power could casually bring about destructive attacks to their surroundings.

Zhao Jingagng, Qi Yanyu and Tao Xiangyu were all Divine Bodies.

“The three of them were all Divine Bodies? Amazing!”

“As expected of the Cyanwood Mountain, there were actually three Divine Bodies among their disciples. With merely this, they have become out of reach for other powers.”

As expected from Divine Bodies, when the three of them revealed their unique Divine Powers all together, they caused many people to exclaim in admiration.

Although there was not a small amount of Divine Bodies in the Holy Land of Martialism, they were not numerous either. This was especially true in the Cyanwood Mountain. While many people might have seen the abnormal signs brought forth by the birth of Divine Bodies, only a few people had actually seen the Divine Bodies themselves.

Furthermore, it was said that Divine Bodies possessed powers bestowed by the heavens and that each and every one of them possessed different powers, different abilities.

And today, the crowd was finally able to see the might of these Divine Bodies. Furthermore, it was three Divine Bodies at once. This naturally caused them to be both surprised, delighted and extremely excited.

“They’re actually three Divine Bodies? How will Chu Feng handle it now?”

At the same time, there were many people who were worried about Chu Feng. They feared that he would not be a match for the three Divine Bodies. After all, the reputation of Divine Bodies was truly magnificent; they were known to be the strongest power in the world.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.”

After Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu and Tao Xiangyu released their Divine Powers, they did not hesitate. After exchanging a glance with one another, they moved together, surrounded Chu Feng from three sides and began to attack him together.

From the very beginning, the three of them revealed their trump cards. They did that because they wanted to defeat Chu Feng quickly without allowing him the chance to fight back. Thus, their very first attack was already ruthless.

Even though they did not use any martial skills, the methods that they used surpassed those of martial skills. The blade-like peach blossoms, the dazzling light and the raging flames that seemed to be able to burn the skies were Divine Powers unique to them, the powers bestowed to them by the heavens, methods stronger than any other ability.

“Perfect timing, allow me to experience what sorts of skills you Divine Bodies actually possess,” When he saw the three of them charging toward him violently, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Not only was he not afraid, he had instead become excited.

As a genius who possessed a very powerful Bloodline, Chu Feng had wanted to experience the might of Divine Bodies for a very long time. And this time around, it was the perfect opportunity for him to experience the might of Divine Bodies.

At the moment when the three of them were about to strike Chu Feng with their attacks, Chu Feng coldly smiled. He did not directly meet their attacks head on. Instead, with a turn of his body, he executed a very mysterious movement martial skill and began to dodge around the three attackers.

“As expected, even Chu Feng is no match for Divine Bodies,” When they saw Chu Feng not receiving the attacks head-on and instead begin to dodge all over the place, many people that had wanted to watch a marvelous grand battle became disappointed.

“Chu Feng, why are you running? What happened to the arrogance you displayed earlier?”

“What a piece of trash. Earlier you spoke of fighting us. Yet now, you’ve been running around like a monkey. Could it be that this is all the skill that you possess? Other than your loud mouth, do you not even have the courage to fight us?” At this moment, Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu were extremely proud of themselves. They felt that Chu Feng was afraid of them and began to loudly insult him.

However, Chu Feng was not angered by Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu’s insults. That was because Chu Feng was not one to fight a battle that he had no certainty of winning. Especially when confronting Divine Bodies, Chu Feng did not dare to be careless.

Thus, while he appeared to be running away, he was actually inspecting the true strength of his three opponents.

After inspecting them for a while, Chu Feng discovered that among the three of them, Tao Xiangyu would be the easiest to deal with. Even though she was a Divine Body, she was only a rank six Martial King.

However, Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu were a bit different. The two of them were, after all, rank seven Martial Kings. Furthermore, the Divine Powers that the two of them possessed were different from Tao Xiangyu’s. Unlike hers, theirs were ones that fused with their bodies. As such, they were more well-rounded when attacking and their attacks would be more explosive and destructive.

Thus, in this sort of situation, Chu Feng could not afford to not go all-out and had to reveal all of his power to fight against them.

“Haah~~~” After he made the decision, Chu Feng shouted loudly. With a thought, a pair of enormous Thunder Wings spread out from his back.

Once the Thunder Wings appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation increased once again. He was now the same as Zhao Jingang and Qi Yanyu and had become a rank seven Martial King.

When they were all rank seven Martial Kings, who would Chu Feng possibly fear? Even when facing Divine Bodies, Chu Feng had no fear at all.

“Come, allow me to enjoy this battle.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body shifted. He no longer fled and instead started to charge toward Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu and Tao Xiangyu.